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  1. You can change settings in options menu. (start the game/options)
  2. Who the f*** are Tito's? People's Republic of Germany? Hello .... wake up!
  3. There are separate installers for Mac and PC (not on the same disk). You also need OS 9 (Mac) to run this game. Maybe you should try CMBN ....or FI ...or RT ... etc.
  4. Same here. Thank you Battlefront for 20 years of great gaming experience. For me CM is one of the best ( and the only game I play ). 20 years? Wov, time flies. Happy 20th birthday CM. A
  5. Since it's dawn, Alt+B should make a big difference. (Artificially bright night graphics). Strange ....
  6. For black ... Alt +B ? And for red ... just start the game and red will disappear. (it's setup zone)
  7. MIDI = Musical Instrument Digital Interface DAW = Digital Audio Workstation
  8. It is. Using piano keyboard via MIDI protocol in your DAW and than print the score.
  9. Czech style. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defenestrations_of_Prague
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