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  1. I know that BF are set on not releasing public betas, but this previous patch could certainly have done with wider testing and would have prevented posting of old python skits.
  2. the problem here is that the behaviour ruins a decent fight against the "AI" and suspension of disbelief is cancelled at that point when the enemy are gladly rushing towards you. And you can't issue orders to the "ai" I spotted the bug within 30 minutes of playing the patch release back in the day (and reported with saves etc) The only official Battlefront employees posting here have been happy to spend plenty of time espousing their beliefs regarding current military/political conflagrations or posting AARs about future modules requiring undying devotion to purchase; but FFS it's about time they started talking about what the dev is doing ( as he won't post here) on what he has done regarding a game breaking issue - I have spent fricking HUNDREDS of frickin dollars on investing in a system I expected would give me a fair fight (let alone time spent). And before the apologists butt in, I am specifically talking CMBN; although the behaviour can be observed in other modules. Rant not nearly over. TL;DR: talk to your customers (repeatedly) about their pain points or expect less income. Or - declare that the residential support is useful but not as useful as the military dollar. Man. This is like Cleese hating the Commies (and then told it's time for tea).
  3. yeah it's like the current engine has risen to its level of incompetency.
  4. I was sure they would have addressed the issue after RTV was released. Unbridled optimism on my part.
  5. There was some testing done by players regarding the old map theory in BN and it didn't appear to be the cause of the issue.
  6. is there any consensus that the evade bug is also been seen in other terrain types/modules? I have definitely observed it in RT, where units would leave the relative safety of a brick building and run towards the enemy.
  7. nice work. It was eventually acknowledged by Steve but no patch forthcoming - I expect nothing until well after the new RT module is released given how things move these days.
  8. not crazy. Nasty bug that has not been addressed but reported many times.
  9. You're correct, there's no replay. I would like to see this feature upgraded in the somewhat mythical CM3x engine.
  10. yep it works well most of the time. You have to make sure the host computer has opened and forwarded the appropriate ports on the router though.
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