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  1. Syrian Special Forces or Airborne, or both could be split. I don't remember for sure which it was. I am not on my gaming comp so I can't check at the moment. Mord.
  2. The "k" is for performance boost, in other words it can be overclocked as far as I know. I have actually seen mine run faster without me touching anything. The i7 7700K runs at higher clock speeds out of the box than the 7800 series, 4 core 4.2 ghz vs 6 core 3.7 Ghz. But more cores isn't a good thing for CM from what members have said. I believe CM utilizes one core so that would be 4.2 divided by 4 cores for the i7 7700k vs 3.7 divided by 6 cores for the 7800K. Gaming wise the 7800K is slightly better than the 7700K. From what I have seen the 7700K is much better than the 7800X. In my opinion you'd do very well with the 7700K, probably better off for CM anyway. I bought mine for gaming and I am very satisfied with it. I'd also recommend if you are gonna spend the money, get yourself an 8GB Geforce 1080. My MSI has been very good. I originally had an EVGA 1080 and it burned my system up! Had to return all my parts to Amazon. I read the Amazon reviews more in depth after that and some people said it had actually caught fire! You should've seen how the slobbering fanboys attacked me when I complained about what happened to me. One a**h*** told me I deserved it. LOL. Search Youtube for i7 7700K vs i7 7800K. You can find ALL the info you need on comp stuff there. Though beware it can be a rabbit hole! I spent probably 50+ hours researching EVERY part I put into my build. But if I was you I wouldn't go lower than a 7700K. You never know what you are gonna do with a comp in the future. Better to be as close to ahead of the game as you can reasonably get. Mord.
  3. According to a video I watched (and subsequent comments) having Win 10 on the SSD and my games on the hybrid drive was the correct setup. But I also learned something very interesting about my Firecudas. Apparently the Firecuda "remembers" programs you use (for that PC session) and will open them faster the second time around. Which explains why CM takes longer on the first boot and is way quicker on the second. The amazing part is we are talking about 90% faster. I think the last time I tested it I got to the BF intro vid in about 3 seconds. Not bad considering I bought the two Firecudas (4TB total) for $99.99 a piece. @Aragorn2002 If you need help rationalizing the purchase, not only will CM run better than on your older comp but if you decide to buy any state of the art games you'll blow them out of the water. So, far I haven't run into any 64bit games my comp doesn't knock out of the park maxed out. I used to spend a lot of time reading specs on something I wanted. I don't even bother now. Mord.
  4. Just loaded up the scenario again after having shut down CM well before my last post and it only took 78 seconds this time. Mord.
  5. Besides the special forces, right? I thought it was mentioned before but can't remember. Mord.
  6. Well, I just loaded Der Ring der 5. Panzerdivison cold and it took 112 seconds to get to the scenario briefing. I processed one turn moving half the vehicles and that took about just over 20 secs. I processed a second turn giving almost all the vehicles move orders and it took 30 seconds to blue bar it. Here's a vid, you can judge how smooth it looks. Here's a quick vid of the first turn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZURSiOdstIw Mord.
  7. Mord

    Minor visual Obdervations

    Apparently. They might have changed it because SF has unique trees that are much smaller than in the other games. In the other games you only get trunks without branches; near, then all, then no trees. Mord.
  8. Mord

    Minor visual Obdervations

    You cycle through settings for trees. First cycle is no leaves, then no trees. Mord.
  9. Mord

    Minor visual Obdervations

    No. Just in the text on the left side of the screen.. Mord.
  10. I thought about it, but the load time on CM doesn't bother me much. After the first boot, it's incredibly quick if I log out and then back in. Scenarios are fine unless they are huge but I think I tested the Nijmegan map and got it going in about 2 minutes. Do you have Shogun II? That thing takes forever no matter what! Mord.
  11. I'm running a i7 7700K MSI Z270 GAMING M7 (MS-7A57) (U3E1) Motherboard MSI 8MB 1080 Gaming X graphics card 32GB DDR4 3000mhz of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM 250GB Samsung Evo SSD and two Seagate 2TB Firecuda hybrid hard drives EVGA Supernova 1000 watt power supply With a Viotek 32" 1080p, 144mhz monitor along with a couple other odds and ends. Win 10 Home Edition With all that said, I don't have CM on the SSD, I only use it for Win10. I have one 2TB Firecuda setup for gaming and one for other media. Nothing I dl goes onto my SSD, all programs and such are divided onto the hybrid HDs by type. With CM, a cold boot can take upwards of 20+ seconds depending on how many mods I have installed. However afterwards, if I log off and then log back on it is super quick, and will stay that way until I reboot the computer. The games themselves run ok. Satisfactory. Better than my old AMD rig from 2015. My frame rates, on max settings, can run anywhere between 15 to 30+ depending on the situation. However I don't notice much difference in them. The two games I built the rig for, CM and Total War, are the two friggin' game series I get the least performance boost for. LOL Typical. All I can say is that my specs are close to what you listed and it's about as good as CM is ever gonna get until it's overhauled for today's computers or completely rewritten. I wouldn't go with an AMD anything for CM and I was a hardcore AMD user for 20+ years until I got my first Intel, this rig. Mord.
  12. Mord

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    Yeah, I'd say 11 years is enough lurking! Well, I hope you decide to stay on the participation side of things. It's good to get new people on the board to keep it fresh. We've got a lot of active and retired military guys here so you have that in common too. Be careful on patrol/duty and have fun with the game when you get the time to play. Mord.
  13. Carnage and death, the twin reapers of the battlefield, have feasted well this day. As comrades rush to fill the gaps left by the dead and dying... another finds he has had his fill and flees the banquet of misery and destruction. Mord.
  14. Mord

    Minor visual Obdervations

    The doodads will work but you have to rename some of them, like brush. Mord.
  15. Mord

    CMSF2 Demos Released!

    That's weird. I completely missed the refresh monkey part! I am slipping in my old age. Pretty soon I'll be just like Emrys, eating tapioca and screaming at the mailman because they raised the price of stamps again.. Mord.