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  1. Saturdays are good days to post screenshots for up coming modules set in Italy. Says so in the Constitution. Mord.
  2. To add to 37's explanation, you also lose access to multiple uniform/helmet, face textures on lower settings (if you decide to start adding mods to your games). And let me tell you screwing with mods (whether making them or just using them) is one of the games within the game. It can end up being quite a giant rabbit hole. Mord.
  3. This space reserved for @BFCElvis to upload a crap-ton of new screenshots or announce a new thread that showcases a crap-ton of new screenshots. Either way, lets see a crap-ton of new screenshots. Mord.
  4. CM isn't a game in the sense we usually think of games. Yes, it's fun, entertaining, and you use rules and orders to interact with it but it's more a simulation. You don't really finish a CM title like say you would a FPS or RT game. It's designed in a way that it technically could never end. I've been playing BN since 2011 and am still going, still doing things involved with it, whether that be firing up a scenario or modding. Think of it more as an investment in historical immersion, research, interaction, and play. There are a huge number of ways you can enjoy these titles; modding, scenario play, scenario design, campaign design, historical research, loading up the vehicles and studying their design/systems, map making etc. You can watch a WWII documentary or read a good memoir, then jump into one of the titles and experience the battles and fire fights you just watched or read about on a visceral level that engages the imagination—you become the general, the captain, the private locked in fierce combat across France/Germany/Russia/Italy with all the formations, weapons, vehicles and armor that can entail. When I invest in a wargame I usually shoot for one that has longevity (editor etc.), historical immersion, detail, and a passionate community that will keep it alive for years to come. CM nails that criteria. If the game grabs you (like it has so many of us) your return on dollar spent is in the pennies. These are bar none some of the best bang for your buck titles in the hobby. Mord.
  5. GOOD! Make sure sburke turns the AA on this time! LOL. Mord.
  6. My favorite is the stomach clutch and drop. It's the most realistic in my opinion. Totally agree on the "Egyptian" dude. I can't wait until the "monkey run" animation is replaced for pistol packing crews etc. God, I hate that animation! Mord.
  7. It sure does accelerates your ability to digest some awfully dense info like graphical software how-tos/techniques. I could've used it 21 years ago when I first opened Elements! Damn nice work, especially considering you just started. At this rate you'll be a master in a year. Mord.
  8. Nice little bone everyone ignored. I want to know more! @BFCElvis we need some RT screenies STAT! Mord.
  9. There was a lot more going on with SF's release than "unachievable expectations". Lets be honest. SF was easily 8 months early. Paradox walked away without a scratch though, didn't they? BF learned a painful lesson and worked their asses off to rectify it and have more than made up for it in the 12 years since. They may suck sometimes with communicating and stuff can be beyond long in coming at points but I've never doubted them once after watching them brunt the storm and wrestle SF into shape. I can get irritated with the silence sometimes but I think Elvis has been doing a good job keeping people up to speed these past few months. People are forgetting that. Communications have actually gotten better. Mord.
  10. I thought multiplayer had been set up to where you could still play a battle as long as one player owned the DLC content present in a scenario? Mord.
  11. I don't have a problem with seeing more packs. I'd love to see more packs! I don't think they've been utilized near as well as they can be. But I take exception to it being after the RT module (and I hope Steve is just blowing off steam here because he's frustrated and stressed). CMFB should get its due with a CW module just like FI and BN got, THEN we could focus on just packs for the existing titles. I am much more interested in vehicles, weapon, formation packs than anything else and have been looking forward to seeing some more. I thought BN's had a good amount of content for its price. And I'd be happy to see them for all game titles. But I warn you now, there'll be just as much bitching over them as there is about modules being late because wargamers are a miserable lot by default and never happy and if not done strategically you'll be accused of milking the poor destitute guys that blow a couple hundred a month on nothing. Mord. P.S. I guarantee you right now indignant chests are puffing and heads are exploding on various forums around the net after that tidbit dropped.
  12. Scalable LODs so faster computer owners don't have to look at a blobbity mess every time they zoom out or peer across a map. Mord.
  13. You're welcome, guys. I am really digging how that People's Army guy came out. And I think the new soldier is the best so far. Mord.
  14. Well, Isandlawana and the Little Bighorn are stand alone battles but there's a mod that adds a huge amount of countries and armies that weren't in the original release for skirmish battles and custom campaigns. I agree, I love up close action but if you approach it from the table top perspective (around which it's designed) it's easier to accept. I'd much rather see guys getting shot, bodies dropping, hand to hand combat etc. but it's cool for what it is. Great game! One of the best TW titles ever made (it might never leave my hard drive). They really hit the sweet spot with the characters in that game. Just the right balance of detail without them being too simplified. I use the Stainless Steel mod when I play. It's really nice. Mord.
  15. You're welcome. It's a fun game. I installed a sound mod that really adds to the immersion. It's not quite as deep as CM of course, but it fills a niche that is fairly ignored. There are a zillion user made scenarios available that you download within the game itself, so no need to search them out, that cover everything from the Ottomans to Isandlwana to the Little Bighorn and everything in between. It's fairly Beer and Pretzels but in a good way. One of those games that is very easy to pick up but has enough depth to make it interesting and fun. I hope they'll do a new version once they finish Field of Glory II as I'd like to see some more visceral elements added to the battlefield atmosphere (namely bodies!). Hold out for a sale and you can pick it up for a song. Mord.
  16. Try Pike And Shot (if you don't already know about it), that should hold you for at least 100 years. Skip to 10:30 for the action. Mord.
  17. My advice would be to start with Reshade and whatever sound FX (a VERY deep rabbit hole) that float your boat. Sounds are such a personal taste thing you could spend many an hour testing all the various files. Reshade, however, is a game changer. Use it as a base for everything else and you won't need that many other mods because it does so much out of the gate. It's without a doubt one of the best additions to CM modding since SF 1 was released. I highly recommend it. Here's the primer I put together that covers how to install. Once you get a Reshade look you really enjoy, you can branch out and add specific mods as you see fit. But I'd definitely add some special effects stuff, especially fire and smoke. Vein's effects are a good starting point or you can jump in and try out 37mm's package as he mentioned above. Have fun! Mord.
  18. Punji pits are another good example of wounding more than killing guys. Nasty and tie up a couple soldiers depending on how bad the wound. Mord.
  19. Your wish is mine command. This is what I came up with for the moment. Plus a People's Army type dude. And a new and improved regular soldier. Here's what they all look like together including the militia guy from a few weeks ago. Mord.
  20. Keyboard and mouse. Which is fine, it works pretty nice once you get the hang of it. The cool part is you can play it completely in first person mode if you want complete immersion. There's a good amount of vids on Youtube if you want to do more research. Like most sims it's not a game for everyone. Mord.
  21. Operation Star is the title most like CM, where you give orders to guys and vehicles etc. The much cooler version of this is the full on tank sim Steel Armor: Blaze of War. They have a Basra 86 DLC (which you mentioned) as well as covering 80s Afghanistan and Angola in the main game. Pretty immersive but I have to admit I don't have a ton of time invested because of being dragged in so many other directions. But I do recommend it. Put some head phones on and jump in the tank and you will feel like you are there! A VERY cool little known gem. Mord.
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