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  1. If an opponent had the time to do that then fill your boots, count it as combat experience. You are just learning what the engine can do imo so no harm in that....
  2. Occch that Sherman went seriously boom... At least this time you know why and maybe the 2" will be enough.... (Although I have heard 8" is better) 😉 Glad you are back up and running. Looking forward to seeing more...
  3. You would have to have lottery level luck to have 120mm rounds hurt any armour. But hey you might have been lucky.. who knows... (Well I do but ain't telling... 😙)
  4. Who's Kurt? 😉 If you obtain a 4 to 1 kill rate you will be well on to way for a win.
  5. Good job with the 88mm I usually work on the basis that if each AT gun can nail a couple of tanks they will have done well... Currently you are up on the deal... Looks like no more turns until later this week if we are lucky... Ian has posted about his house move...
  6. No worries, moving home is pretty stressful, so I was surprised you got any time to play... Good opportunity to de clutter and get rid of things you never use or really don't need.
  7. 😋 That's still 25% getting hit by stuff that they can't hit back... But no problems just an observation, each to their own... Looking forward to seeing a big bang!!!
  8. The squishies are there to spot for your tanks which are the real game winners, especially Sherman's with enough HE to demolish any defending German infantry. Still not pleasant to suffer those stonks... TRPs are a pain, but can't be every where....
  9. As for the 88 target armour arc's can be double edge sword, I tend to set them as far as possible on map even if you have no los. The 88 in particular can nail things at massive range which is what you want, so never set it short imo.... Looking forward to seeing it in action, nice big bang's and explosion when (if) it hits...
  10. Hmmm I guess my reverse slope defence (aka second line of buildings) comment needs further clarification... I mean that the majority of your infantry want to have started and set up defence in position where they could not be hit unless the enemy close into 1st line of buildings. You deny the enemy of supporting fire from distance and set your heavy fire power to hit those 1st line buildings. In effect a reverse slope defence but in towns or villages. Yes you need a bit of observation but to do that you choose less obvious positions that are not so threatening but still offer observation of the wood line. Anyway I'm am sure the dead pixel trupppen mother's and father's will count it as not significant... 🙄 120mm is lethal and if you can get it on target it can be a game winner... Good you still have some to hit him with...
  11. What a nail biting end shot, who will fire first... Do you have many 120mm arty rounds left? Always a difficult decision on how long to let arty fall. I am surprised at the infantry placed in forward buildings, these are always a bullet and shell magnet... A reverse slope (aka second building line) is always better imo. Maybe one spotting squad at worse if you can not get a good spotting position away from obvious fire magnets... Getting tense....
  12. The angle does look like you should with careful movement bag it without it being able to return fire... Tempting... That would be a serious loss to the Germans.
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