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  1. The problem is that with computer monitors as the screen area goes up so does the resolution; meaning the text gets even smaller. Now 1080p (Full HD) for TV's is always 1080 x 1920. Whether that is a 20" TV or 80" TV. Your pixels and text just get bigger. I have two displays. A 21" 1600x1200 NEC Monitor and a 32" 1080p SONY TV. The TV is great for games with small text. But some older games that only support 4:3 or have scalable text, I play on the 21" like shooting pool; somewhat crisper image.
  2. I think in other games, proximity from danger also has an impact on fatigue recovery even if they are not actively engaged. I mean hard to rest when you fear a grenade is going to be lobbed into your foxhole any minute.
  3. Thank you for the thoughts and interesting visualization. Also, I think the idea is useful that a squad has a task whether split or not is a good organizing principle. One problem I have is that to keep recon teams in command often requires having the command unit trailing them closer than I would like. It seems to make them vulnerable to getting sucked into an ambush?
  4. So, I am most familiar with CMBB/CMAK and now on the learning curve the CMx2v3 WWII engine. All the stuff I watch seems to give me tons of reasons to use teams. Then, is there ever any reason not to use teams? Aside: granted they are useful, but doesn't kind of up the micro-management factor by 2-3X? Thanks.
  5. The movie replay does not show in the ammo inventory panel, the satchel charges these guys throw. Here is a link to a short video clip: http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/SatchBug.mp4 Here is a link to movie file itself: http://www.kwlsystems.com/images/gameq/SatchBug.bts
  6. Does hiding your troops make them recover fatigue faster? (as per CMx1 behavior) Thanks!
  7. CMx1 ... they are great games. Sometimes I wonder if better "games"; not saying more realistic. I find the scenarios in CMx2 where done too hard. (Yes, they do have replay value.) But I feel they are hard to be beat on the first play as "dead is dead". I think this due to the lack of EXPERIENCE and FORCE difficulty factors which required them to be designed for the best players as opposed to the average. --- 1830PC: Yes. It is a DOS program. I have mine installed with DOSBOX in the game directory; all of my DOS games like this. Why? I use a windowing manager (returns the remembered custom windows of WinXP which later version of Windows failed to implement). By having unique DOSBOX installs as opposed to just one with INI files, the windowing manager sees each as its own separate program which can be individually customized. If you you do it like this, then moving to a new machine is simply copying a directory and creating a shortcut.
  8. SLIM, That is some fantastic stuff there! Chapter 1!!!! Where can I get the rest of the book? Thanks.
  9. Special Relativity as per Battlefront Thanks for all the useful tips!
  10. Yes, that is the ACG (Armchair General) series. I have watched them twice. I am always amazed what you learn by watching others play. Like I never knew that you could navigate the chain of command by clicking the panel at the bottom. I was always clicking on the map and using +, -. (old school CMx1 player)
  11. I have CMBN/CMFI/CMRT/CMFB ... you can learn a lot from watching others play (especially while walking bored on a treadmill). I have already watched the ACG training series. Does anyone have some good CMx2 WWII videos to recommend? Thanks!
  12. I have this most amazing video of difference of intent (mine vs AI). I send this single soldier to the side of a house with HUNT to see if he hears anything. He does. Next turn, rather than staying put and letting his buds shoot it out with the enemy, he stands up all straight and erect with a bolt action rifle. He rounds the corner. Begins to fire and advance, fire and advance upon a group of four enemy very close shooting out a window. This continues for 20 seconds without a shred of fear until, they return fire and down he goes. It was amazing!