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  1. SlowMotion

    Humvee 1114 vehicle's icon

    I checked this scenario in Scenario Editor. There are two other Humvees that have this same problem, but they show the flag icon that normally shows for infantry HQ units. And if I Dismount the crew, then the vehicle shows the normal vehicle icon. But once I move the crew back to the vehicle, then the vehicle shows crew's icon. The icon is shown the same way in Scenario Editor's Deploy mode and when playing the scenario. Maybe something went wrong when I installed the game? I guess this is not a serious problem if it only affects the icon, but strange anyway. Only three Humvees show a wrong icon, the rest show correct icon.
  2. SlowMotion

    Humvee 1114 vehicle's icon

    I mean the floating icon. This is what I see. Scenario is The thin black line.
  3. While playing a scenario that has hmmwv 1114 vehicle I noticed that this vehicle's icon is not anything like a vehicle. It looks like a grenade launcher. The vehicle does have a 40 mm grenade launcher, but IMO it's still more a vehicle than a weapon. So, is this icon intentional or a bug? CMSF v2.01
  4. SlowMotion

    BV 206

    Those things should be able to move in places where tanks and wheeled vehicles get stuck. Like mud and swamp.
  5. SlowMotion

    Electronic Warfare

    Interesting video about what EW is about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBLHZwEXKeA
  6. SlowMotion

    The history of the anti-tank missile

    I guess anti tank missiles were a new, surprising thing tactically back then. Israel wasn't prepared for something like that. Now, some decades later missiles are so good that tankers know to be careful even if their opponent doesn't have any tanks.
  7. SlowMotion

    The history of the anti-tank missile

    One of the things I learnt from that video was how succesfully Egyptians used their missiles against Israel's tanks.
  8. quite interesting video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5CIw4UbNno
  9. SlowMotion

    Bug in Cain and Abel scenario?

    In my opinion a building without a door (even through the wall to next building) makes no sense. It's like a bridge in the middle of a field that does not cross any obstacle like a river. Why build a bridge there when a vehicle could drive forward just as well without the bridge? So having buildings without doors, but that still have units inside is like having a tank without gun but still can fire rounds and destroy other tanks. Maybe a scenario design bug or something.
  10. There are lots of buildings without door in West Yard area. If there is no door how are soldiers supposed to get in and out of a building? Is this a bug? CMSF2 v2.0
  11. SlowMotion

    120mm Mortar Not Showing in Artillery

    but the icon is NOT in the manual page 71.
  12. SlowMotion

    120mm Mortar Not Showing in Artillery

    In Manual page 71 there is a picture showing icons for Arty and Air support. But shouldn't there be this 3rd icon also? Not sure if that third icon is for UAVs or something else also.
  13. SlowMotion

    Active Defense System in action

    Army Bradley Brigade Will Get Israeli Anti-Missile System: Iron Fist https://breakingdefense.com/2018/12/army-bradley-brigade-will-get-israeli-anti-missile-system-iron-fist/
  14. SlowMotion

    Was hunt tweaked at some point?

    I noticed a case when my vehicle drove by a spot and after a moment enemy infantry opened fire from behind. The vehicle did not stop immediately like usually happens with Hunt. Not sure if this was because the vehicle was trying to move further away first or was it some kind of change to how Hunt works.
  15. SlowMotion

    Stryker machine guns - not always used

    It seems that at least for M1127 when the other crew member is dead Open Up -command is not available anymore. Not for the vehicle crew or passengers. So that seems to be the problem. Only crew members can use the MG and the driver won't do it. Some Stryker models have remotely usable MG so it can be used as long as it's not damaged.