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  1. I took a small party of Americans to your museum a few years ago, great memories and a place well worth visiting. I hope this new video is being played for your visitors? Thanks for sharing the video. I will come back some day to do a more detailed walk of the battlefield, we just did a long day and ended up at the Tiger.
  2. Hi Erwin would be good to hear how it went and how easy to get into a game.
  3. Was not aware of it so now looking at going in 2019 as I have never played fully my original copy of Atlantic Wall. Will be at WBC for first time this year to see what that is like. Ties nicely with my yearly Historicon fix. So thanks for this I might get to finally get to play Atlantic Wall
  4. Holien

    The patch?

    Is it me but 18 years on this forum and life seemed better then? Is it because I can't remember accurately what was going on then? I guess people felt the same madness during the Cuban missile crisis or Vietnam war... Still govts lying to their people...
  5. Holien

    The patch?

    Hmmm I will swing by again later to see what Steve has to say... Seems like this thread has got us an update.
  6. Holien

    AAR - A Lesson in Defense

    Me too
  7. Interesting discussion, for those that have not seen "Darkest Hour" and want a pretty interesting insight into the decision making process to keep fighting despite it looking quite grim it is well worth seeing. It chimes with the importance of strong leadership during moments of unimaginable darkness, Stalin was perhaps in right place at right time? Of course you then also have to have the means to follow up any political will, but without the initial will you have nothing....
  8. Holien

    Russian army under equipped?

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-42643790/ces-2018-intel-s-swarm-of-drones-lights-up-vegas-night-sky Warfare is changing and firework displays too...
  9. Thanks for the responses, I guess it would need those as no easy way to navigate without. Was hoping there was a magical controller, but should have really thought it through. Roald Dahl made himself a great laptop desktop for writing on while in his favourite chair. I will maybe take that as inspiration, as Mords option is a bit too much like those in hospital.
  10. Ears picked up.... @Cpt what do you use to control the game on the TV? Mouse and keyboard sat on your lap?
  11. Holien

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    Yes nerfed - So read the instructions and activate the Module - had to find the option in Program files... Appears to have now sorted it..
  12. Holien

    Any news about CMFI 4.0 release

    Quick question... I downloaded full installer and ran it over my original installation - all worked OK and I entered my v3 key and it worked showing text that it was now on Engine 4. However my Gustav module was missing.. So I found the Gustav Exe and installed module again... Used my Gustav Key and Module now installed.. However it now shows that I am on V1.10 and does not show I am on engine 4 at the main menu screen. Have I nerfed the upgrade?
  13. Just as an update for others the fix worked to resolve blurry unit icons and text for me after getting a new wide-screen monitor. Glad i stumbled across this thread.
  14. This was my attempt at trying to get feedback on good scenarios. There are similar threads in the other forums...
  15. I was just trying to get the tanks under the bridge but one jumped onto the bridge, known bug at time... Bloody annoying but i did not need it in the end...