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  1. Vergeltungswaffe

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    That,...is freakin' amazing.
  2. @BFCElvis fix the link please!
  3. Vergeltungswaffe

    Interaction with weapons/each other.

    Yep, was just thinking it might be misunderstood that the 2 AT4's were Jav rounds. 👍
  4. Vergeltungswaffe

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    After 20 years of them delivering the goods, I have exactly zero worries.
  5. The answer will get this thread locked.
  6. Vergeltungswaffe

    make your own maps

    If you want to play against the AI, it can't be a map for H2H only with no AI plans, but other than that, you can absolutely take a scenario map and use it in a QB. I've done it many times for pbem and solo.
  7. Vergeltungswaffe

    CMSF2 v2.01 Released!

    M7A3 BFist isn't available as a single vehicle for US either.
  8. Vergeltungswaffe

    Great CMRT period war pic segment

    Not bad, but the driving through houses and over trees was just a bit overdone.
  9. Vergeltungswaffe

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    I still come to this thread occasionally, read this, and channel my inner Mr. Burns...
  10. Vergeltungswaffe

    RTS & Wego

    Vein's effects are here. Mord accidently copied Juju's UI mod link twice.
  11. 40m is a long way to propel a liquid. Think about the water coming out of a firehose. Even at something like 300 psi, I think it would be hard pressed to go a whole lot further than 40-50m. 90m would take an enormous pump.
  12. Vergeltungswaffe

    Mech Airborne and BMP-3 missing

    Going to bump this to say that there is no M7A3 under US single vehicles in the editor. Wanted to add one and was surprised not to find it.
  13. Vergeltungswaffe

    Windmills in FB

    CM, the gift that keeps on givin' the whole year. Great job finding that. Wonder what else is in there...?
  14. Vergeltungswaffe

    NATO Units????

    He talks about it in SF2 and leaves the door open for irregulars in BS, but we'll see.
  15. Vergeltungswaffe

    NATO Units????

    This is from a post from Steve titled Another reason for a centralized forum that talks about the future. He mentions Marines as being an obvious first choice below, which would be the same process as CMSF. Marines, British, Nato. Time will tell.
  16. Vergeltungswaffe

    New Scenario: Coup D'etat

    The entire thread here is worth reading to see what a complete badass MOS:96B2P is.
  17. Vergeltungswaffe

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    You can't compare either of those to KAL 007. There's no good excuse, but yours were both heinous mistakes with missiles. 007 was observed closely by fighters and was still shot down in cold blood, then it was all denied until the Russians were forced to admit it. But they went on to laughably claim it was a US spy flight testing their air space. No selective amnesia about that at all.
  18. Vergeltungswaffe

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Agreed, but that would be KAL Flight 007, not to pick too fine a nit.
  19. Vergeltungswaffe

    Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?!?!?!

    +1 CM has given me countless hours of the best game entertainment ever since 2000 for less than a dime a day.
  20. Vergeltungswaffe

    Just Beat All Blitz Battles As Allies

    Waaaaay better. 💪
  21. Great post and I can't give enough +1's to this last paragraph.