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  1. You're welcome. I was on another marathon and needed a change again from the portraits. It seems I get to a point of diminishing returns with the portraits and then I need to switch to something completely different to cleanse my palate and re-calibrate my brain. Right after I finished the menus I nailed a portrait I had been struggling with for a couple of hours. I am very, very, happy with the Combat Mission logo on this one. It really captures the feeling of the game. I picture a battle worn concrete bunker surrounded by barbed wire when I look at it. Mord.
  2. I have already uploaded. I might change it at some point but I put too much time in it to take it back down right away. LOL. Mord.
  3. Mord

    New forum means...

    He beat himself to death.... Mord.
  4. Yep, I agree and I think a rational person can tell the difference. Like I said, "rational person". There are guys that are gonna scream because that is their nature. EVERYTHING should be in the release even if it takes five years to create the content first. Just idiocy on a level I can't fathom. Music to my ears. I've been holding off posting an official update because there's been an annoying detail and a few other things that needed to get nailed down first. It's pretty much where I need it to be, so expect a post in a few days. -Steve And this one, yesterday: "That said, I've been wanting to make a post that *IS* meaningful and *WILL* do something other than say the same old thing. But like so many other things, life is not that simple and I can't make the post yet. If wishes were gold then we'd be retired by now " -Steve From here: Mord.
  5. Sure. what's one vowel between friends? It's the fashion statement that's important. Man boobs need love too! Mord.
  6. That's pretty funny and true. But on the other side of the argument you get guys like Crusader Kings II players b****ing that every DLC should've been in the main game. Or you don't get the full experience if you don't have all the expansions. And my thought is, well, it took them five years to get here, so basically your argument is they should've spent five more years developing the game before they released it. In which case they'd get heat for taking eight years or so to make it. It's a no win situation because in the end a lot of gamers are just b****es. They'd cut their own heads off to spite their nose. I love companies that spend years adding features and content to a good title instead of abandoning it six months after it comes out , just to make a watered down new and improved version as quickly as possible (that's a cash grab IMO). It keeps a good game fresh and gives it longevity. I couldn't of been happier than when BFC announced they'd keep all tiles at the same engine level. I hope that's the future of many wargames. I've seen a few that are doing it now. Mord.
  7. No suspenders, that's a good way to get dragged through a chipper. Just between you and me...number 7. The old man can rock a sports bra. Mord.
  8. Thanks much, guys. @MOS:96B2P LOL. BF couldn't use my my menus because I am making them with pics I find on the net. All I am doing is adding text I design to try to invoke the flavor of the settings. It doesn't seem like much when it's said, but believe it or not I spent over four hours doing the FB mod. I was getting ready to close out Adobe after a long stretch of portrait modding and I was like, I want to to take a minute and mess with these Bulge pics I found. Next thing I know the sun is coming up! It's a nice change to do some menus, considering I have been exclusively modding portraits since December of 2017. And I have been modding straight out since August. Not quite everyday, but it feels like it at times. Normally the second October hits I drop everything and spend the month immersed in Horror but this year is different for some reason. I have a military bug I can't shake. Mord.
  9. Just uploaded some new menu screens to CMMODs. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to open an FB thread for all my modding work. Hope you like 'em! Mord.
  10. Mord

    The state of CMSF2

    Christmas 2019 is almost fourteen months from now! I hope it would still be an option! Mord.
  11. Mord

    The state of CMSF2

    I'd just got done with the guy I was working with that August. So, luckily I wasn't with him when it hit. But yeah, it was massive destruction around here. We only lost our power for five days. It was a lot worse for some. Unfortunately my power was still out on Halloween so I missed my traditional Horrorthon that day. No King Diamond and no Blu-rays! Yeah, I remember seeing that storm on the news and how hard it wailed Brunswick. Fun story. The last time I worked in Brunswick the dude's trees had all kinds of Brown Tail nests in them. Each caterpillar will grab a leaf, fold it and and sew itself inside with silk or whatever it is. So, you'd see all these little cobwebby spots throughout the canopies of the oak trees if you paid attention. Well, of course we had to chip all the branches and limbs as they were cut. And of course we were doing mostly oak trees for the home owner. This one guy on our crew ended up breaking out in welts like you read about, like a day later. Man, his chest, stomach, back etc. were covered in dime and nickle sized itchy red spots. I didn't get one spot! Funny stuff. For all you guys that don't know what a Brown Tail can do, here's a pic of the effect their hairs have on people. Mord.