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  1. This belongs here... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52407177 Not the pandemic thread!
  2. American flu, That was me being cheeky... Thanks for the interesting article this bit really made me wonder... Hmm saving lives has a better economic outcome... "The economic impact of shutdownsA study published this year argued that cities that acted early and aggressively to impose social distancing to limit the spread of the Spanish flu actually performed better economically after the pandemic was over than those that did not. Fewer workers had died, and the local population more quickly resumed normal economic behavior, three economists found."
  3. If you are new then look out for George MC scenarios, he is one of the top dogs in scenario design! As for your wish list I doubt any of those will happen but always happy to be wrong. I would love early war WW2 or 80's cold war... I am just thankful the company has existed and is still running as they are still the top dogs for combat simulations.
  4. We live in dangerous times, the last time we had this level of discontent and economic turmoil WW1 and WW2 helped liven everyone up... My fear is that we just don't learn and 100 years on could we see America and China tipping us over the edge over with say Taiwan or Hongkong? If I see news that battle front are doing a Taiwan game I am going to start digging a bunker... 😟
  5. So what Wicky! They got herd immunity (eventually)! They did not have to endure restrictions on their freedom and continued to have their liberty, well the ones left alive did... Yes humans will (hopefully) survive but how many, if you go with the approach of "freedom" the economic hit from all the deaths might outweigh the economic hit of isolating for a month or so? Seriously think what would happen to the US economy minus 30% or even 10% of the population, there is going to be economic consequences no matter which approach is taken. America survived the Spanish Flu (or
  6. Thanks George will have a proper looksee in the morning, initial skim looks interesting...
  7. Yes found that and it is a great basis to work from, at least a baseline for say the end of war... Thanks H
  8. Thanks for the explanation Sublime, for me I saw a nurse posting asking those folks to stay at home and in her post she said something along the lines that folk will say she is a snowflake. I do thank the Americans here posting either side of the political spectrum as it helps me understand better your pov's. My last post was more playing devil's advocate because it seems those protesting are cloaking themselves with patriotism when it could be viewed the other way.. BTW in the UK snowflake is not a common term being used...
  9. Bingo, found a copy, wow never seen it before what a document! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.
  10. Thanks I will see what I can find just need the right words and I will see what google throws up.
  11. Thanks Bil, It was an open question on communication and I am guessing it was not been companies. What I have read is that the Germans were ahead of the game but no specifics. This relates to how well they could co ordinate their formations and for that you need great comms. I have just checked the 222 Armoured car used for recon and the early war ones had no radio, so how good is that in getting the information back to the HQ! As you know I am running the Sealion game which was designed by me 11 years ago so I had less research and made some general assumptions. I
  12. Just a call out to any of you who might know the sort of communication ranges for early war German radios. I am researching how well connected German units were and how quickly messages between say Companies could be sent. (This is for an early war game I am running) My Google Fuu is failing me and I wonder if anyone has any info. I guess even late war would be useful as a benchmark to say at that it would be no better as this... So radio ranges, how well supplied to units and what sort of level down to... Thanks in advance.
