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  1. If I understand correctly this kind of missile also offers a brief peek at areas the AT team doesn't necessarily see. Like a short view of what's behind a hill. Much faster than using a recon drone.
  2. An anti-tank weapon that can be fired beyond line of sight and retargeted while the missile is flying. MBDA MMP. It wouldn't work properly in current CM game engine. I don't know how this kind of behaviour could be modeled in turn based playing modes, because AFAIK turn movie events are precalculated and user interaction is allowed only every 60 seconds when you plan next turn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JaUrsGGGos
  3. SlowMotion

    Demo Feedback

    If you create a Quick Battle and select attacker to be Random Blue, then in Combat force selection list Mech Infantry is listed twice.
  4. SlowMotion

    Dutch forces information

    And one of the best improvements of CMSF2 is that you can create great imaginary quick battles when there are so many countries included, all with different kind of units.
  5. SlowMotion

    Active Defense System in action

    I was surprised that the approaching RPG is destroyed so close from the vehicle. I'd thought this would happen several meters away. It seems to happen similarly in Arena, but further away in Trophy. Arena: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpmcmKwWzYo Trophy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VB3VpSxMXs
  6. from Rheinmetall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHiqrgac1Ak
  7. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    Just a small note about why modern tanks can spot things so much faster than older. I watched a short video about Lynx - a new armored vehicle that is one of the competitors to replace current Bradley. That new vehicle has 20 cameras. 12 in turret and 8 in chassis.
  8. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    Such game would be an interesting thing to try. I notice this spotting speed more in modern games - CMSF2 and Black Sea - because tank turrets rotate so much faster than in WW2 tanks.
  9. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    I agree that most things are modeled accurately enough - for me at least. But I think these delays make things look as if there are human crews inside vehicles. It takes time for people to spot, think etc. If all those things happen in a fraction of a second it seems like it's a robot army. IMO these human delays make battles look more interesting, even if events progressed alittle slower.
  10. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    Interestingly I saw this spotting information sharing happening in a recent Syria footage video. There were 2 old tanks shooting at rebel infantry in urban area. Then some distance behind those tanks there was infantry observing the battle area. If these soldiers saw something happening in nearby buildings they shared the info to tank crews using a radio. They could also order which targets to fire next.
  11. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    I've seen similar night time hunting videos and they clearly show how darkness doesn't give much protection to soldiers these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVnA-BYUdes I agree that sensors can help, especially noticing threats from long distance. But my original problem case was in daylight. Soldiers entering a building from a door. Before even half of the squad had entered the building (less than 100m from the armored vehicle) the turret was already turning. I should have recorded a video from the situation.
  12. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    I think map dimensions may be compressed because map makers are trying to create a map for interesting battles for gamers more than simulate real terrain. And since this is a game I can fully understand that. Although I do know there are very realistic maps (as far this is possible using current CM technology), mostly included in stock scenarios of some WW2 CM games. As for time, players won't play battles that last too long. Also they can take much higher risks because there is no benefit from saving your units to next battle, like it was in CMx1 operations. In a way the whole war lasts just one battle. That's why casualty rates are enormous.
  13. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    Yes, playing a 3 day battle using one minute turns would make gamers fall asleep Despite this time compression, I think CMSF2 and the other newer CM games are a great gaming experience.
  14. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    It seems to me that because of this lethality most wars/conflicts on this century have been such where the other side is clearly weaker. Older gear, worse training etc. Whether it's air warfare or land based, the good gear rarely meet. So we have little actual experience of how well those things really work against same level opponent. BTW: Syria's situation may be changing now that Russia has brought newer technology. Anti-aircraft, electronic warfare etc.
  15. SlowMotion

    Vehicle reaction time

    I understand that simulation is different from real battle. I just get impression that some things happen too quickly and too reliably in the game. Human like behavior must be really difficult to simulate. I watched some Youtube footage from current Syrian conflicts and things seemed to evolve much more slowly than in the game. Of course real battles may take several days instead of an hour or two. here's one example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wb1M1wbEj0U&t=30s