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  1. v2.02 engine 4.0 is the latest, you're good to go.
  2. Thank you for supporting the team and not complaining. Much.
  3. i think the concept of a pre release AAR is excellent as a lot of scrutiny goes into it and catches those final show stoppers prior to release. As The Goodies say, 'Get it right!'
  4. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/135186-new-02-patches-for-game-engine-4-are-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=1794612
  5. yep I am seeing the issue in other titles too, most recently in CMRT
  6. I'm not sure they are looking at it. My presumption is that RTV module related coding tasks are taking priority.
  7. Are the customer engagement comments you refer to bona fide Bfc statements though or user comments.
  8. Actually here's another file, all I have done is remove a low bocage gap tile from the original test and we have Germans running the wrong way. Foliage Runners Flat Mapgap15.btt
  9. really? The thread you're probably referring to now has a repeatable example of the bug, using Elvis's supplied scenario.
  10. REPRODUCIBLE BUG - file attached for @BFCElvis and other interested parties So I replaced part of Elvis's test file low hedgerow with tall hedgerow. 8 out of 8 replays later, there were dead Germans in front of the hedgerows, having charged through the tall hedgerow gaps by the end of the first turn. I hope others will see what I am seeing! Foliage Runners Flat Map_PIATpunk.btt
  11. well here's the naughty scenario in question pulled out of the campaign. I'm going to take a look see in the editor.... I'd like to see more than Lip Service. We should tackle this thing Hand in Hand. I am tired of No Action. Let's get it fixed and we''ll be Living in Paradise. We really need to Pump it Up. Otherwise there's going to be a Night Rally at BFC HQ. Bosq reg.btt
  12. this is less than one thousand words, 1000. See me after school.
  13. Yes @Ultradave this is still occurring with the latest 4.02 patch. see @BFCElvis - logically though, having already taken some HE and small arms fire from wherever (which is what happened, I ordered the Brit units to area fire on their location), the last place you'd be wanting to head for is straight towards a known enemy unit, with no cover in between.
  14. Hello! This would be a good place to find an opponent: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/thefgmforum/
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