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  1. Panthers and more bloody Panthers... (MKIV's are for the weak...(I wish they were MKIV's!!!)) About 35 mins left and I have lost 4 Churchills. 1 my mistake in not thinking the AI would punish me. 2 were a fair cop and the fourth some weird LOS that surprised me and I could not get him out as crew panicked. So far bailed 2 maybe 3 Panthers and destroyed 4 or 5 (one I just nailed and I am awaiting outcome in next turn. The German arty has so far not done too much other than kill a few men. I managed not to be in the places of bombardment at the beginning bar my FOO who had a lucky escape
  2. It would be no problem as I can invite you to my drop box and you can download it easy enough so no e-mail required. The only downside is that you will get all my excellent results... Simple to just try it and see and if no good nothing lost.... I will PM you my e-mail address
  3. Yep got Airpower in the Château but I have done it out of sequence down to that draw!! It was sort of useful in the Château and who knows what it will do in Crescendo....
  4. If you really have no file before the save you talk of you are Scooby DooD!! I could send you my file if you need one as I have kept all files. Unless you have deleted it the game automatically takes a save where you can select Real Time / Turn based play (drop down choice I alluded to in my previous post). From this save you would be fine. I can send you that but I am not sure how it will effect the campaign results? I would guess you would get all my stats at the end as they must be carried between save files? It would at least save you starting from the beginning again?
  5. Just finished that scenario and I know what you mean my men were getting minced!!! I was very surprised to pull off a total victory as it was a tough bugger to crack. The key in the end was to flank left and ignore the sniper in the house and all the troops / half track in village to the right. Of course it tells you this in the briefing but you can get drawn into fire fights you can ignore. Of course I failed to do this fully and lost 4 men taking out that 2 man sniper team and I got nailed by that damned IG gun but once I realised my mistake I just kept flank to left and lined all my r
  6. Do not save when doing set up. Do all set up and then hit run for first turn... Known bug with all Campaigns. Check the Tech forum for more details. If you have taken a save it will always happen so reload from point where it gives you drop down choice...
  7. Heh Heh... Well you said you were worried about it being too easy!! It was once I worked out my mistakes with the Churchills. Mission 12 is indeed a low tech low arty take the Chateau scenario... I am just hoping it stays that way as I have sod all arty and no AT weapons or ammo to deal with any nasty things.... Need to find some time tonight to do a few more turns...
  8. OK now back on track after re playing "No Hiding Place". I managed by better deployment of the Churchills to only lose two (one was silly mistake by me) and gain a total victory with the Germans surrendering with around 17 minutes left. The 17pdr was key and with a slightly different position it nailed three of the five Panthers and the remaining two were nailed side on by a well placed Churchill. The AI used the same attack plan which helped and that Wespe made a nice big boom when hit by a mortar round so better luck that time too. - If you wanted to make it harder reduce the amount of arty
  9. Yes played at Veteran and the first technical loss was "No Hiding Place" some of the scenarios just preceding that gave me a few scares, but I managed to recover and the AI surrendered before the end of the game. "No Hiding Place" I just decided not to risk an attack and I can see that you do clearly state any loss dumps you from the campaign but in my mind a draw (with me having more points than the AI) could have not counted as a loss. Not a big point but maybe in future explain that a draw is also counted as a loss. In "No Hiding Place" you are really hampered by having only one 17pdr
  10. OK, getting a win is NP as I know what I did wrong. I was going to replay it to see if my approach would work. I guess I need to get a win... I considered the draw a win as I had more points than the Germans but I can now see that it does not really count as a win... Which just shows how good the scenarios are. Yes all games played at Vet level.
  11. Just checked the name of the previous scenario and it was "No Hiding Place" and I did not secure Foot worth 200 as it seemed a tad too exposed to be able to defend properly even if I could rush there at the start... So it would appear I have missed out on 12, 13 and 14? What should I have done to get theses scenarios?
