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  1. Ok I see the point of BF not wanting to pay high server fees. The torrent idea sounds good to me, from what I can understand of it. I can understand people saying simply back up the software when you download but in real life that doesn't always happen. Who's ever been guilty of being 1000x more keen to get playing the game than backing up your 'just downloaded' software. Then later forget that you haven't backed it up!
  2. Is there any good reason that the downloads for games that have been purchased have a download expiry date? It's just that I thought I would get back into playing some of the old strategic command games. I've lost my backups and now find I'm not entitled to download them again after the 365 days since purchase. What's the point in an expiry date? So that blows my strategic command 2, Patten drives East and Pacific theater games . Correction: I do have the Patten drives East disc but it is useless without SC2 !
  3. Ok I've submitted a ticket to have my license reset. Thanks for your help guys.
  4. Ahhh... I might have a problem then as both licenses are to one computer. A little while back I replaced my hard drive and upgraded windows, so one license was with that setup and now cannot be undone, or can it?
  5. I've just tried to install the Pacific theater onto my laptop and had the message that my license is no longer valid!! So what do I do now? I've already paid for the game so don't say pay again.
  6. No, the numbers were not visible when editing the elevation but appeared when the map screen got refreshed, by switiching to the place terrain editor. But it is back to normal now so all's ok. Very odd as I had tried re-starts including leaving it turned off for a while. Just hope it stays that way, I managed to get all my maps finished Thanks for trying to help.
  7. Hubert Crater sounds a pretty good name! I can just imagine him gritting his teeth while weilding a huge crater cannon :eek: I'm sure he's heard it all before Anyway back to subject. If you find yourself playing a sado cheat then don't play him anymore, there's plenty of decent people about. Someone must have a very empty life to have to resort cheating on virtual friends
  8. Up until yesterday all was ok. But now I cannot see the height numbers in the editor when I am making a map. It is ok when I switch from height to place terrain, the numbers that I have just placed appear but that is no good as I need to see what I am doing when editing the height. A couple other problems are that when switching to edit the parameters all the text can just dissapear and this can happen when exiting too. The whole lot can go whacky! :confused: I am starting to wonder if it is virus related but cannot see any other affect on my computer.
  9. Excellent and very funny Keep 'em coming!
  10. Is there a website that has a good collection of scenarios? I have found a couple but they seem to have a few scenarios and are variations of the ones on the disk. I would like to find a Pacific war scenario
  11. Sounds great, I'm really looking forward to CMC
  12. What's the point of a registration form that doesn't work? Think of the amount of recruits that has lost you.
  13. I just got into Rome total war earlier this year, wish I didn't as a part of my life got lost for a while :eek: Looks like some more of my life will dissapear with CMC
  14. Yep I forgot how long those DVD cases take just to insert the covers, my above numbers were thinking CD cases. It is all the little things that add up to a lot of time, just think the one or two little stickers on the case being stuck on 1000's of times is a long process when you have to make space moving the cases along too. And then there is always one part that is not ready, waiting for the printers to deliver, such as a little a sticker that holds up the whole packing process! Good luck, I'm very glad not be in that work anymore
  15. I can just see you guys surrounded by 20,000 CD's and packaging in a garage somewhere I used to work making CD's, a medium size factory can bang out 40,000+ finished overnight but I am guessing you guys are doing the assemby yourselves. A tedious job that but it shouldn't take a team of 4 people more than a week
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