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  1. They were in Ljubljana in January 1980 and I missed the concert.
  2. Maybe is just some sort of compensation while people waiting for patch and modules.
  3. This Battlefront Flexible Calendarâ„¢ is more flexible than I thought.
  4. On the other hand we're quite lucky to have BF.
  5. Looking at Battlefront's Flexible Calendar â„¢ (Warts 'n' all) the answer is Yes.
  6. Yes and there is a note "To request support from our staff, please go to the Help Desk and click on Submit Ticket" But now I see Help Desk link is dead ( page cannot be found ), so your link is the right one. ( Maybe they should fix dead link )
  7. Hi, maybe you should submit ticket here: http://community.battlefront.com/forum/114-cm2-general-tech-support/
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