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  1. 4 hours ago, mjkerner said:

    Funny CptMiller, I was just thinking “ No good sentiment goes unpunished!”

    Just a cultural difference between nations, I wouldn't take offence. You meant well.

    I spent time being educated at an American High school and while I had a great time it was a real eye opener on how different the American patriotism level is compared to the UK. For example standing up every morning being "brainwashed"(btw me being cheeky) going ra ra for the flag was very alien was just part of how kids are indoctrinated. I can see the reasons for it as America has to meld different folks into citizens. 

    The love from America towards the UK is not really reciprocated and our desire for recognition is very different to the American approach. The UK military is deeply grounded and having an American actor say how great they are will be deemed a be a bit annoying. 

  2. Dominic C (Boris's brain) shaking up the whole status quo. Lot's of establishment in his sights.

    Mind you by using CM it might be shown that tanks are still required if they want to protect our allies.

    Hmm I have just realised we don't count the Europeans as allies any more...


    If I were being really cynical perhaps Russia is our new friends after the help they gave Boris...

  3. 16 minutes ago, Wicky said:

    Interesting - are there likely any spin-offs from the MOD simulator that could end up in consumer game?

    Funnily enough in Colchester most of the paras in barracks are on lockdown, or sent home - though their dep. commander is in doo doo after hosting an impromtu officers party. 

    It was an eye testing event he will be fine!!!

  4. 7 hours ago, Thewood1 said:

    Wait, are you talking about Matrix Games and lack of depth?  For someone that considers themselves a wargamer, you sure don't seem to look around much.  Go take a look at Command Modern Operations (CMO).  Your eyes will bleed from the depth and detail.  In fact, CMO is used in large classrooms at several MODs and is partnered with several defense contractors.  Well beyond anything BFC can hope to do.  And they are a team no bigger than BFC and might even be smaller.

    Hi the key phrase I used was "could" and perhaps I should have also  said "some"... 

    But hey ho the overall all aim of my post was to applaud the collaboration and I hope that came through...


    Both excellent companies that have both withstood the test of time...

  5. Nice to see Iain in the video, and he is an absolutely passionate wargamer and has been very successful in seeing that passion work for him and deliver to players great games. Iain worked for Intelligent Games many years ago which was run by a close friend, it was a games software company that collapsed with cash flow issues when a major company failed to pay on time what they owed. A very painful experience for everyone affected at the company, lessons learnt which came at a price..

    I am glad he has teamed up with Battlefront as they have similar passions. Sure his games have perhaps a broader appeal as they could be said to lack depth and are easier to pick up, but he and his team have provided gamers with many hours of fun.

    To succeed in life you need passion for what you are doing...

    Let's hope this partnership continues and we might see some benefits, even if it is just to keep Battlefront afloat and supporting the games we love...

  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0074q1j/dunkirk-the-soldiers-story

    Another documentary but just the actual soldiers talking about their experiences of the retreat to Dunkirk.

    The lockdown is meaning gems like this are back available to view.

    Very moving and with the historical footage  well worth watching. Get a VPN for those abroad as I have been able to keep using BBC while travelling abroad. 

    I think I missed this 1st time around so glad I have had a second opportunity...

  7. As it was some 20 years ago my memory is dim, but I  remember that when I was in cases ladder it became known that people could stop tanks from being hit? My memory is vague and a quick google failed to jog it.

    Anyway people will always seek an edge and for some cross the line of what is acceptable. 

    I will have a further Google at some stage, the trouble is if I  go to sleep I will forget today, so 20 years ago is a tough proposition. 


  8. 54 minutes ago, Erwin said:

    You should copyright that, mate. 


    LOL Thank goodness no one important monitors this thread.

    There is a logical (or illogical) issue with the Chinese situation.  We all expect that the real Chinese infection and death rate is far higher than they admit.  However, if they really have so few infections and deaths cos they shut down travel so quickly to avoid infection transmission, then how come there was so much infected travel allowed to foreign countries?  

    The fascinating insights from roadiemullet describe a nation with very "irregular" efficiencies.  Re his examples of dealing with authorities... some of the authorities seemed to be on top of things, other had no idea what was going on.  It was almost a comforting picture of scattered incompetence. 

    However, we also know that China is working as fast as it can to institute a "1984 on steroids" society in which everyone is monitored and AI can figure out what you may be thinking/intending from facial recognition.  Your "Social Capital" - based on whether you conform and don't complain - an abominable corruption of social media, will decide if you can buy a plane or train ticket, can travel period, can even get a job...  

    Then you look at China's aggressive militaristic expansion to take over the undersea oilfields all the way down to Indonesia.  Add in the annexing of Tibet and more recently making inroads across the Himalayas into Bhutan and confronting India: 


    Then you have the infiltration into the west's institutions (when I lived in Tempe I heard that ASU has a similar issue):



    One has to see the "big picture" to see what is the nature of the Chinese junta and what China is really up to.  Only then does the Pearl Harbor reference makes more sense.


    Come on Erwin it is not Pearl Harbor you are better than that? 

    The link above explains the Iranian spread and shows how travel to and from China was happening. 

    China  is no innocent and has been ripping off any country they can. That is not unique America stole UK secrets in WW2 and no doubt is trying to make inroads in China too. That is the world wide game...

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