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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-49986007 Let's hope some way can be found out of this, either way Russia will claim victory, while Ukraine will have to compromise and look weak...
  2. Hi Ian out of interest why the extended 81mm line from the 88 to the stug? Are you hoping for a lucky Tank commander kill?
  3. Hmmm how do you know "no fire" was received from there? Were you there? Your next statement seems to be trolling... I think Oleg's follow up video was aimed at this inflammatory response... FYI I was upset watching that video of people's homes being shot up but then if Russia had not invaded Ukraine that would not be happening. War destroys people's lives and the people who wage it are mere pawns of those that decide what is best in their national interest... The good thing about this thread (if there is anything good about watching people throw lead at one another) is that it reminds people the consequences of war.
  4. Hmmm too early I think to say stopped him, a pause maybe at most... Glad things are back on track...
  5. I would love CM early war... But don't think I will ever see it...
  6. A blast from the past, I remember the simpler days of watching time team on a Sunday night. Must watch TV... I remember this episode and it was good to see it again...
  7. If an opponent had the time to do that then fill your boots, count it as combat experience. You are just learning what the engine can do imo so no harm in that....
  8. Occch that Sherman went seriously boom... At least this time you know why and maybe the 2" will be enough.... (Although I have heard 8" is better) 😉 Glad you are back up and running. Looking forward to seeing more...
  9. You would have to have lottery level luck to have 120mm rounds hurt any armour. But hey you might have been lucky.. who knows... (Well I do but ain't telling... 😙)
  10. Who's Kurt? 😉 If you obtain a 4 to 1 kill rate you will be well on to way for a win.
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