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  1. you'll need to log in to your account first to be able to see and download your purchases.
  2. @rocketman I have an i7-8700K. I tried using gsync but it simply doesn't work with Combat Mission, as per comments above it tends to strobe and just be annoying with no difference to perceived smoothness in the game display. Judicious settings in Nvidia inspector will improve stability of frame rate, particularly use of the frame rate limiter (eg set it to 40 or less) and setting your display to the highest fixed rate refresh that it supports. cheers
  3. Hey rocketman I recently upgraded to a 2560x1440 Viewsonic xg2703-gs 27" monitor running at 165 Hz. Best thing I ever did! It's an IPS monitor type so the image quality is much nicer than the old TN's. A real step up from my 24" 1920x1080. I don't use the gsync feature for CM as it doesn't work with games on lower frame rates but haven't noticed any great slowdowns in frame rates since upgrading. Running a 1080 GPU but if you're running a 970 I would think you'd be fine. cheers
  4. PIATpunk

    The patch?

    popcorn spent. Lucky we didn't say anything about the dirty knife bug.
  5. PIATpunk

    Server download speed is a joke

    For effective catharsis add "hopeless" before "joke". Speed varies but I've never had a download fail. And it taught me to store all my purchased installer files locally for future re-installations.
  6. PIATpunk

    Play in XP?

    that's what the demos are for
  7. yes this is great info. To be clear though, I assume this is setting '3D Textures' to Best?
  8. PIATpunk

    The patch?

    in my uni days. Tim Benzedrine was a favourite of mine!
  9. PIATpunk

    The patch?

    I'm Gandalf. And so is my wife.
  10. nice to see they have updated the infantry models so the Germans hold their rifles in their right arms when they sprint. I still think it will take a 'grog mod' to make it reasonably realistic, for all the reasons noted above.
  11. PIATpunk

    The patch?

    I'm still gobsmacked by the fact that a game I bought in 2011 is still being updated and improved. Take your time jar man.
  12. I am guilty of sitting on my copy of the book and waiting for a rainy day. His work is always very detailed and a joy to read. Yes a Stalingrad module release would make my decade. Oh look - it's raining.
  13. Two completely different game systems, difficult to compare them at all as sburke mentions. These new games have the graphics but they certainly don't have the historical TOE/tactics/FOW etc. I expect that a grog mod will be required before I get serious with it ( I mean, the AFV system uses health points at the moment for example). They are a hoot to play though (eg Red Orchestra)
  14. egads! Another one in development! https://www.hellletloose.com/
  15. Haven't seen anyone mention this yet so .. new FPS Market Garden game. Check out some gameplay vids on youtube; it's rather engaging. I'm going to buy it just to stroll around the 1:1 historical maps. http://postscriptumgame.com/ Out 'fairly soon' (ahem).