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  1. Sure, I'll give that a look. I am basically taking pics from where ever I can find them. It's a real struggle because I am fighting two things. 1.) Trying to keep all the portraits looking like they are from the same design and not a motley collection of disparate styles. And 2.) Finding something really cool looking then having it be unusable after the backgrounds are deleted and they are shrunk down. So many awesome candidates have become complete crap once they get below a certain size. Only having a 51x57 pixel area really stresses one's ability to create! Mord.
  2. Mord

    Modding Buildings

    A temple to Cthulhu...or as the Russians call him, C'thul'huski. Anytime, my man. Mord.
  3. Mord

    Modding Buildings

    Here's a tip for you in case you don't already know. You can number your new building consecutively with Kieme's if you want. That way you won't overwrite any stock buildings or his. Ex: if his last building bmps end in 12, make all yours 13, then 14 etc. Technically we could have as many building mods as our comps can handle. Mord.
  4. It's a whole different ball game, in a whole different ball park. You are gonna dig it! Mord. P.S. If you don't dig it, I'll slap ya until you do. Your enjoyment is guaranteed.
  5. Mord

    Building degradation upgraded?

    The bullet holes/wear only happens with independent buildings. There won't be any independent buildings in SF2. So, the destruction will be what you see in SF1. We will only have the little fires that are in 4.0. The engine hasn't been updated to use anything else. Trust me, I feel your need on the better rubble and such. Hopefully, one day! Mord.
  6. Ok, worked some magic on the Heer Armored Infantry. Looks better than the other one, I think. Probably gotta adjust the color on his uniform a bit, seems too bright to me. So, what do you think? Improvement? Mord.
  7. Sorry man, that's a can of wasp-worms I don't want to even open. One reason being I'd have to design an overlay and test it. The other being JuJu's portraits are all on a flat background sharing the same color, I have 6 backgrounds just for the Germans, all in varied styles and colors (that's not counting all the symbol backgrounds), I doubt it would look like what you are hoping. And trying to figure it out would side track me and cost me too much time. I get what you are saying though. Mord.
  8. Thanks, Erwin! I am glad they please your refined Mod Slutty eye. Mord.
  9. Yep. I took note of them a while back, thanks. PM sent BTW. My loans are a lot less messy than the tank girls. Mord.
  10. Thanks @Aragorn2002. This is the evolution stemming from that brief discussion (about being ready for the RT module) we had a few months ago. Much better than I was anticipating back then. Mord.
  11. Any discussion pertaining to RT mods will now have a home here. Any new portrait additions/updates specific to the Ost Front will go there. Mord.
  12. I'll take it! One more for my collection! Mord.
  13. Ok, seeing that the main focus is RT at the moment, it's time to migrate this from the General Mods Forum. Anyone interested can catch up here: Refresher: Old vs new portraits. The new portraits together. Their context within (JuJu's awesome) game UI. @Badger73 "These are stunning, @Mord. I might quibble with your choices for Heer Panzer and Heer Panzergrenadieren. I thought German army tankers wore a black coverall of sorts and a tanker's beret. I think the German army armored infantry should have steel helmets. I look forward very much to your finished work. Good luck with this." Ok. Well, it didn't take long for one of them. I am fairly confident this one is a keeper. I am pretty happy with the way it looks and the way it fits into the rest of the design. This German panzer commander strikes a gallant pose, a fitting nemesis for the awesome Soviet tanker (which happens to be one favorite portraits). Mord.
  14. Mord

    The state of CMSF2

    How long before this segues into car metaphors? Give the wine to Ian, one can work up a mighty thirst among the dunes. Mord.
  15. Mord

    The state of CMSF2

    Sahara or Mojave? Mord.