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  1. Officially dubbed the most humorless thread. Taking ourselves even more seriously in 3...2...1...
  2. Promise? A real boon for the 'Sheesh, is it your birthday already?' set.
  3. @Childress: I'd totally play Chuck Norris mode. Would I be limited to A Force of One? Zing. I know I know.
  4. A difficulty reduction to five types? Four? Let's just distill down to two. 'Grog' and 'Nancy'. For accessibility's sake, of course.
  5. Congrats, BlackMoria! That's a better result than I've managed. And thanks for feedback and time you took to AAR the campaign. If anyone missed it, this got twitch treatment on Saturday, the results of which now reside on YouTube. Thanks for the chance to see it, Chris!
  6. Sorry about the T2k twitch result, Chris. Didn't want those objective zones to extend outside the buildings. It's also worth noting that friendly casualties and massive expenditure of ammo count against victory. Add this to the Major Victory requirement and it makes for an unforgiving campaign. (Note: The source files are included, so tweak anything you want for a better viewing experience. This goes for anyone playing the campaign!)
  7. Oddly, I'm experiencing a number of problems with offline license generation (in addition to the ticket issue). Notably: When prompted to choose the game to license, CMRT is the only one that does not appear in the list. And... Manual states to fill in both license key and authorization request code "in the appropriate place". There is no place on the form for the request code. Got an email from John in customer service, though, so with a little luck we can get it sorted tomorrow.
  8. Update: tried to check the ticket using the emailed link and was informed I do not have permission to view it. Any ideas mod?
  9. Submitted a ticket. Anyone know how long I can expect to wait?
  10. Repository won't seem to update the file. Tried it from home pc, phone, kindle, and work pc. I'm calling it. I'll try again in a week or so to see if I can update the file.
  11. Thrilled with the results your getting, BlackMoria. Not only are those marine snipers deadly accurate, with their addition the player can finally use the assault command. And I certainly intended the Prairie Snakes scenario as a shot in the arm for morale. Making paste of the previous day's aggressors as they scatter through the wheat is certainly satisfying. You're in the home stretch. And if the addition of the snipers wasn't enough, the next scenario sees the result of elbow grease and feverish labor... and retracking.
  12. Fixed and resubmitted. Apologies to anyone else that experiences this.
  13. Found it. A "used rarely" plan held over from an earlier iteration. Fixing. Sorry that occurred for you.
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