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  1. I checked and unfortunately no, @CMFDR.
  2. Hmm I have an Aris churchill Vii mod and Aris Marder IIIM mod for CMBN/CW... if that is of any use. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nejrbxeovset3nk/AAAVi0MgBKFT4bGCUGCPLIxca?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kqx6k089b2w60i1/AAAwatynyQi9vvp3BvoPcb0Aa?dl=0
  3. try a LAN game with your bro and see if you can replicate. If so, send info to Support.
  4. Steve, can I please ask about how are we (royal) on track for the WWII V4 patches releases? Tanks in advance!
  5. Spring time for Hitler when we get the new modules! oh bother; apologies.
  6. Assign an effects on and off key in the settings menu. I use caps lock. Then tap it before you end planning phases, and tap again at the start of the replay.
  7. hmm I remember testing this with you in a quick MP game. Everything worked fine. I'd suggest there's a firewall, router ISP, PC or install issue at play here!
  8. I am a bit surprised that a patch will be issued soon for SF2 rather than the WW2 titles. But perhaps the upcoming V4 patch will benefit further from the work gone into the SF2 patch.
  9. Thanks z1812, that's a nice addition that I hadn't noticed before. Screen looks even better with the filter set quite low. cheers!
  10. Reshade does some weird stuff when the game is computing its turn or in a game file load screen. Haven't noticed any improvement in the different versions released over time but it's a minor problem compared to the visual improvements it makes to the game.
  11. create a profile for the game exe using the nvidia control panel - and then turn off FXAA within that profile.
  12. It's like going from too much cover to not enough! 🙂 Definitely worth the purchase, there are plenty of scens where it's not just flat polder. Would also vote for getting the brilliant scenario pack by Jon Sowden, and the vehicle pack for extra authenticity.
  13. Think of a collection of rar files as one file but chunked down into separate files for portability. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RAR_(file_format)
  14. if you mean can you see all unit movement paths, that's ALt+P. ALT+Z is also very handy, that's to represent command links and their quality.
  15. use 7zip - just click on the first file and it will extract all 3 files into one folder.
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