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  1. ROLL! Anyway, I agree with @weapon2010. Gamey tactics isn't a great argument. There are much worse ways to game the system than fire starting. Map edges, recon by jeep, recon by sound etc. They are still in the game. We aren't really asking for much (at least I am not), all I am asking for is to increase what is there now. I'll even go a smaller compromise, keep the little fires burning much longer. Mord.
  2. I don't remember it being officially answered. And I don't think it's sufficient as is. I was under the impression that little fizzle we get for a minute or so was the precursor to them adding the full effect into the game (WAY back when). If you want a middle-ground compromise keep the effect we have now and give it a percentage chance of getting bigger depending on weather/ground conditions and quarantine it to the tile it starts in. There are plenty of solutions that could be made to combat the worn out argument that every player just wants to burn the map to the ground. I've always found that argument to be a cop out. The flame is there, they gave it a length of time, extend the length, extend the size, that would be enough for immersion. And don't anybody come at me with it not being visually realistic etc. because we still got guys that disappear into thin air when they are shot on/in vehicles, tires that don't role on AT guns, tanks that drive through each other, etc. so I think we can get away with bigger fire sticking to one tile. Mord.
  3. You're welcome. All thanks go to CMFDR, he's the man! Let me know if you have any problems down loading. Some times the DB links can get screwed up. Mord.
  4. CMFDR sent me a test run of the files that he edited in the proper bit rates. He doesn't have a Mac so we don't know if they work or not. I'll post them if you wanna give them a shot. If they work I'll upload them to CMMODs. EDITED: Sent a PM Link. Mord.
  5. See my reply to Emrys. I think the one way a really long series can keep its quality is if they avoid multi-season story arcs. Law and Order was decent for a really long time because each episode was self contained. That seems to stop the idiocy you end up seeing in shows where a character starts to contradict their own values and moral code just to create a gotchya moment in the episode. Yep. I have the whole series but have only read the first book though, back in my early twenties I think. Howard, Moorcock and Leiber were the big three when it came to S&S. I can remember Lin Carter mentioning the latter two in my Ace Conan paperbacks. Magical times being a 12 year-old, up late at night, wondering what those two guys might be about while I traveled to Kush and Stygia with the mighty thewed barbarian! I read the First Law Trilogy. I have to admit though I didn't love it. It was cool how he subverted everything but I wasn't all that keen on the world it took place in. I think I am just too jaded at this point. It's really hard to find something that ticks all my happy boxes. LOL. When I was a kid we were practically starved for fantasy, now the entire planet is inundated with it, everywhere: board games, RPGs, computer games, books, movies, TV shows. It went from one extreme to the next. Actually, I think his books were the last new fantasy I have read. I have switched over to popular history and historical fiction for my sword play fix the last few years. My guess is it has. But I think the two guys running it were probably hacks all along they just had a lot of good material to hide behind. The minute they were on their own it all went to crap. Damn, I am getting cynical in my old age! Mord.
  6. Well that's the twist I suppose. The series actually gets more fantastical as it progresses. It starts as low fantasy and heads toward high. Yeah, I think he's a great writer but I believe he allowed himself to get too sidetracked with all his other endeavors and the story telling seems to have suffered for it. The books just couldn't maintain the excellence of the first three. It's why I believe TV shows need to remain short. The longer the seasons, and the more episodes per season, the worse the shows tend to get. The writers get so caught up in trying to create twists and surprises they inevitably end up going completely stupid. Rome was fantastic because it was so short. Same with Deadwood and The Wire. If you want an example of a series getting stupid at lightening speed, try watching two seasons of Gotham. LOL. God that was bad. I've never read Asimov but always wanted to give him a try. Mord.
  7. Yep! I'd just forced my way through Wizard's First Rule and opened Wheel of Time and was like, WTF? I just read that! I will say I enjoyed the Belgariad but I was lucky enough to have read it before anything else, so the cliches weren't as in-your-face and obnoxious for me. However, when I read its sequel, I got about thirty pages in and chucked that as well! Talk about bulls*** lazy writing! Ok, remember everything that took place over the hundreds and hundreds of pages in the previous epic to defeat the dark evil guy? Well, yeah, you defeated him, but you didn't REALLY defeat him, he's just a little defeated. Now you gotta do it all over again. BUT if you succeed THIS time, he'll really be defeated! I have never read another word Eddings has written. I've always been a Howard fan anyway, so I can always fall back to his genius. I enjoy the low magic, grittier side of Sword & Sorcery and the Hyborian Age feels more like historical fiction with some black magic and weird creatures thrown in for flavor. I've noticed that the Grimdark (god, I hate that name) genre has gotten popular as of late. That's more my speed. I think I may have that in one of my Amazon wishlists. If not I'll put it there. Judging by the embarrassment that was Season 7, I'd say they skipped the alcohol and went straight to bath salts. Mord.
  8. Yeah, I'll watch the final season because I am a masochist who wasn't subjected to enough pain in season 7. It's been twenty years so I am curious to see how it all ends. Thanks! That was pretty concise, huh? I can think of three off hand that copied Tolkien fairly closely: The Belgariad series, Wizard's First Rule (didn't like it), and The Wheel of Time (about thirty pages in I chucked it). I never read Shannara (didn't like the background) or Thomas Covenant (couldn't stand Donaldson's prose) but I know they are also in that vein. Yes, I've heard many good things about Lies of Locke Lamora. I may read it one day if I ever turn to some newer fantasy. Mord.
  9. Well, that's the difference from being a player screwing around in the game at one's leisure and being a tiny developer dealing with a couple hundred thousand lines of code across six titles, with multiple nations, during multiple time spans, in multiple settings, while keeping track of hundreds of uniform, weapons, vehicle and troop formation variations along with a thousand other things, while trying to run a business. Try doing all that without making some mistakes. It's all perspective. A handful of TO&E, texture and model mistakes over 8 years across six games doesn't make Steve any less obsessive and dedicated to accuracy, it just shows he's human, like the rest of us and can **** up like the rest of us. The fact that BFC fixes these things when they are pointed out proves that obsessive dedication. I've seen textures corrected because a friggin' bolt was incorrect on a rifle. So, there ya go. Mord.
  10. Probably. The books had a fair amount of sex but not as much as the show. After last season I think the show sucks balls and the two idiots writing it need to go off and work for the WB or something. I have Anthony and Cleopatra in my "holy crap I have a lot of books to read" pile but I want to get some of his other stuff first. I'd like to go chronologically as far as setting goes. BTW if you haven't listened to it, the History of Rome podcast is awesome. Yep. The first three are pure classics. I started the series about a year before A Storm of Swords came out and was blown away by it all. It was the first time in years I didn't read some fantasy cliche crap where the everyday-guy and his mysterious mentor from the left hand side of the map venture forth with a myriad of odd companions to save the world by traveling to the right hand side of the map and vanquishing the "Dark Lord/One/God". But at this point I don't even care. He's gonna have to pull a miracle outta his ass to fix the story and finish the series before he or the world ends. Mord.
  11. Yeah, I was disappointed that I couldn't reproduce it in SF2. There's a bunch of info about why in the Screenshot thread, I believe. Can't remember where I wrote it now. Anyway, yeah, it won't work. EDITED: There's a rehash on the first page of this thread about it. Mord.
  12. That's Hans! He was my proof reader. He obviously paid attention to the genius in my words. Unlike some people...EMRYS. Mord.
  13. He's an OCDed completest that loves the East Front. LOL. I am not worried. Mord.
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