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  1. After this little interaction, I can't see NOT taking a JT as a German in quick battles. Of course mine will get flamed by a first shot kill from a still unseen American... bobo
  2. I have had many of those turns. Minus the good planning.... thanks for an excellent AAR as usual. bobo
  3. Ah hah! The problem was that my display mode was set up for 125% (Recommended) by the Windows 10 update. I am used to 100% scaling pre update and on my work laptop. All is good now. Well except for CMSF not starting... CMBN, CMRT, CMBS and CMFI are all good to go. Go ahead and update to Windows 10. CMs work great after. Bobo
  4. Problem with laptop drivers is that you have to get them from the laptop manufacturer and Dell has no Windows 10 drivers on their site...
  5. I think it has to do with the Intel Graphics card being used over the NVIDIA. It happened before after a different update but I don't remember what I did to correct it. I have tried a bunch of things but no luck, yet. All the CMs run fine except for at a sub optimal resolution. Bobo
  6. You experience with Windows 10 was why I went with it Ian. I will try some more things... Bobo
  7. Help! I just updated my laptop to Windows 10 and while all the CM games CMBS, CMFI, CMBN, CMRT all start, they are in a very low resolution and I cant seem to get the desktop resolution to be picked up by the game. Deleted hotkeys.txt, preference.***, and display.*** to no effect. I have an NVidia graphics card if that matters. Searched for others with the same issues but saw nothing in the knowledge base or in the forums. Anyone run into and fix this? Thanks, Bobo
  8. I love this comment, "(2) I know it's a more challenging shot when there is an elevation difference between shooter and target. That's not from experience, that's from reading Stephen Hunter novels." Bobo
  9. They are and thank you for putting resurrecting the scenario depot! Bobo
  10. I hope you are playing at night and getting outside while the Canadian weather is good! Nice DAR! bobo
  11. Turn on show command links Alt-Z Click on any vehicle and then look at the "command chain" in the lower left of the UI and then click on Platoon 3 (for example) and it will take you to the HQ for that platoon. Hope this helps. Thanks, Bob
  12. Now you have to replay with the opposite sides of the map and nationality. Bobo
  13. Now you have replay with each taking the opposite sides... Map and Nationality... Bobo
  14. Great now I have to spend more money on new games... Well I don't have to but I can if I want to. Thanks for the update Steve!
  15. Is there an ignore feature on this site? Works great on other forums...
  16. Anybody else want them to flip slides and play again on this map and allow us to "watch"?
  17. Playing Bear Claws from Gustav Line this lazy summer afternoon. Moving two Brummbars up the middle side by side and taking a bunch of .50 fire from atop a hill when all of the sudden both Brummbars brew up at once in a monster explosion. I didn't see or hear any airplanes as much as I rewound the replay in the WeGo turn. Searched the American side for a Sherman that could have killed them. Decided to quit and find out what killed them. Sure enough a Sherman got a lucky hit on one of the Brummbars and it blew sky high and took the other one with him. Never a dull game. Bobo
  18. Which is the whole point of the "gamey SOB" challenge. Bobo
  19. Back in cmbo days you could get Head to head wego games pretty easy by posting in the opponents wanted space here. Not so much now....
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