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  1. Thanks, guys! I am really putting the new style and techniques to use with these dudes. If you want a laugh and to REALLY see just how far I've come, took a look at this comparison abomination. These are my second oldest portraits, made in 2010. They were an update to my original SF portraits. And for anyone that doesn't have them or is new to SF2, I uploaded two of my older Shock Force mods to CMMODS. They'll work just fine with SF2. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7586 http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7582 Mord.
  2. Needed a little side track from the RT portraits so I started some preliminary tests for SF2. Figured I'd begin with something cool looking that I could design the rest of the mod around. Not bad for a first run. I only had to redo the guy twice. Made him too small the first time. I pulled the pouches up higher (second row pics) so they'd show more in the pic. I am not positive, but one of these may be a keeper with a tad more refining. Maybe lighten the head up just a bit more. It's hard to tell after staring at a screen for a couple hours. This oughta get you jazzed for the release (like you guys need any help)! I know of at least one dude that is gonna be happy I started this. Mord.
  3. Mord

    How to use the Dutch

    You're welcome. The main problem with the GIF is that it's only showing the punchline and half of the setup. No context without the "There are only two things I can't stand in this world." part. Which will surely confuse those b#$%^#! Dutch. Mord.
  4. Mord

    I am looking for a mod

    You're welcome. But there is a catch, fellas. Some of DC's mods were made using hex edits so even when renamed they will not work correctly. The easiest way to figure out which ones, will be to look for beret bmps named as helmet textures. He did some model swapping for units that would traditionally wear berets in place of helmets and I believe Infantry uniforms instead of tank overalls or vice versa (been a long time). The standard infantry unis should just need renaming, though. I'd take a look but I have way too much going on with other modding stuff to get side tracked. Mord.
  5. I stress this a lot when talking about CM games but WEGO is the way to go (for me, anyway) not because of any realism pros or cons or gaming advantages but for the cinematics. The incredible scenes that play out in any given battle that may be missed because you are too busy in RT trying to manage the ebb and flow of the situation. We all have experienced moments that were so cool and jaw dropping we still remember them to this day. These tiny stories within the bigger battle are what makes this game so awesome. As you play (if you play in WEGO) you will eventually come across your own classic moments and you'll replay them over and over, blown away by the coolness before you. They can end up like a favorite action scene in a movie or description in a first person military book. Of all the bells and whistles in wargaming (or most gaming for that matter) it's the ability to tell a story that truly captures my imagination and CM allows that in spades. And WEGO is what allows you to experience it, more than once, from any angle you choose, as many times as you choose. It's one of the very best features this series offers. You are like me, I am interested in all kinds of military time periods. So, once you have gotten the hang of Black Sea, you'll have a plethora of WWII action just waiting. You'll find the pace almost relaxing compared to modern (even SF2 feels slower than BS)! And it must be mentioned Red Thunder is different than Fortress Italy which is different than Battle For Normandy and Final Blitzkrieg, so there are plenty of experiences to immerse yourself in. You found a really good series with a lot of depth that will give you more bang for your buck than a belt fed Mg42 on full auto. I've been here 18 years so that's got to say something! Mord.
  6. Mord

    How to use the Dutch

    The Gif is screwed up. It's from Gold Member: "There are only two things I can't stand in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures... and the Dutch." -Nigel Powers Oh and BTW... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec_n2YTdA24 Mord.
  7. Mord

    Having issues installing CMSF2

    @Rocky Balboa You should have the Marines' campaign. You may had a botched install. They included all the campaigns for the respective releases but only the two US campaigns have been updated for SF2. The remaining (older version campaigns) are being updated now and will be released when finished. They did this so we wouldn't have to wait for the game to be released. If you bought the full upgrade your campaigns should look like this (If you didn't you can figure out which is which by process of elimination): Back On Tracks (NATO Dutch) Die Kunst Des Krieges (NATO Germans) Highland Games (Brit Module) Semper Fi Syria ( Marines Module) Task Force Thunder (Base Game) The Kabour Trail (NATO Canadians) Training Campaign (Base Game) Hope that does it. Mord. P.S. Tell Adrienne and Pauly, Merry Christmas.
  8. Mord

    Having issues installing CMSF2

    All you need are the original keys you had for SF1. Activate those and then activate any new keys that came with whatever SF2 purchase/purchases you made. EX: If You bought SF2 + Marines Upgrade, activate their key, then activate the original SF1 key and SF1 Marines Module key. If you bought the Full Upgrade you need to activate ALL the original keys that you had with SF1 (Main game, Marines, Brits, NATO) and the Full Upgrade key. Mord.
  9. I'll start it off with a bang! Long range BMP smack down, courtesy of Germany and the milan. Mord.
  10. Mord

