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  1. Ales Dvorak

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    Yes, "fairly soon" is so 90's.
  2. Almost 100 years old car ... It must be cheap than .
  3. But it works for 20 years now.
  4. BF never had Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Analog Tuesday sale ...
  5. ^^^ ..... and a new one is much better ... Really?
  6. And the Panther in 1963.
  7. Or you can relabel ( tiny, medium ,big) maps in scenario editor by your own choice, by your own standards.
  8. No problem. Turn map selection to automatic ... You'll be surprised.. How much is a tiny map small? How much is a big map big in CM?
  9. In QB you have the size of the map under the preview picture of the map. So you can decide ..
  10. +1 And it's the only game I play. No time for others ....
  11. Ales Dvorak

    Manual download

    And the game is a lot different then old ones.
  12. Ales Dvorak

    Manual download

    Look at CM Battle for Normandy folder / Documents
  13. So we could have a contest in max file size upload. And the winner is ....
  14. And the second difference is the year of membership.😨