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  1. Man, I'd be nervous as hell around old ordinance. I often wonder how many people get killed accidentally or purposely finding WWII stuff. I've seen some hairy situations on Youtube, guys digging up old grenades and such. Anyway, yes, bring back the bundles, they look cool! Mord.
  2. Two long-haired, bearded, badass, lady-slaying, manly-mans. I can see why there'd be confusion. \m/ \m/ Mord.
  3. From sand flea to mental hedge hog, I am moving up in the world! Or you're going all soft and sentimental on me. Just remember, the bunker perimeter is mined, you come a serenading and you are gonna lose a leg. Then again I do need crayfish bait. I'll leave the sheet music on the razor wire. I am partial to "The Way We Were". Bring your kazoo. Mord.
  4. We are getting Indians and Brazilians in FI, so I have no doubts about seeing Finns in one (or more) of the titles. BF are East Front junkies. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Mord.
  5. We already know what's gonna happen if they tweak it. The units will end up blowing their wad the first time a grenade throwing situation pops up. There'll be fifty threads complaining about it, arguing and calls for proof, and a year or two later it will finally get dialed back to where we pretty much started at. LOL. Sometimes "tweaks" are more work than a brand new feature. Mord.
  6. In CMBO/BB etc. you'd hear smacking sounds and grunts and the units would jerk backwards simulating that the squads were engaged in hand-to-hand. In BN/FB etc. close combat is basically a lot of grenade chucking and point blank shooting. I'd love to see more action when it happens but BF's argument is that it won't look good if they can't program it so it's an actual 1vs1 representation on screen. In other words if a guy is swinging his rifle like a club and the enemy unit isn't right in front of him it won't look right. But then again we get dudes doing first aid in the wrong spot sometimes, wheels that don't roll on towed guns, guys not holding heavy machine guns when firing, dudes that disappear into thin air when shot on or in vehicles etc. So, I don't know if one more abstraction would be annoying or wouldn't matter to me. Mord.
  7. Yeah, but I want to see the actual bundle being thrown. Now they chuck demo charges. Back in CM1 they showed the bundle. Splitting is always wise but there are actual dedicated Tank Hunter teams you can purchase too. WhiteWolf must've missed them. Mord.
  8. Ha! Thanks. I had to hack that sh*t with a weed wacker. Last week I looked like a hedge hog gone mental. Strategic chopping and a few hair ties got the majority of the mess under control. It's amazing what your face can do when you let it run rampant for six months! Mord.
  9. Thanks. New and updated as of a couple hours ago. Get that beard a bit longer and I am gonna braid it like a viking! Mord.
  10. 10-4 brother. One difference is the grenade bundle is missing, which I would very much like to see return! Breach explosives are fine and all, but nothing is quite as intimate and sexy as a bunch of strapped together potato mashers chucked onto an engine deck! Abstractions be damned bring back the potato bundle lovin'! Mord.
  11. Nothing happened to them. They are right there in the list of "specialist teams" . Mord.
  12. Awesome, glad you got it working. Now, just wait until you turn off the floating icons and can't figure out where they went. I did that once. Mord.
  13. @Oliver_88 I'll bet that's what it is! I forgot you could even turn off the map edge mouse-move. I just tested it and all the mouse will allow is up and down with the scroll wheel and a right-click rotate. Bob if you were still able to scroll up and down it's definitely the Alt-E setting. Anyway, easy enough to test. Forget what I wrote and use Oliver's suggestion. My money's on him. Mord.
  14. Only thing I can think of offhand is to check and see if you have High Priority Process set to on under FB options. If so turn it off and log out (completely shut Fb down) and then restart fresh. Mord.
  15. That's extremely badass! I love seeing the ranks and rifles in place of men. Nice, quick reference for the fire power within a squad along with who does what within the structure. Thanks much. Mord.
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