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  1. PIATpunk

    The state of CMSF2

    to quote the wonderful Peter Cook (after Dudley had way too much to drink) "Shoot him, Kurt"
  2. PIATpunk

    Assertion Failed

    it may be worth going through all the startup applications and disabling them and see if makes a difference, to hone in on the problem. (Task manager, startup tab)
  3. PIATpunk

    Assertion Failed

    I'd remove anything with the word McAfee in it for a start!
  4. a clean install (including format of HD) of the latest win10 from a usb stick and then it's a case of following prompts on various tweak sites to remove all the built in crap you don't need. Particularly removing not needed startup items and services. Cortana can easily be fully removed these days and frees up about 60MB+ RAM all by itself - for example. Have a look at winaero tweaker and for those who aren't afraid to operate in a command prompt, research install_wim_tweak (advanced users only).
  5. PIATpunk

    Installing to D Drive?

    1) no need to reinstall. You are effectively creating a symlink for your folder on a different drive but the game will still be happy. 2) You mileage may vary here; my suggestion would be to buy an internal SSD for files you require rapid access to, for best speeds.
  6. PIATpunk

    Installing to D Drive?

  7. PIATpunk

    Installing to D Drive?

    also note you can move your system documents folder to a different drive, so if you've got heaps of mods and your C drive is getting full, this is a good option.
  8. yep it is in beta but so far I am enjoying what I am seeing. Apart from the all pervasive wifi map and the instant healing/medics. Lawdy husha mah mouth.
  9. PIATpunk

    New Website status update

    ooh la la. Check out the website front page my dudes.
  10. this was just published at FGM: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/cm-scenarios/gunners-scouts-out-scenario-available/
  11. PIATpunk

    New Website status update

    I have to log in each time I visit the site and I haven't turned cookies off or any security weirdness. Not sure if this popup has anything to do with it though: (chrome 64 bit win)
  12. PIATpunk

    CM on i5 8400 and 1060 6gb anyone?

    yeah that's what I have done with mine. The game runs very well.
  13. PIATpunk

    v1.01 Patch is here!

    if only we had a third party application loading up and taking up plenty of system ram/cpu for no particular reason... plus doing god knows what else...
  14. PIATpunk

    Scrolling question

    I'm not aware of a variable you can set for this. Would also like to know!