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  1. Mord

    Syrian Civil War Expansion?

    Nice. I was actually gonna PM you about that! I was tooling around Saturday in the uniform folder when I came across those. I was like wtf? I spent a good hour testing some files trying to figure out what was going on. Mystery solved. Thanks for clearing that up. Mord.
  2. Actually I think it's "portrait syr specialist". Mord.
  3. Mord

    How to install mods?

    I uninstalled the demo. The "Combat Mission Shock Force 2" folder was holding the brzs and scenario folders if I remember correctly. Can't check now 'cause I am on my laptop. I thought it was strange though. Mord.
  4. Cool. Thanky! Mord,
  5. Mord

    How to install mods?

    You don't need a Z folder for SF2. Go to where you installed SF2, you'll see two folders for some reason, "Combat Mission Shock Force 2" and "Shock Force 2", open "Shock Force 2" then user data/mods. Just drop them in mods and you are good. Mord.
  6. Don't forget the "syrian specialist portrait" is not being used with Combatant and Fighter spies. Mord.
  7. Damn, Mark, you have carpal tunnel yet? Did Meach and Mishga lend a hand? Haven't seen them around in AGES. Mord.
  8. Mord

    Small Bug

    I took a vote and me and Other Mord agree with your sense of humor. @MJ: I am free range, brother, no drugs needed. Mord. And Other Mord.
  9. Mord

    Small Bug

    Which one of us were you talking to? Mord.
  10. Mord

    Small Bug

    Thanks! You're no slouch yourself. Mord.
  11. Mord

    Small Bug

    Damn, you are one good looking bearded man-god! Other Mord.
  12. Mord

    Small Bug

    I know, Other Mord! I totally agree with you. Mord.
  13. Mord

    Small Bug

    Yeah, Mord, that's sucks someone should do something about that! Other Mord.
  14. The Fallschirmjäger were introduced in the MG module. Man, I gotta get to sleep! Mord.
  15. The Syrian Spies (both Combatants and Fighters) are not using the Spy portrait (portrait syr specialist). They are using their respective Combatant and Fighter portraits instead. Minor, yes but man I have a really good Spy Portrait for my SF2 portrait mod! Mord.