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  1. I get it. The inspiration can ebb and flow. I am just getting over one of those myself. Will see how long I can hold out. Now get Martha's room done before she kicks your ass! Mord.
  2. Thanks! Check out the splash screen on the first page. Fourth row up on the left hand side and you'll see a Goumier portrait. It's one of my favorites. Mord.
  3. Mord listens. Mord hears the lamentations and suffering of the players. Mord feels their pains deep in his blackened soul. And so, with a flourish of his cloak, Mord retires to the bunker, keyboard in hand, and with furious abandon delivers unto the curse-ed, a cure for their all ills (or a small patch for the less romatic). Behold, an end to their misery! http://www.mediafire.com/file/3kie5t8ypuqullo/CMFI_French_Portrait_Patch.zip/file I'll upload an updated portrait mod to CMMODS. You won't need it if you dl this patch. ADDED: Algerian portrait Moroccan portrait Updated all background portraits with Algerian and Moroccan portraits Updated 2nd Moroccan Infantry Division Moroccan portraits Updated 3rd Algerian Infantry Division Algerian portraits Updated 4th Moroccan Mountain Division Moroccan portraits Mord.
  4. Lets go, old man. You have years to make up for! LOL. Good stuff, buddy. I am very glad you picked the paint brush since SF2 was released. You always produce quality stuff. Mord.
  5. Good god, man. Once again, you prove why you are one of our grand masters of modding. umlaut, I wanna be just like you when I grow up! This is yet another example of your shear talent. Incredible, beautiful, badassery. Great, great job! Mord.
  6. This thread is woefully lacking in comments and praise so I thought I'd drop in (haven't been around much) and give you a hardy slap on the back and raise a stein in your honor. I can't use the RvT stuff yet but I can admire your pics and as always, you deliver. You are one of our preeminent talents, who has pioneered the modding of the CMx2 series as much as you have given us beautiful, quality work to enjoy. So, I hope in some way this gives you the inspiration to keep doing what you do. From one modder to another I salute your talent and artistry! Fantastic job, umlaut! Mord.
  7. I made a mention about not knowing whether it'd work in SF1 in the readme. I didn't bother to say anything about other titles because it was a specific mod geared toward Shock Force 2 and Arabic nations which precludes FI/BN/BS/RT/FB and CMA because of it's pre CMBN architecture. Mord.
  8. @MOS:96B2P Cool. Thanks. I was wondering about that because they said they couldn't do Gourmier models with the French, so I thought maybe they wouldn't be able to do Sikh and regular Indian Infantry. Mord.
  9. I meant pin this thread and retire the old one. Mord.
  10. Did BF include Indians wearing regular British uniforms and helmets or are there only Sikhs in RtV? If they did can someone post some pics? Mord.
  11. I'll look into it later on today once I've got some sleep. I am on my old computer now and can't do anything at the moment. Mord.
  12. Ahh, I was under the impression those were just French troops that were stationed in Morocco and Algeria and not ethnic troops. If I'd known I would've made them. Mord.
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