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  1. thanks @Battlefront.com for the update! Steve, could I ask please if there would be any chance of fixing the CMBN hedgerow tac ia behaviour in the near future?
  2. The new version pretty much breaks everything in CM2 (on my machine at least).
  3. No Elvis , this [aim] is true. All I am asking for is that it _is_ being looked at and we can enjoy a patch in the future.
  4. ok thanks Elvis. For other players out there that find this bug annoying/show stopping, can you please post here with a quick one-liner? I'd really like to get Battlefront's attention and get this one fixed so we can continue playing CMBN. cheers!
  5. @Bootie the link to the file is incorrect - it points to a polish infantry mod cheers
  6. Yes you sure did @BFCElvis. Please see below. What happened to the lodged bug report, was it not looked at? If you read comments on the forum a lot of people have stopped playing CMBN because of this game breaker. Please fix or do sumfink! @Battlefront.com @Battlefront Charles
  7. Still patiently waiting on a status update from @BFCElvis or @Battlefront.com .... 🙂
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