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  1. The entire thread has been brilliant, so we'll gladly ignore the glitch.
  2. Yep, there are clearly a looooot of folks trying to get the free books. Wee hours or later in the week might be easier.
  3. You're all very welcome. Worthwhile free stuff is...good.
  4. Man, I love Bud Backer AAR's. CM and great comics. Awesome combo.
  5. Since a lot of people have more reading time than usual right now, Osprey is giving away 5 free eBooks a week for the next 4 weeks. Take a look here
  6. Theoretically it's "A Sherman Firefly of 7th Armored Division in a hull-down position near Gangelt on the Dutch-German border, 1st of January 1945"
  7. Just when I thought the excitement level couldn't get any higher. Great additions.
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