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  1. SlowMotion

    tank shell flying

    If melons were cube-shaped maybe this deflection would not happen. I was amazed about how much the Sherman shell moved up and down during the flight. Yaw?
  2. SlowMotion

    tank shell flying

    Here is a video showing how a 76mm tank shell flies to target. Captured with a high speed camera. The movement of the shell is not exactly what you might expect. https://youtu.be/xpJ8EoGmLuE?t=348 Later after this experment they shoot water melons with a 152mm gun.
  3. SlowMotion

    Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles

    There is nothing suspicious about that site as far as I know. Many other interesting articles there as well. So if there is some setting in your firewall software that is causing this, the site should be ok. There's some info in Youtube as well. First flight planned for 2020.
  4. SlowMotion

    Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles

    That happened not that long ago. Now USA is preparing drones that will fly as wingmen of human flown planes. Things have changed quickly. http://thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26656/boeing-will-unveil-this-loyal-wingman-combat-drone-for-australias-air-force-tomorrow
  5. SlowMotion

    Rafael's idea of future armored vehicles

    What will the remotely operated vehicle do when communication with the remote operator isn't working? This has been quite a problem in Syria when Russians have used their ECM equipment to disturb US drone flights. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/military/russia-has-figured-out-how-jam-u-s-drones-syria-n863931
  6. SlowMotion


  7. SlowMotion

    Ideas for CMx3 Armour Penetration Effects

    Real tank footage from Middle East also has good game FX ideas. Like moving tanks that are hit do not always stop during impact, but may continue to move for dozens of meters before the final explosion happens.
  8. Quite interesting changes from current vehicles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2k3UntlWbM
  9. SlowMotion

    CM Helper for CMSF 2

    WhoseTurnIsIt needs chat before it's equal to CM Helper.
  10. SlowMotion

    Small bug when displaying Javelin ammo

    Ok, then that 5 makes sense. Yes the other team is not far away. Both have one missile in tube I guess and then 4 extra missiles which could be used by either team. So, no bug.
  11. I'm playing scenario called Battlegroup Attacks. I have a detachment of 4 men. They have Javelin weapons and 6 missiles. I made Split Squad command, so now I think both 2 man teams should have 3 missiles. But the UI shows this wrong. I think it should show either 3 missiles next to missile icon and 3 missiles where there is text Ammo. Or 3 missiles next to missile icon and 6 missiles where there is text Ammo. But it shows 3 missiles next to missile icon and 5 missiles where there is text Ammo. CMSF2 version 2.01
  12. SlowMotion

    Humvee 1114 vehicle's icon

    I checked this scenario in Scenario Editor. There are two other Humvees that have this same problem, but they show the flag icon that normally shows for infantry HQ units. And if I Dismount the crew, then the vehicle shows the normal vehicle icon. But once I move the crew back to the vehicle, then the vehicle shows crew's icon. The icon is shown the same way in Scenario Editor's Deploy mode and when playing the scenario. Maybe something went wrong when I installed the game? I guess this is not a serious problem if it only affects the icon, but strange anyway. Only three Humvees show a wrong icon, the rest show correct icon.
  13. SlowMotion

    Humvee 1114 vehicle's icon

    I mean the floating icon. This is what I see. Scenario is The thin black line.
  14. While playing a scenario that has hmmwv 1114 vehicle I noticed that this vehicle's icon is not anything like a vehicle. It looks like a grenade launcher. The vehicle does have a 40 mm grenade launcher, but IMO it's still more a vehicle than a weapon. So, is this icon intentional or a bug? CMSF v2.01