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  1. Ahh, yeah. I forgot that they changed things with tags when I created that. You'll need to add a space then [snow] at the end of the file name. Ex: A winter background picture becomes "portrait german infantry [snow]" minus the quotation marks. You will actually be able to have two of each portrait in the mods folder now without them canceling each other out. portrait german infantry portrait german infantry [snow] The snow background will only show up in scenarios where there is snow on the ground. Any other portrait named portrait german infantry will show up when there isn't snow. If you wanted to use portraits with say the flag background, all the time, you'd have to make two copies of them and add the [snow] tag to one (as above). I will make sure to address this when I get around to updating the FB mod to my new style. And will make sure it's all set in the FI & RT module mods. Mords.
  2. This should wet your whistle. http://grogheads.com/forums/index.php?topic=9819.0 Mord.
  3. Yeah! Every time I think I am done being floored here comes another round. It's amazing. At this point BF oughta have you guys shelve the mod and hire you to do a full blown Nam title. Mord. P.S. I wish Aquila and Geezer played Field of Glory II. We need lots of models in that game!
  4. EDITED: LOL. Didn't know there was another page before I responded. You answered everything I brought up. Mord.
  5. Mord is right! That game looks just like ASL. Other Mord. Yeah...I double posted.
  6. Why don't you grab Tigers On The Hunt? It's closer to ASL then any other PC game I have seen. It even has ASL counter mods. Doesn't float my boat but sounds like it's right up your alley. Mord.
  7. Don't know. But yeah, his accent really makes it work. Though at this point I hate the original sound files LOL. No matter how long it took them and regardless of the hell it put them through to code, the hit decals are pound for pound one of the greatest things they did for the series. There's more immersion in that one pic than 20 games of CM1 could produce — no small feat. Mord.
  8. Here you go. Read until your eyes bleed. Visine not included. Mord.
  9. There's nothing wrong with caution. But have you ever hung around a person who was truly pessimistic? They suck the life out of a room with their negativity. There's nothing attractive about someone that is filled with doom and gloom. I have an uncle like that and I used to say that you could win the lottery and he'd have you hanging yourself ten minutes after you told him. Mord.
  10. Ahh, cool. I was pretty close. There's a site (I think Neil Gaiman is a co-founder) that connects authors with spoken word readers. A writer looking to get his book recorded can go there and listen to samples then cut a deal with the voice reader/actor he likes best. Did they have sample files for you to hear? Oh, I know all about that. I did two full on voice mods for BN and SF. I even did some specific files for the Army and Marines for SF using lingo from each branch. I was horse as all get out when they were done. I can't remember exactly how long it took but I'd guess at least 30 hours. I think the Shock Force one I did on Easter and BN was on Thanksgiving, then I spent a few days chopping them up and editing etc. They were fun mods, but labor intensive for sure! Mord.
  11. How do you even do that? Is there a voice acting site you can go to hire them? Mord.
  12. GOOD JOB, man! Nice find! I would've never suspected that would work though I had thought about those empty spaces (flavor objects with less than 9) a few times. This last year has been like a renaissance for modding CM it seems. So many new discoveries that previously seemed impossible or too far fetched to even consider. Mord.
  13. Now, those are some great bones right there! Awesome news. Mord.
  14. Well, the one time they didn't take 2 to 3 times longer it almost cost them their reputation. Waiting sucks but so does buying a game that is bug ridden, clunky and released too soon. Then you still end up waiting, if the company even decides to fix stuff that is. It's a double edged sword and you are damned no matter what you do. I didn't say anything about floodgates. "floodgates" would never be a word I used to describe Battlefront's release schedule. EVER. LOL. To me the slow down was tied in with Chris, SF2 and the two modules. But I prefer to err on the side of optimism. If things don't come out at a more steady pace after the two modules then maybe I'll worry. I do agree that the length could take a toll on the player base but the only ones that truly know are Steve and Charles. They see the sales, so anything else is conjecture and gossip. I've got no argument with that. Though I'd rather see FB get a full on CW module before that takes place full scale, or in tandem with packs for other titles. Whatever gets FB the same treatment BN got. I am more about the equipment and formations than scenario packs myself, though. Mord.
  15. Awesome! You are going to have a blast. Mord.
  16. Quote from another thread. "If you already have the activation code just go to battlefront site, find your purchases under your profile and download from that link. " Mord.
  17. It should've been available immediately. Check your email Spam folder for a link. Mord.
  18. Go to where you installed CMBS, look in the Data folder and see if there is a brz labelled v2.00 if so you should be fine. A fully patched/upgraded BS data folder should look like this: Mord.
  19. Ahh, didn't know you were talking about QBs. Mord.
  20. Those were Snowball's doing. And most likely BF didn't want to debut a full on water feature like we have now before the big boy (BN) was released. Mord.
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