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  1. Steve is about to hit 30k posts. For all that we get on them about communicating more, it could definitely be a LOT worse.
  2. E series Panzers, right? Come on, you can tell us.
  3. Absolutely not. Definitely has the right feel to it.
  4. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed a thread as much as this one. Talent, nostalgia, and breath taking looks at CM's future.
  5. "Rampart, Squad 51..." Brings back good memories MOS.
  6. That's awesome. I particularly like the guy walking along playing air guitar in front of the sign in the first pic.
  7. You're doing great. Enjoying everything you put out. I'm so thankful for contributors like you.
  8. Played in an umpired CMAK mega-campaign some years ago. One scenario saw my battalion of US armored infantry crossing a big open space and come under attack by 4 Stukas. All those .50's shot every one of them down before bomb release. It was glorious, but scary as the Jericho siren was ramping up and I was waiting for horrible things to happen on each pass when each one got hosed.
  9. I would counsel going slooooooooow. Within the limits of the scenario time, take all the time you can for recon and spotting. Never send a squad anywhere a team hasn't been. Never send a platoon anywhere a squad hasn't been. Never send a company anywhere a platoon hasn't been. Never send armor anywhere infantry hasn't been. Nothing's 100% effective, but a good thing to keep in mind.
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