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  1. I believe the official term for this is "recon by fire".
  2. I don't remember. Do mg's even jam in CMx2? Certainly there is no text for it like there was in CMx1 (I believe, a little jam tag above the gun). BTW, it also seems to me that tanks bog less frequently in CMx2; true or my imagination? Also, it seems tank crews have a little more courage in CMx2. I seem to remember my Shermans popping smoke and backing up as soon as they saw a Tiger or a Panther even when they had a flanking shot and the target hadn't even spotted them. True or failing memory? AFVs do a better job of spacing in CMx2, I remember some incredible traffic SNAFUs in CMx1. I see that dust got carried over now and plays a bigger role. I never liked dust added with CMAK, because, it was too obvious to the human player, and the AI didn't know that dust meant armor inbound. I am enjoying this game. For all my criticism of 3D oddities, the movies are fun. I remember how CMx1 soldiers appeared to be ice skating from place to place.
  3. I have been fighting in teams mainly due to the flexibility of positioning them and that it is easier to find cover. Also, if the enemy have tanks and I have no tanks, no ATGS ... I can do inch worm (lead/trail) bounds such that the team with panzerfausts is always in trail so as not to risk those precious weapons. So, this question actual arose in a Whermacht split team situation.
  4. Well, I am not asking for Paradox style rollover tool tips that break down all the calculations. I just want to know if my team is taking cover in a crater when I see them near the rim? Is this just a short coming of the rendering subsystem? I can live with it; I used to develop systems for a living too. But if they are not in cover, then I should certainly move them to some place safer, since it would mean that they are lying prone in the open. (Perhaps, all they have is a 1-2 minutes at best before someone walks their shots to their exact location. So, despite my friend's, Beta Bil's comment, I don't think I am "anal"; just a responsible officer.
  5. Right. So, about that crater are my men taking cover in the crater or are they exposed on the rim? How does one know? (I think CMx1, you could use the LOS line and it would give you exposure information.) Thanks.
  6. This is another thing which is frustrating with CMx2 is this need to micro-manage everything while denying me the ability to be precise with my orders. I mean sometimes there is a crater and the terminus of the movement order falls right on the crater; which is generally good for a team who knows how to follow orders. But other times the terminus just fights me and it 3-4M from the crater. Now, I would like to say to my men, who should at least have the TACAI common sense to play tic-tac-toe with Google's Deep Mind Neural Net, but more likely they will take cover along the rim of the crater ... and there is more ... like when there is a neat cluster of sand bag positions waiting for them, and they settle between the sandbag enclosures rather than into them. After 60 minutes with these guys, you really understand how they managed to become cannon fodder infantry. I mean no one was going to put them behind the controls of a P51-D.
  7. It wasn't bad enough that my ISP, PRC, PLA, Google, Microsoft, and the NSA are tracking everything I say here. Now, you got big data counting every round my pixeltruppen sent down range, and that Corporal Upham only fired a single round in 2 1/2 hours!!! THANK YOU, VERY MUCH!!!
  8. I never thought about in all that old film footage. I always thought they were using the tanks for cover ... (not above)
  9. I have always started (in most warfare) with smaller scenarios and worked my way up. I like smaller scenarios. Each decision seems much more critical. The loss of a squad to a round of canister is far more painful than when there are a few companies on the field. I appreciate the fine work of all scenario designers. Although I have never built any scenarios myself in any game (except for testing), I realize that good scenarios require historic knowledge, technical expertise with tools, imagination/creativity, visualizing, and extensive testing always with an eye to how the player might approach it. Beyond the developers, you guys are the heroes that have made CM the success it is today!
  10. Aside from whether our current command set is optimal, did anyone try to reproduce my results? I did think about that movement should be broken down into different parameters that could be stacked similar to way point actions. But then, I think from CMBO -> CMBB/CMAK -> CMBN/CMFI/CMRT/CMFB that the game has moved to ever increasing micro-management (which may have well increased realism), but at times has become tedious and reduces some of the fun of the game. For all, the improvements of relative spotting, it mainly has its biggest impact within the 1 minute, because planning each turn I take the global non-selected view of the battlefield to issue my orders. So, follow on tanks don't run blindly into ATGs, covered arcs are set based on spotted armor, platoons are moved based on what scouts have seen without communication ... In other words, the "Borg" is not the game, the "Borg" is >>> me <<<. I still remember CMBB/CMAK as great games (CMBO was not well balanced, I think the attacker had an easier time despite various heavy weapons). In summation, I would favor more parameterized movement commands a la Panther Games or Graviteam, IF THERE WAS GREATER DEGREE OF SENSIBLE AI BEHAVIOR RATHER THAN HAVING TO GIVE PRECISE ORDERS TO EVERY TEAM ON THE FIELD. CMx3 may be the most realistic game yet, but if it means giving orders to each individual soldier, I think I will be opting out.
  11. Yes, there are documented cases of people having fallen through the ice of ponds and being resuscitated after 30 minutes. I had open heart surgery in 1999, and they chilled my body to add to the time that they could stop my heart (about 20 minutes) while they worked. The only time I have been dead in my life.
