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  1. Thanks Wicky I have had a quick scan and it is clear the world leaders on the whole have just ignored this. We have had some serious near misses like Ebola but as it was a "African" issue it was easy for western leaders to dismiss. Too late now, but what is shameful is the current leadership failure to respond once we started to see what happened in China. The lock down of Wuhan was a massive red flag and I think was not taken seriously enough. Like Ebola ohhh that is a "Chinese" problem it won't bother us... It is also clear from the pdf this fitted the warnings and if we had prepared we could have saved lives, the UK had even undertaken simulations and then the current leadership buried the report as it did not fit their need to reduce costs and close down wards... Arrrggghh "Get Brexit Done" "Protect the NHS" lovely slogans that mask the realities from the average Joe public....
  2. 2016 the UK government undertook an exercise showing what would happen. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/03/28/exercise-cygnus-uncovered-pandemic-warnings-buried-government/ Looks like Telegraph are digging. Another article but I guess based on Telegraph. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/03/28/cygn-m28.html The UK have dropped the ball on this unlike South Korea and Singapore who took this seriously.
  3. Hi Wicky thanks for the wry smile I got tonight with the image. Last year I spent August through to just after Christmas seeing the critical care pathway followed for my Dad and it was sobering to get to grips with... He in an odd way, dodged a bullet bowing out early on this debacle and even last year watching with the staff un stretched with the virus, it was not a smooth process. My hat's off to those in service trying to deal with this nightmare. I think there was some exercise more recent that highlighted what we needed to do, those are 15 years old comments. I will do some more digging to see what was told to the government. Anyway Boris unlike Mr T is on the whole dodging criticism with his better daily TV performance. But as noted by those in the know we have wasted time since January at least a month which could have been better used. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/coronavirus-uk-cases-john-ashton-nhs-hospital-covid-19-budget-a9396211.html As for Brexit as an "Economically inactive adult" I await my call up to serve in the fields. Interesting times just got a whole lot more interesting and all I wanted was a quite retirement. Stay safe...
  4. https://thebulwark.com/warnings-ignored-a-timeline-of-trumps-covid-19-response/ So tonight I have been digging to understand what we knew when and why we (UK / Europe / America) failed to prepare. While the above article obviously has a target in its sights it gives a timeline in America of what was known when, and it is not a liberal hippy dippy site doing the analysis. I will keep digging to see if a similar timeline analysis has been done for the UK / Europe. I seem to remember the UK ran some exercises several years ago and it showed how badly prepared we were. If anyone has any links I would be interested. Obviously here (UK) we have been a tad preoccupied with Brexit and it has become all consuming for those in power. I guess many other important issues have been missed due to Govt bandwidth being totally consumed on one issue.
  5. What confuses me is that China and other countries have developed decent testing regimes and surely could share the expertise? It seems like each country is reinventing the test process and test kits. I guess the WHO don't co-ordinate this expertise and once a design is proven the technical blueprint should be shared and rolled out? The only news on this I saw is that America shipped a large number of kits from Italy to America via a military transport. I guess maybe Italy did not need them? https://www.defenseone.com/threats/2020/03/us-air-force-flew-half-million-coronavirus-test-kits-italy-tennessee/163879/ This virus has been known about since January what have countries been doing, testing is just basic common sense surely for those experts in the know?
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-52061381 Is there is a hint that it is a corrupt European problem and not something for Russia to worry about? I wonder if it does escalate there will it get properly reported either here in the west or Russia. With the oil prices the way it is i am guessing the Russian government might be struggling and by keeping it low profile it stops the people from getting worried and any potential unrest contained. This crisis will test the political stability of every nation. I am still gobsmacked that despite warnings and previous planning both in the UK and America we are struggling to get effective testing sorted... Lessons need to be learnt but I guess we will forget them the next time we get hit by a pandemic... 🙄
  7. John in a few weeks it is likely there are going to be a lot of dead people in London, we don't turn the Excel Exhibition centre into a hospital lightly. Sure the Chinese are dealing with a lot of dead, the number we will soon see for ourselves. Spain is now being hit hard. NYC seems likely to be when America starts to understand if folks have not already.... I don't dispute people are dying... 😟
  8. Phaaa That just means they died and have not been able to cancel the subscription! 🙄
  9. John think it through.... A - Hmmm let me think I am stuck at home, earning no money and I have the ability to reduce my outgoings. Wonder what I would do.... B - Or it could be they all died.... I know which explanation I would choose, a large degree of A and a bit of B... No conspiracy here...
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51979654 Article trying to get an understanding of Covid vs Flu and the analysis the uk government is working with. If you think this might be an overreaction it explains the modelling and why the government response is being undertaken. As a leader would you be re elected if you were shown as killing 500,000 people by August?
  11. You won't be doing that in the UK after tonight. Country wide lock down just announced.
  12. Reports sent back will be summarized from whole front and as the uber tanks were not holding up the whole front then it might have been summarized that all was good. He mentions in the Q&A about staff on the ground working with the crews asking questions to help inform future design. If the Sherman's had not engaged say the Elephants then they would not be reported back as an issue? Strategic vs Tactical the reports he might have seen would be at Strategic level?
  13. Hi, I just watched him and I think he covers this with his later comments that the Sherman was successful on the strategic level. So it was winning against these tanks. He even mentions that people focus on the tactical level. Which I think you might be falling into that trap? So in context of his talk you should view it at the strategic level. I.e yes for those tanks that had to face head on those uber tanks they needed a better tank, but by having more Sherman's that worked it meant that they were available for the whole front and every company fighting had support. While the German uber tanks were limited and could not be every where. They broke down / were bypassed. Just my interpretation of where he was coming from.
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