  13. Good point 37mm, history repeats as we often fail to learn from the past. For example Jeremy Hunt was in charge of health service during the Cygnus simulation and had seen the reports, he was removed by Boris and replaced. What might have been the outcome if he was getting the Cobra info? He was certainly on TV asking the government to change course when the herd immunity was being followed. He of course has to answer why emergency stocks and lessons learnt from Cygnus were not implemented but he was certainly trying to get government to change approach in the early days.... Found so
  14. Hmmm just a thought about this debate that seems to be hitting the USA at the moment... While I don't use the term "snow flake" as it is effectively just name calling to paint a group as "worthless" I do wonder if those complaining about how they are suffering because of their perceived "loss of liberty" could be the snow flakes as they are not prepared to suffer a bit of hardship to save lives? If this is a war surely our leaders would be saying "man up" so we save people from death? Of course it seems to have been twisted that those enduring the hardship by staying at home ar
  15. Hi KevinKin, I kinda of get some of your concerns about are we over reacting, from my reading and understanding I don't think we are but it is a valid question to ask and understand. The ONS in the UK are trying to get to grips with this but as we are still seeing deaths well above normal it is a moving target. Have a look at this bit the BBC has pulled together. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654 Scroll down to see UK death rates in 2015 vs figures this year. These are like for like so a good comparison for UK figures. So depending on when you compare a
  16. I have over the years run many of these games and the insight you get is really important to understanding how battles happen. It is usually more down to the orders and when units receive them than the actual combat. It is difficult to explain and I will try and note some examples from my current Sealion game which finally started last night once I got orders from the last allied player. Usually I run them FtF and try to have an umpire per player so with 3 a side we end up with 6 umpires and me. Each umpire talks to their player to work out what they intend. This then gets bro
  17. The photos popping up just lately are great, thanks for posting them...
  18. What I have found photo wise is some of the games I ran where I had a bit more time, this is an image of the small scale Sealion game I ran in June 2009, it is a map and counter game where the players do not get to see the master map and the umpires move the units based upon the player orders.
  19. To answer that important question... Maybe but not shown at that level of detail.... I have searched my Photo archive and it would appear I have none of that day which is a pity in hindsight but at the time I was pretty busy and I tend to live life through my eyes rather than be one of those always taking photo's and then missing the experience. What I have found is the e-mails sent to me with the briefings and game structure plus the end of game debrief. Some Samples of the umpire sheet written by Paddy and to give you an insight of the days structure With something
  20. Hi Bil, Hope you are still enjoying your wine, as it happens I know a few folk in the DC area and once this play test is completed I plan to run it for them, I shall invite you at same time. Better to keep folks together in the same time zone. A few years ago I ran a Vietnam Hue map game for them just via locked forums on the Kriegsspiel web site. As for Paddy's game when I get on my PC I will see what of interest I can share. I seem to remember you have moved south of Richmond? My yearly trip in July to Historicon looks very doubtful at this stage so I need to focu
  21. Well too late now but Paddy re ran the game on the 26th April 2009 and I was the ground umpire. An interesting insight into the process and often these games are better in your imagination than in practice. I just checked the cast and Andreas who used to frequent here a long time ago took the role of Hitler. Watching a German play Hitler was very interesting and he was perhaps too good at it! I have the debrief that I might post some notes from if there is interest. I think our version was a pale imitation of the original game and Paddy was past his peak and perhaps
  22. I think business models are going to have to change and I would be happy to be tested. Pity our government is not this far ahead, but that is bureaucracy for you... Private enterprise gets the job done especially when money is involved...
  23. Some good news on the testing front and a possible way for businesses to start taking control. https://www.businessinsider.com/emirates-tests-passengers-coronavirus-covid19-flights-2020-4?r=US&IR=T Testing is the key, you have to know you are safe to others and safe from others, this has to be way forward until vaccine is available.
  24. Hmmm I see some of the American public are not impressed with the measures to help stop the spread of the virus.... https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/lock-her-anti-whitmer-coronavirus-lockdown-protestors-swarm-michigan-capitol-n1184426 It is certainly a different approach, I saw clips of folk travelling to church and meeting large groups of worshippers. It does not look like America is implementing a similar approach to the Chinese? Then people wonder why the death rate figures for the Chinese are less?
  25. Hmmm, While I in no way think the Chinese Govt always tell the truth (lets face it do many Govts tell the truth) I do think they enforced a lock down very tightly and that could account for the lower reported deaths. I think in the days and months to come those figures will get more examination. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-52223193 The Iranian figures are looking doubtful and even in Germany there is some indication that Covid deaths are being reported as the underlying health issue rather than Covid that just pushed the person over. Conversely in the
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