  12. A question for PT. I am confused as to how I have missed some missions and ended up with the bonus mission which is not listed on the list? "La Mancelliere" Just started it and I think the campaign is effectively over but I got no summary screen or some such confirmation the campaign was over. It could be that this is just the way BF have coded campaigns but for me it would be nice to see a summary at the end? Maybe I get that after this bonus mission? So far excellent work and really gave me a tough challenge, although I have so far won all scenarios but the last game. (SPOILER th
  13. Just seen this and Skim read bits as still playing the campaign. Just wanted to drop in and say EXCELLENT WORK!! I usually play HtH and this is my first Campaign. The level of detail and work is great and the AI Challenge better than I thought it would be. I am just about to start the 4th mission and I have won the first three games. The third one with the Germans attacking was nail biting and nearly as good as playing vs a human for fun and excitement. A bit too easy at the end but I was desperate for the last 2 lots of reserves and if I did not have them it would have been even closer,
  14. I saw Sergei post this in another thread so cross posted here to try and use this as a good central place to keep track of HtH scenario reviews.... He says http://www.battlefront.com/community/showpost.php?p=1349876&postcount=6 CW scenarios that I have played PBEM: In the Shadow of the Hill 5-6 AM (might slightly favour the attacker, but the defender has his chances) In the Shadow of the Hill 6-7 AM (just starting) Buron: Sticking It Out (was a bit one sided as you note, although as the defender I did manage to wreck a few StuGs before it went irreversably downhill) Keep Ca
  15. OK so I have yet to complete any CW scenarios but I have completed quite a few of Fredrockers excellent Sie Kommen II scenarios. The comment earlier in the thread that says you can't go wrong in playing any of these H2H is spot on. Excellent work!!! Some of the highlight scenarios: - All in a Mornings work (could be tough as Allied if strong German Player) Canal Bridges (wow some great action and some good design on VP locations, I won't say more to spoil it) Highway Song - another excellent game and great map. Again some great thought on VP locations. Goin County - Small action
  16. http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1576 For those of you wanting to play H2H this work done by Paper Tiger is a must as he has taken original designs and revamped them. I have only just found them and the word needs spreading....
  17. Buying Farm Update - Just seen what the Germans get and I would give the stronger player the German side. I am going to start a thread on some feedback on that scenario as after seeing what the Germans get it is a tough one for the Germans to defend and there are some interesting choices.
  18. OK some more to add to the list of good scenarios for HtH Buying the Farm. Just finishing that as American attacker and a good challenge. Not a lot of time to attack and this puts you under serious pressure to crack on with it. I hope to see the German set up later this week to see what choices they get. No Exit. Again good balance and perhaps too easy to guess how it has been balanced. I played as Germans and had a good game. My oppo disliked it as a bit of a fantasy battle. Balanced is always going to be fantasy as most battles were not balanced, but this one is not very histori
  19. H2H can also mean Head to Head which is the same as Human to Human until we can keep heads alive in jars... Mind you do you still stay human if you just have a head?
  20. As mentioned comes with the game and a great small scenario to start with. Very odd in some respects but I found it a great introduction to how scenarios can be crafted....
  21. Which ones have you tried and what did you think? Just giving "No Exit" a go soon and the map is interesting and I can see it is going to be a good game. (Well I hope it will be...)
  22. OK just finishing Bois De B and played Carbide Carbide. Both are deserved good games to be played H2H and I would have no doubts about recommending them. Ensure you pick up Carbide Carbide after George tweaks it as American player will not be rewarded for winning by Victory points despite doing what has been asked. NP if you are happy to think you have won and not need the computer to tell you that you have!!! Give the American side in Carbide Carbide to the stronger player as it is a tough challenge. As for Bois give the German side to the stronger player IMO as it is a tough one for
  23. I am really keen to read the debate but have not gone into the thread.... I knew tha map looked similar to Huzzar, now I know why. Hope to post some comments once I have played it. Just need to set up and that will take some time as defender has lots of choices and approaches.... More later.....
  24. Thxs for the various comments on Carbide Carbide. I have got the Germans so time will tell if Jim is a Veteran player.....
  25. BTW Huzzar has been tweaked pick up the latest from here:- http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=fileinfo&id=1486 The best I have played so far, apart from a scenario which is being developed at the moment and I will say more when it is released. (Not my handiwork but I have play tested it and the map is superb IMO)
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