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  1. I am glad we will be able to use all the old scenarios but it was never a deal breaker for me, if they couldn't have done it. Having SF2 in 4.0 was the most important thing. So, as far as I am concerned, it's icing on the cake. Mord.
  2. Lots of game play differences. The difference between SF and BS is large, but the difference between, say BN and SF/BS is vast! The weapon systems, the lethality of handheld ATS and tanks, the unforgiving death that is dealt for small mistakes, I could go on and on. The modern battlefield compared to WWII would probably equate to the technological differences the Civil War had with WWII. I'd recommend all of the WWII titles but as many have said before it depends on your interests. BN has the most content, FI is second, and RT is tied with FB, though RT has a module on deck. Each one has its own distinct flavor. Mord.
  3. After reading your reply in the other thread I understand what you meant about subtle now. Mord.
  4. Good eye. I am a big fan of "drop shadow", so yes, there is some shading beneath the soldiers, the shields and small flags. That was a very painful lesson I learned in the middle of making version three or four of the BN mod. Before, I'd just put the pics on top of each other and they'd lay flat, then I discovered how much volume and flare a little bit of shadow added to the entire pic. A thousand or so portraits into that mod and I had to start all over. It's taken many a mistake to get here, let me tell ya. Mord.
  5. Maybe drop box, but unless you pay for bandwidth there'd probably be a cut off per day after a couple DLs. Plus, just uploading multi-Gig files would probably be a VERY slow process. Best to zip them into say less than 100 meg zips and host them there. Do like all uniforms, or vehicles, in one zip, theme them up. That's just my advice. Somebody might have a better suggestion. Mord.
  6. Mord

    CMSF2 Demo

    Yep, nothing but rubber and canvas, wouldn't even make it through a school year. Amazing what trends can do for something's worth. Mord.
  7. Mord

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Good luck, man. Let us know how it works out. Mord.
  8. In the tank with the chicks. Excellent. LOL. Which pic were you looking at? The pic Aragorn quoted has the new guy vs the old. The new dude is wearing the helmet, the old guy has a cap. Or did you mean subtle compared to the Heer Infantry? But anyhoo, thanks. I am happy all you guys are responding with enthusiasm, means I am on the right track. Mord.
  9. Mord

    Missing Module - Commonwealth Forces

    Do that! Absolutely, do that! Much, much, much, much easier on you. Mord.
  10. Mord

    CMSF2 Demo

    We called the flat-top versions "fish heads" when I was around seven, back in 76. They went for five bucks a pair and only came in black or white. By the time I was 16 (in 85) all the punks and skaters drove the prices (at least for high-tops) through the roof. They were going for 30 bucks and you could find them in just about any color you could imagine. The 80s really made Converse. Mord.
  11. As long as you keep them out of the whipped cream. Mord. P.S. Now he's just trolling us.
  12. Poor Sequoia, what one missed consonant can do to a thread. It was a vowel movement of epic proportions. Mord.
  13. Well, with Google's new night vision capabilities I won't need to. I can finally retire my glow-in-the-dark banana hammock. Mord.
  14. Awesome, we can now surf the net in complete darkness! Mord.