    I am looking for a mod

    You'll have to rename them if they are DC's old mod. They were made before the 2.0 naming convention change. Unless Mj already did. Mord.
  11. Yep. Cut your teeth on those and work your way up. If anything it'll keep you from being overwhelmed with too many assets. I'd even suggest once you feel comfortable and are dominating in one of these smaller scenarios, try going into the editor and switching out some vehicles. Example: if the scenario is using Strykers go in the editor and replace them with Bradleys etc. That can help get you comfortable with new equipment in a familiar setting, giving you an idea how different vehicles/weapons systems handle. Just make sure you save the game under a different name! Nope. You'll really get frustrated if you haven't gotten control of the smaller stuff yet. Force preservation can be a huge part of campaigns and losing a bunch of stuff in the first scenario could really demoralize and hamstring you in later battles. Try searching Youtube. I have never bothered looking for a hull down vid myself. Nope. All you get with air support are communications, fly over and weapons sounds, along with the munitions visuals as they attack. Most probably use Elite or Iron. I prefer Iron. There are grid mods over at CMMODS. Whether or not there is one specifically for BS, I am not sure. You might have to search better than I did. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?page_id=5#search/text=gridded+terrain Welcome to the end of life as you know it. CM is a helluva a game. Mord.
  12. After a cursory inspection vehicles seem to be working. I tested Mikey's Shilka mod, and Marco's drab BMPs. I didn't notice any problems. Mord.
  13. Ok. Figured I'd give you guys a little peek at what I've been working on. Got all the Uncons down and in their final form. As you can see, if you look on the first page, only one of them survived! I am in love with the new Combatants! I think they kill it! There'll be two choices for them, red and green. I like the new spy a lot as well. Just finished a keeper for the Marines infantry. This guy is much better than the first one I was testing (which only Sburke has seen). I have made a few portraits with him to give you an idea of the direction I'll be taking them. These are all preliminary as I am still working out what kind of formations I'll be doing and how to present them. The Marines will have a special background using their globe and anchor flag. Anyway, here you go. Mord. P.S. CAN SOMEONE MOVE THIS TO THE MOD SECTION?
  14. This tutorial series is from 2012 but is still a worthy primer for the basic controls and commands. It'll get you up to speed on the essentials right quickly. More Youtube searches might lead to newer info but for the most part the only command I can think of that's been added since 2012 is Hull Down, so these vids should suffice for what you need to learn right now. And two things I'd like to add that weren't really touched on (Jim ninjad one while I was typing): 1.) WEGO is the absolute best way to enjoy CM in my opinion. So much can happen in a game and having the ability to rewind and rewatch specific moments anywhere on the map will reward you with so many cool moments you may otherwise miss playing RT. We usually refer to these moments as vignettes and they are worth the price of admission. Also it may be better for you to start off in WEGO as it affords you a less stressful pace as you are trying to learn. 2.) In reference to BF supporting the titles, as it stands now ALL CM games (minus Afghanistan) are at the same engine level. As time goes by, and new features appear, all titles will be back ported these additions (unless they aren't conducive to the time period/setting). So, no title will be left to languish in feature envy hell. Mord.
  15. In light of what @Sgt.Squarehead posted in the SF2 Screenshot thread I figured I open a topic for any work arounds and tricks we can use to manipulate SF2. Maybe Steve cut that conversation and post it here? Mord.
  16. Just found that we can't make ammo dumps in SF2. Is this an oversight or intentional? Mord.
  17. It offers nothing tactically for the Uncons, though. They might lose points, but a true ammo cache would have resupply value such as RPG assets etc. that'd hurt even more if lost. It's a missed opportunity but it's a plus for the problems Sgt.Squarehead was having. In the end at least we have trucks. From what I have seen there was a helluva a lot added than not so I can live with it. Mord,
  18. I guess I should've scrolled down the forum before I made my thread. Seems I was 18 hours late. Good find, @AtheistDane, I just discovered this myself. Mord.
  19. Yeah, supply trucks but not nearly as cool. They would've been great for Uncon caches. So, in the end I don't think you need SF1 for the work around. I think you can do what you wanted to do in SF2. You'll need to test it to clarify but it'll save work not having to use two different editors. Mord.
  20. I haven't played anything, been too busy testing and modding. BUT I just found an extreme disappointment! They didn't add the dismount tab to SF2 (it's grayed out), so there are no ammo dumps in the game. That may be why your work around actually works. Mord.
  21. I opened a thread for this conversation to carry on without derailing the screenshots. Maybe Steve can migrate the posts over there so we can have it all in one spot. http://community.battlefront.com/topic/134159-shock-force-ii-modding-discoveries/?tab=comments#comment-1773538 Mord.
  22. HELLOOOOOO? Can I please get this thread moved into the SF2 modding section? I've been asking since August. Mord.
  23. GREAT MFin' FIND! If it works, it works! Better than where we were a month ago. I was gonna leave SF1 on my comp anyway just for research and comparison purposes, now I have a third validation. Mord.
  24. Mord

    Multiple Uniform Variants Issues

    Awesome. That was a trick from the older days of modding the 1.0+ engine. There are a few anomalies like that with certain files, it's just hard to remember which WAVs and BMPs it relates too. But in the future you can use it as a rule of thumb checksum if something doesn't work outright. As far as the Normal Maps go, if you can't figure out the numbering and if your uniforms aren't too drastically different looking, you can not bother any the game will apply its original to the ones you add. Good luck, man. Mord.