  12. I remember it had been easy to determine terrain types in CMx1; just move the LOS terminator over the tile. Also, I thought there was a little window if you click on a unit, it showed you what terrain it is in. I think the only way now is by eye balling the map, true?
  13. Hmm ... am I confusing this with extreme heat or cold of CMx1?
  14. I have no idea. I was playing WEGO. I had two units in the same square; 2 scout teams. One I gave an order to which ran clear across the map. The terrain covered included some road, some clear, some light forest. I ran the turn and ended the movie phase; back to orders. Then I used a target command from the stationary team to the moving team to measure distance. The other end of my ruler was to the beginning of the path of the next turn's movement. When dealing with a squad and assault, I also needed to measure to soldier bases, since the order continuation point did not tell the whole story. I hope that helps. Give it a try and see what you get.
  15. That is also an interesting an interesting design debate. Does the camera exist in the 4th dimension or in the game world? The 4th dimension (CM) definitely has advantages. You have to admit it is nice to pass in and out of building exterior walls without looking for a door. On the other hand, Graviteam's camera, exists in the game world. I complained on the tech support forums of 3D stuttering at ground level in the locked squad view. Well, it did seem like a graphics bug to me. I finally figured it. When running in close formation, a squad mate kept hitting the virtual camera holder in the back. It was not "stuttering", but "bumping". But the advantage of game world is that the camera more naturally navigates features of the virtual world. I am kind of undecided as to which is optimal.
  16. Yes, soldiers should tire more quickly. I suppose if one was as "Beta Bil" has called me anal , it should impact projectile ballistics due to the density of air (velocities). Does the difference 120F in the desert versus -30F on the steppe impact physics of rolled steel armor in terms of its material properties of brittleness vis-a-vis kinetic weapons? BTW, I am asking for RL and not the game for those who are true students of history or material chemists among us.
  17. That raises an interesting game design debate. If you bill your 3D presentation as an accurate representation of reality as opposed to a partial/sufficient representation of reality with quite a few abstractions, then I think it is fair game to criticize those two soldiers who are on the wrong side of the wall. The developers certainly have cast their game engine in the first camp, "accurate representation" right from the first day. With statements such as 'CMBO/CMBB/CMAK modeled cover for each tile as an abstract statistical phenomena; where as CMBN/CMFI/CMRT/CMFB is if you see a few trees in an action square, they are, in fact, present and one is in cover relative to small arms fire from the other side of them.' So, I think things like soldiers on the wrong side of the wall are fair game for critical comments, because they break the philosophy that the developers themselves exposed. That's my take. Finally, as CMx1 has "borg spotting"; I have decided to refer to this as CMx2 "quantum tunneling".
  18. Then, you have to measure how many degrees/second AFVs rotate. Yes, troops pause at a way point, but pivot lots faster than a tank, and given that a tank reaches higher speeds ... the way point has proportionally a greater impact on AFVs than troops.
  19. Make sure Chrome, Windows, and Firewall/AV suite is up to date. I haven't seen any trouble with the site, and I am sure BFC would be the first to notice any issue and inform the community. It might be a man in the middle attack. A DNS (Domain Name Server) has been compromised. So, you do put in the right URL, but you are misrouted to a malicious site. Due to Internet traffic patterns and load balancing, your routing might vary from forum session to the next. Just use common sense. If something looks fishy, it is. Use complex passwords; not 12345678. Don't use the same password for every site; especially banks, your IRA, sites with your credit card like Amazon and Steam. I manage our computers here, and used to do this at the corporate level professionally. Your greatest risk if you follow the above is not your personal PC, but some company that has you in their database getting hacked and coughing up 10,000,000 credit card numbers to the Dark Web.
  20. Ha ha ha! I would have to learn how to use the scenario editor to do that. I used to quickly throw together test scenarios in CMx1 to test stuff. But I don't even know the basics of the CMx2 scenario editor. At the moment, I am reading pages of stuff to understand my Christmas presents. Really, there are so many variables I did not consider. Army (these were CMBN GIs) Ground conditions Terrain Temperature Fitness Experience --- Mainly, I was not trying to uncover any great underlying truths of the CM universe. (We already know that when stacked against a wall CM squads exhibit "quantum tunneling". At least, one or two idiots always end up on the wrong side of the wall.) I was just looking at creating a basic yardstick for myself by which to pace scenarios. --- HAPPY NEW YEARS from 台灣, 中國 (Taiwan, China!).
  21. So, are they now useless with smart bombs, cruise missiles, and bunker busters (let's take nukes off the table and they kind of change the game)?
  22. * SLOW best used for the final set up of observation or an anti-tank weapon by infantry.
  23. I watched it. Although scary, not at all surprising for anyone with a sense of history. The cannon and gunpowder removed castles and forts from the landscape. Only the Romans would have been impressed with 7" of concrete as they invented the stuff, but did not know rebar. And so, I would take a tank any day. At least, if the odds don't look good, you can hope to withdraw and fight another day.
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