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  1. Done for the day. Put 12 hours in or so and things are clipping along. This mod is MASSIVE! Mord.
  2. Ain't it? Trust me, I can't wait to finish this and let you guys have at it. I am getting really excited to release it. Then again, I am on a high as I just finished one gigantic stretch of modding that's lasted four days! Sooooo glad that monotony is finally over! The burn out rate on this mod has been the biggest I have experienced in my 11 years of modding CM2. But it's also been some of the most fun I have had designing. I came up with some really cool stuff these last few days that has me psyched. Mord.
  3. Ninja garb guy is a (foreign) fighter. This pic is from page one when I was designing him. I'll tell you what his patch represents soon. I don't want to spoil the surprise just yet. But trust me, you of all people will be VERY happy. Mord.
  4. Yeah, ok. I just checked and as stated they aren't a separate formation option in SF2 like they were in SF1. They were only a company in SF1 anyway. In SF2 you have to choose their parent Battlegroup and then delete all the other mech and support companies. Got it. Which explains why there is no plain Infantry portrait in SF2. Mord.
  5. @Heirloom_Tomato Thanks, man! @IanL I found links to the brigades so the site is good to go. I checked earlier and they had the insignia so I have everything I need. Thanks for your help, fellas. Now I just need info for the Germans and Dutch. Mord.
  6. Thanks, guys. Work continues. I'll be ecstatic when this one is done! It's been a ton of work but I think you'll be pleased with the long wait. Mord.
  7. Nice. Blimey had a some rusted BMP and soviet truck hulks made a long time ago but they never got released. Problem is they don't function like real vehicles for blocking incoming. I've made a few suggestions for BF to give us a fifth vehicle state, "Parked". It would just be a stationary vehicle with no infantry, it would block line of site and take damage and catch fire when fired on. One can dream. Anyway, good work, man. Mord.
  8. Can we sign up for the new site yet? Mord.
  9. I noticed there's no Canadian Light Infantry in SF2 but there is in SF. The British, Germans and Hollish (OOPS! Excuse me) Netherlandish all have them. Why none for the Canuckians? Mord.
  10. Hey, don't bother with the 5th Division there's nothing there I can really use for SF2. I took a break from the Syrians (been working on them since about 6:30 this morning and I am done with them for today) and prepped the brigade patches so they will be ready to go when I start the Canuckians. Mord.
  11. The colored regiment is cool. I am thinking (if the mech brigade groups have an insignia) I'll go Brigade Group as background and Regiment as small insignia. So, for instance I'd have an infantry portrait with the brigade behind him and the regiment (small) down to the left. If not I'll have to go with the division as background and regiment as the small insignia. I won't need anything for artillery or any of that stuff. You can throw Airborne in there, as well as anything special you can think of that would fit SF2's portraits. Just don't kill me! Mord.
  12. @IanL I have a s*** load from my old BN/FI mods but I don't know if they've updated them since WWII. I appreciate it. I have at least two to three days left on the Syrians before I could even start looking, so thanks twice! Mord.
  13. Hell yeah, you got it buddy! I would've been disappointed to leave them out. Thanks. That's a great start! So, I'll be looking for division and regimental patches, yeah? Not battalion patches or do they use battalion patches? Any links to insignia? Mord.
  14. Good idea but I absolutely have no time to dig through all of them. This mod is ungodly labor intensive, when you guys see it you'll understand why. I am hoping some forum members can do that bit of leg work for me. Sburke and CptMiller helped out with the US stuff and Combatintman hit the Brits which saved me days and days. I've researched the Syrians on my own and they were enough to kill me. I've put about 50 hours into them alone. Mord.
  15. You're the kind of guy that doesn't say "who's there" during a knock knock joke, huh? ANYWAY, arguing the merits of why the HOLLISH are from Holland isn't getting this mod any closer to done. I need INFO not clog wearing semantics dancing around the genius of my geographical etymology! Mord, purveyor of all things Hollish.
  16. Americans are from America, British are from Britain, Germans are from Germany, Japanese are from Japan, Chinese are from China, Russians are from Russia, Irish are from Ireland, Scottish are from Scotland, Turkish are from Turkey, Iraqi are from Iraq, Syrians are from Syria etc. etc. across the world...and yet the Dutch are from Holland. What makes them so MFin' special? This has stuck in my craw for years. I am settin' things right. They are playing by my rules now. The HOLLISH are from Holland. Mord.
  17. Hey, I need any info you guys have on what kind of formations the Canadians, Germans, and Hollish would use in SF2. For the US Army I just used divisions, USMCs I used battalions, the Brits I used Brigades and then the sub formations under them. So, if you can, I need a list looking something like this: Hollish 5th Hollish Clog Hoppers Div/Brigade etc (whatever formation they deploy as now). Armor/Mech/Infantry <----so I know what kind of portrait it should be. Canadians Princess of Back Bacon Brigade/Div Armor/Mech/Infantry Germans Schnebblenebblewaffenhosen Div Armor/Mech/Infantry The US Army uses CBTs so I can end up having multiple portraits under the same division. EXAMPLE: the 4th division has Stryker, Heavy Infantry, and Infantry sharing a patch. So let me know if there is anything like that, please. I'll try and answer any questions etc. I am busy modding my ass off. I've put in 24 since Saturday and already have four under my belt today but I'll check back in periodically. Ok. Thanks. Mord.
  18. OK. Been quite a while since I posted anything, let alone an update on this mod. I knocked out a Republican Guard portrait this morning (very pleased with him) and figured I'd give you guys a peek into what went into creating him. It's all pretty cut-and-dry and should say all it needs to visually but basically I started with the first pic which I found a few hours ago and used facets of others I have collected over the last year to spiff him up and bring him in line with the rest of the mod (you never know when a pic will come in handy). It's a constant fight trying to make the faces look uniform and not like they are all from disparate sources. The overall aesthetic isn't perfect but I think they'll do. As it stands I have made 1173 portraits so far. The Army is done, Marines are done, Brits are done, and I am working on the Syrians. After that comes, the Canadians, Dutch, and Germans. I still need the info on the formations for them. Hopefully they won't be as big as the US and UK. That's it. Mord.
  19. ROLL! Anyway, I agree with @weapon2010. Gamey tactics isn't a great argument. There are much worse ways to game the system than fire starting. Map edges, recon by jeep, recon by sound etc. They are still in the game. We aren't really asking for much (at least I am not), all I am asking for is to increase what is there now. I'll even go a smaller compromise, keep the little fires burning much longer. Mord.
  20. I don't remember it being officially answered. And I don't think it's sufficient as is. I was under the impression that little fizzle we get for a minute or so was the precursor to them adding the full effect into the game (WAY back when). If you want a middle-ground compromise keep the effect we have now and give it a percentage chance of getting bigger depending on weather/ground conditions and quarantine it to the tile it starts in. There are plenty of solutions that could be made to combat the worn out argument that every player just wants to burn the map to the ground. I've always found that argument to be a cop out. The flame is there, they gave it a length of time, extend the length, extend the size, that would be enough for immersion. And don't anybody come at me with it not being visually realistic etc. because we still got guys that disappear into thin air when they are shot on/in vehicles, tires that don't role on AT guns, tanks that drive through each other, etc. so I think we can get away with bigger fire sticking to one tile. Mord.
  21. You're welcome. All thanks go to CMFDR, he's the man! Let me know if you have any problems down loading. Some times the DB links can get screwed up. Mord.
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