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  1. That's unfortunate, I too would love love love to play this on my IPad.
  2. Unfortunately no, my save was overwritten by mistake. I'll start another up this weekend and see if I encounter the same thing.
  3. Is there some kind of automatic lowering of Italian morale going on in the WWII scenario? I'm currently playing a game where Italy took some early initial naval losses during the capture of Malta, but since then has taken Yugoslavia, Greece, and all but taken Egypt, with very few (If any) losses, but the NM keeps trending downward. With Germany having taken out Russia and most of the middle east, and invading England, their NM is at 139%, but Italy's is at around 52% and slowly dropping still.
  4. Would be kind of cool if you could tie interception range to a new radar tech. Increase your levels in that and you increase the range your fighters can intercept at. Would make sense, since the radar would give them advanced warning/more time to scramble and get to more distant locations.
  5. Thanks Hubert. I complain, but only because I wanted my new toys.
  6. I'm sure I will be happy, I would just prefer to have my happiness a bit quicker. I've always preferred incremental updates over mega patches which are invariably delayed.
  7. It is getting a bit excessive here. I love all the improvements that are being added, but would much prefer they be done incrementally instead of constantly pushing back updates to add new things, which then have to be tested and re-tested, etc. One advantage to smaller updates is that if something gets broken, it's a whole lot easier to pinpoint and fix if you haven't added 999 other things to it since the last update. Besides, you've had the AAR going on, while telling us "soon", so it's just like you're taunting us with this stuff.
  8. That's you? Nice, I really enjoy your podcast....I'm ready for the next one, is it done yet? lol
  9. I've seen units go into that same square. I assumed those were french purchases, since there's a city right there.
  10. On thing you might want to consider is what your zoom level is. The medium zoom level is horribly slow for me, but if I remain fully zoomed in, it scrolls just fine. The only times I use the mid level zoom is on the oceans for units that move a long way each turn.
  11. One thing I've noticed in a few games as the CP, and also see in your AAR, the southern French lines seem to be the easiest route into France in the late war. Both of my games as the CP, I've been held on the northern end of the line, and made my breakthrough in the south. I think adding a French alternate capital in the northern part of France might be a good idea. in both of my games, the French moved out of Paris...right in front of another army group since I had pretty much cleared out all the armies in the south. If they had been able to move somewhere to the north, in my games at least, they might have held out since I captured Paris just as the US troops were arriving in force.
  12. Would it be possible to reduce the amount of XP that arty gets? They seem to get XP way too fast since they rarely take losses. That might help prevent them from getting too powerful too quickly.
  13. God no, don't increase the effectiveness of aircraft. They're just right as is, a bother, but nothing terribly major. In the WWII versions of SC, it was invariably a race to high level air fleets, don't make this the same. As it is, I don't see HA as a war winner, but only a (large) contributor to victory. Sure, one HA fully loaded on ammo can reduce a position, but if the defender is playing intelligently, he's got a defense in depth, and unless you've spent a lot of money (Seeing as how upgraded arty is one of the most expensive units in the game) you probably won't have enough to defeat a good defense in depth. And if you spent that much, you're going to be lacking somewhere else. Personally, I think the industrial research is the big one. In my CP game, I had Germany up to level 3 or 4 and was bringing in nearly 900MPP a turn (Though when I took the offensive in the west again, that was barely enough to just repair my casualties), and in my TE game, Russia was the one to get up to level 4. When you get that kind of income, you can overcome most any other shortcoming, by investing in more research if nothing else. I would actually recommend lowering the improvement to 20% per level rather than 25%, maybe lower.
  14. Good to hear. While I like winning and all, I'd like to sweat it out a little longer before I do.
  15. What I've seen from playing the TE is that the AI simply isn't aggressive enough in the early war, which puts it way behind the 8 ball for the rest of the game. In France, since there is no pressure on the southern part of the line, you're free to transfer to the north part of the line unhindered. Once you actually establish a line (Usually around Arras, or Amiens) and get a couple of units dug in, the Germans come up, maybe launch an attack or two, then sit down and entrench. My line is thin and weak, nowhere do I have anything but a HQ behind my main line. If the Germans continued to attack, since they have a numbers advantage, they'll probably pierce the line in at least one place. If they do that, I've got to fall back to shorten my lines since I have no reserve, but they just...stop. Schlieffen would be rolling over in his grave. And once they stop, since the Russians should be advancing at this point, the AI sees things looking bad around Poland and immediately transfers units east. In my current game, as the TE, in mid 1915, I'm already pushing the west front back toward the borders of France and will soon be down to only one French city occupied. Meanwhile what are all those units transferred east doing? Sitting in front of the Russian lines doing nothing. They have a pretty big qualitative edge over the Russians as I've discovered when they actually attack me, but for the most part, they're content to sit there and let me occupy the A/H cities and resources I've already captured, along with parts of East Prussia. And the few examples I have seen of aggressive action are usually more of the, "Oh crap, I left that city in the middle of Poland ungarrisoned...Oh look, here comes the lone German unit speeding through a gap in my line to take it." Then the troops behind the line crush the lone unit and we're right back where we were before. I know it's hard to make an AI be good aggressively, but it needs to get a kick in the pants somewhere, as soon as it encounters a solid line it just stops instead of trying to pierce the line. The naval side is a completely different story. The KM was all too willing to come out and fight. The problem is that the AI isn't as good in naval battles of finishing off wounded ships as it is at finishing off wounded ground troops, so I annihilated them with two losses, simply because I was better at trapping and mass attacking units. I took a hell of a beating, but they're all dead now. And I'm sure this will get at least one person thinking (But hopefully not posting, I've seen it enough times already, thanks), "Well, you just need to play a human". Believe me, if I could work it around my schedule, I would seriously consider it. But when I play, I want to play NOW, and not sit here waiting for someone else to finish up their turn. And the times that I can play are rather inconvenient, so it's not really feasible or desirable. I think from the CP side, the gameplay is excellent, I enjoy it a lot. From the TE side, it's still a bit of a work in progress.
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