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  1. You might want to @Mord to tag him so he notices this unless you PM'ed him already.
  2. That, in fact, is the better way to go and my hope for the future.
  3. Totally cool. Sounds like something for the RT module,...hmm.
  4. Rocket Man's FI works in FB? That's surprising, but great. Translucent trees is right near the top of necessary mods for me. Wish there was one for CMBS.
  5. True. Wish you could delete the JTAC so it was just the vehicle though.
  6. The M7A3 Fist vehicle isn't even in the editor while we're at this.
  7. Thanks Nik, I will never think about ammo sharing quite the same again. 🤣
  8. Sorry, it's already been escalated beyond very.
  9. Glad they're finding good sources to help them out. I'm sure you two will put out a great campaign, chock full of improvements.
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