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    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    You can't compare either of those to KAL 007. There's no good excuse, but yours were both heinous mistakes with missiles. 007 was observed closely by fighters and was still shot down in cold blood, then it was all denied until the Russians were forced to admit it. But they went on to laughably claim it was a US spy flight testing their air space. No selective amnesia about that at all.
  2. Vergeltungswaffe

    More drama in Ukraine--Sea of Azov

    Agreed, but that would be KAL Flight 007, not to pick too fine a nit.
  3. Vergeltungswaffe

    Black Friday or Cyber Monday Sale?!?!?!

    +1 CM has given me countless hours of the best game entertainment ever since 2000 for less than a dime a day.
  4. Vergeltungswaffe

    Just Beat All Blitz Battles As Allies

    Waaaaay better. 💪
  5. Great post and I can't give enough +1's to this last paragraph.
  6. Just so you know, the Eastern Front family will will cover Oct 44 through the end of the war in it's next module, but BFC has said in the past that they plan to eventually get around to modules that cover everything from 41 on. Hopefully, that will come to fruition over time. In fact, MOS:96B2P just quoted Steve from BFC in 2013 in the Roadmap thread in this subforum: The Base Game establishes the start time and the theater. For Red Thunder we're going to start June 1944 and go through to May 1945. The Eastern Front Families are basically divided up this way: #1 = June 1944 - May 1945 Red Thunder #2 = June 1943 - May 1944 #3 = June 1942 - May 1943 #4 = June 1941 - May 1942
  7. Vergeltungswaffe

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Update greatly appreciated. I'm firmly in the "I have so much CM to keep me busy, release dates don't matter" but I will gladly hoover up all the new stuff as you finish it. 😉
  8. Vergeltungswaffe

    RDM - Gates of Warsaw Redux Final - CMRT

    I don't know what to tell you. That's the same file I have, in the correct folder, and it works for me. Maybe it's corrupt. Download it again and replace it.
  9. Vergeltungswaffe

    RDM - Gates of Warsaw Redux Final - CMRT

    Did you put it in scenarios?
  10. Vergeltungswaffe

    Infantry Equipment Upgrade

    Life gets in the way of all the good stuff. Glad you haven't given up. There'll come a time when you have the opportunity and motivation and I'm sure you'll turn out some excellent mods.
  11. Vergeltungswaffe

    RDM - Gates of Warsaw Redux Final - CMRT

    If you have the most current edition of the game, you can play any scenario. There's only a problem if you are trying to play a scenario made under a newer version on an older version of the game.
  12. Yeah, but this time it's real! Just you wait and see. 😆
  13. Vergeltungswaffe

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Lots of us is old and we hates it forever. 😉
  14. Vergeltungswaffe

    Florence Incoming

    God bless and keep you. I live near Houston and I've been there and done that too many times.
  15. Vergeltungswaffe

    German sub mg squads?

    Under the Armor button in units, buy a Sturmartillerie Brigade and the 4th Battery (company) is Begleitgrenadiers. They are some rockin' sockin' MP and StG wielding beasts.
  16. Vergeltungswaffe

    CMSF2 Demo

    You're only as old as you would be if you didn't know how old you are. All the documentation says I'm 55, but I'm pretty sure I'm more like 30 going on 13.
  17. Vergeltungswaffe

    Russian army under equipped?

    NATO codename Zoidberg.
  18. Vergeltungswaffe

    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    And I worded that poorly as I should have made it blatantly obvious that the many awesome scenario/map designers (like you) are included in the beyond awesome part.
  19. Vergeltungswaffe

    Kharkov Map Sneak Peak

    +1 to that. Maybe someone will use this map for something like what MOS:96B2P so aptly pioneered here That way, the entire map could stay in play for hours.
  20. Vergeltungswaffe

    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    Sorry, you and many of us have expressed gratitude, but you'd just love to be able to do more than words on a forum. 😁
  21. Vergeltungswaffe

    Mord's Mods (Special Announcement)

    Modders will never know how much we, the untalented and unwashed masses, appreciate their thankless and profitless work making our games so much better. BFC is awesome. BFC + the modding community is beyond awesome.
  22. Vergeltungswaffe

    CMSF2 Demo

    Must resist epic set up line....🤐
  23. Vergeltungswaffe

    Mord's Mods: Red Thunder Edition

    A tad bright, but a definite improvement. 👍