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  1. Yes, an AAR forum would be great. Is there a way to allow only the AAR posters to add to it? We get alot of 'fluff' cluttering up the turn by turn recaps. Also, I understand the AAR is done during the game, but come on! AAR is the only logical term. Let's get some uniformity here.
  2. I agree with abrams on the football thing. I have lost a friend to breast cancer and I donate yearly as well as sponsor a co-worker on her walks but for Chrissakes enough with the pink ALL MONTH! If they took the money they spent on all the pink doodads they coulda cured it by now! Even in Madden the pink is there for October!
  3. . . . Hotkeys.txt file? I was messing around in the Options and I guess there is no reset to Default? I took the CMBN file, but it doesn't match up right. I would have saved it off if I had known there wasn't a way to reset the key commands (like in every other game ever made). Grrrr Thanks and sorry for the misleading title :-)
  4. Count me in for the small, quick battles. Company or smaller. As nachinus said, it seems much more personal and you can really get into the details with everyone involved in the battle.
  5. Sounds like you play like I do. I just grab some armored units and go at it in QB. Set map selection to HUMAN if you already have a map you want to play on. Set Unit purchase to HUMAN for both Attacker and Defender. Set Combat Force to Armor Only for both. Set RARITY to None so you can pick whatever you want to play with. You still have to buy a formation then delete everything but the HQ, then change the Formations dropdown box to Single Vehicles and cherrypick for both sides from there. Happy Hunting
  6. I played thru the Beyond the Belice battle as the Americans and had a blast. Love the new changes and like everyone else, looking forward to the CMBN update. As usual, my leaders died valiantly when the first rounds were fired and and anyone manning an MG in a halftrack wasn't going to be around long. It was interesting the way one of my Scout Team would man the gun - and die, then the next guy would man the gun - and die, etc. Gotta give them an A for effort though.
  7. Same here. No need to have it that small. When I uploaded my briefings I changed them to like 24 font on my file, but they get miniaturized on import.
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