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  1. They flew over our house, wondered where they were going... Nice to send some friends a bit of support, I guess we will see more...
  2. A saying from the UK is that "Possession is 9/10ths of the law" I wonder how long that will last based upon past performance.
  3. Let's hope it rains a LOT... Enough people have died for this venture and others lost homes and been hurt for the land grab. More interesting times to come no doubt.
  4. Just a cultural difference between nations, I wouldn't take offence. You meant well. I spent time being educated at an American High school and while I had a great time it was a real eye opener on how different the American patriotism level is compared to the UK. For example standing up every morning being "brainwashed"(btw me being cheeky) going ra ra for the flag was very alien was just part of how kids are indoctrinated. I can see the reasons for it as America has to meld different folks into citizens. The love from America towards the UK is not really reciprocated and our desire
  5. Dominic C (Boris's brain) shaking up the whole status quo. Lot's of establishment in his sights. Mind you by using CM it might be shown that tanks are still required if they want to protect our allies. Hmm I have just realised we don't count the Europeans as allies any more... 🙄 If I were being really cynical perhaps Russia is our new friends after the help they gave Boris...
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53909087 I wonder what tools they have been using to assess if we can get by without tanks?
  7. Darn missed it... If anyone finds it please post a link.
  8. The world is all about people, when two good people meet good things can happen I am glad the right people at both companies have put this agreement in place. I hope it works out as planned. Really pleased for both companies. Congratulations.
  9. Nothing for the Russians to gain... They have a thorn in the arse of Ukraine which is all they ever wanted so mission accomplished.
  10. A man sat behind a computer screen with a beer belly in his underwear is not very photogenic! 😉
  11. With the number of empty cruise ships available at the moment you would have no problems moving the men in a socially distanced manner. The ships would be glad to being used...
  12. Hey no problems for Europe I guess the troops are needed for crowd control duties in America. 🙄 Obviously with things nice and peaceful in the world and no threats it just makes sense to redeploy idle troops... After all we brought most of ours home...
  13. It was an eye testing event he will be fine!!!
  14. Hi the key phrase I used was "could" and perhaps I should have also said "some"... But hey ho the overall all aim of my post was to applaud the collaboration and I hope that came through... 😏 Both excellent companies that have both withstood the test of time...
  15. Nice to see Iain in the video, and he is an absolutely passionate wargamer and has been very successful in seeing that passion work for him and deliver to players great games. Iain worked for Intelligent Games many years ago which was run by a close friend, it was a games software company that collapsed with cash flow issues when a major company failed to pay on time what they owed. A very painful experience for everyone affected at the company, lessons learnt which came at a price.. I am glad he has teamed up with Battlefront as they have similar passions. Sure his games have perhaps a b
  16. Yes a big congratulations to all involved with the company. 20 years a massive milestone and years of quality gaming. Thank you...
  17. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b0074q1j/dunkirk-the-soldiers-story Another documentary but just the actual soldiers talking about their experiences of the retreat to Dunkirk. The lockdown is meaning gems like this are back available to view. Very moving and with the historical footage well worth watching. Get a VPN for those abroad as I have been able to keep using BBC while travelling abroad. I think I missed this 1st time around so glad I have had a second opportunity...
  18. I obviously missed it first time around, 🙄 BBC showing old material and placing it on iplayer is useful, glad I caught it. Mind you with my memory I could have seen it 7 years ago and just forgotten! 😟
  19. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01pyjfw Just caught this and if you have access to BBC well worth a watch. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1sNypDldRvWjdZ5VVtY2GrW/5th-royal-tank-regiment-the-perfect-choice It follows 6 men and their stories from their diaries and interviews. Only 2 episodes and it might have been shown previously but on iplayer at moment so might fill a few hours for some folk.
  20. As it was some 20 years ago my memory is dim, but I remember that when I was in cases ladder it became known that people could stop tanks from being hit? My memory is vague and a quick google failed to jog it. Anyway people will always seek an edge and for some cross the line of what is acceptable. I will have a further Google at some stage, the trouble is if I go to sleep I will forget today, so 20 years ago is a tough proposition. 🙄
  21. Wow... sounds like the old days when I played close combat and ultimately discovered people could cheat... What a sad world, but I guess just humans being humans, always looking for an edge...
  22. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-middle-east-52537663/coronavirus-by-air-the-spread-of-covid-19-in-the-middle-east Come on Erwin it is not Pearl Harbor you are better than that? The link above explains the Iranian spread and shows how travel to and from China was happening. China is no innocent and has been ripping off any country they can. That is not unique America stole UK secrets in WW2 and no doubt is trying to make inroads in China too. That is the world wide game...
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