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  1. Mord


    We all know damn well we'd hear nothing but b****ing about any recon vehicles BF decided to leave out of the games. We'd have thread upon thread upon thread arguing their merits until Steve broke and they were finally put into the game. It's a non-issue as far as I am concerned. They are there, use them or don't. But BE thankful they exist because having them and not using them is a 1000X better than wanting them and not having the option because they were never put into the game to begin with. Mord.
  2. Mord

    New forum means...

    Is that a one time thing or will we need to use the old SF keys whenever we install the game (not that I see that happening much but was curious)? Mord.
  3. Mord

    War movie mode

    Try adjusting the gamma and brightness on your monitor. The effect is supposed to be washed out. Mord.
  4. Mord

    New forum means...

    We need some screens of the new Uncon models. Mord.
  5. Mord

    How Exciting...

    This is a GOOD sign! Mord.
  6. Mord

    Thank you Olek...

    No it isn't. Mord.
  7. Mord

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    It'll be easier to gauge once we see how long it takes the FI module to be released once we get SF2. If we don't see Rome by the end of September, I doubt RT will make it before 2019. Mord.
  8. You can put however many subfolders you desire in the z/Mod folder. For instance (using CMBN as an example) I have one folder for all the effects, Ui, Sounds, etc. I have one that says Germans and within that, subfolders that say uniforms and vehicles. Within the vehicle subfolder I have subfolders for each individual vehicle mod. What I do is keep all the mods I use all the time in these subfolders and then if I want to test something I may already have a mod for, I create a folder I'll entitle "Z Z Z Test". The extra Zs insuring that my test mod will override the similar mod because the game prioritizes the folders that are furthest down the alphabet. Example: folder A with Panther mod is overwritten by folder D with Panther mod. Lots of confusing info can be found here. Mord.
  9. It blew my mind that they were each conversing in their native language. I'd imagine that takes some real brain training to process a foreign language internally and then respond in your own. Usually people tend to switch to one language. The host was speaking Spanish wasn't he? Very nice, Falaise! Thanks! Mord.
  10. Mord

    A long delayed update

    That's great, man. I find it interesting when girls get into wargaming. There's tons that play puzzle, FPS, platformers and RPG games but you don't see many gravitate to the serious, historical stuff. Good on ya for teaching her right! Plus you are giving her a new way to experience history which can only help in her schooling. Mord.
  11. The Borg spotting raining down instant death is most likely the culprit. AT guns were good for about one shot each before every thing on the map wailed the crap out of them. I don't think distance mattered much. Mord.
  12. Mord

    A long delayed update

    That's cool. How old is she? Does she dig the history? What sides does she like to play? Mord.
  13. Mord

    A long delayed update

    The most controversial part of this conversation is that I misspelled "pursuing" and everybody still knew what I was talking about. Mord.