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  1. I'd like it sooner, but since that's my birthday, I'd be happy to fire up FR while listening to the song Earth, Wind, and Fire wrote for me. Amen.
  2. The working link is on page 3 since he couldn't edit the OP later on. It's here
  3. Glad to know who's doing it and that it's in good hands. Thanks for the update.
  4. While a poll would be fun, don't be disappointed when it doesn't appear.
  5. You can bet that one guy is the corner peeker and it's just a geometry problem with that action spot.
  6. They were probably more interested in drinking it than lighting by that point anyway.
  7. Generally good to: Never send a team anywhere a scout hasn't been. Never send a squad anywhere a team hasn't been. Never send a platoon anywhere a squad hasn't been. Never send a vehicle anywhere infantry hasn't been.
  8. Brutally true in BS. If you're in LOS, you might be dead already and not know it until you click Go. Recon, recon, recon. Go slow, give troops and platforms time to spot from the best cover available, etc.
  9. This is one of the many reasons I'll never stop playing CM. Hope that pipeline keeps producing for many more years.
  10. Tagging @MarkEzra will up the chances he sees this.
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