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  1. Ales Dvorak

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    So.. They've been blessed by Mord.
  2. Ales Dvorak

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Were they invited on your 50th birthday? p.s. Happy birthday, I know I'm late ..
  3. Ales Dvorak

    CMRT Module 1 Bones

    Phil, good to see you back.
  4. Ales Dvorak

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    ^ ^ ^ Really? But we have your recipes.
  5. Ales Dvorak

    CMFI Rome to Victory Bones

    He he ...think of Emrys.
  6. Ales Dvorak

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    Yes, he was working on mac version.
  7. Ales Dvorak

    Any way to fix fog graphics glitches?

    @Bulletpoint It's an old story. I just turn the shaders off. Long ago I asked Phil M ( I thought it was mac thing ) about this, but he didn't have any clear answer .. So shaders off ..
  8. Ales Dvorak

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    CM Repairman
  9. Ales Dvorak

    How does this work?

  10. Ales Dvorak

    Terrain Description

    Sure in RL, but in the game crop no6 looks the same from June to September (CMBN), also crop 2 and 4 ..So there is no difference in height.. In the end of September (RL) wheat field won't even exist ... In RL max diff. would have corn field.. Yes, in winter time (RL) is hard to say that any of this plants have height ..
  11. Ales Dvorak

    Terrain Description

    Hmmm ... No MikeyD answer ... In the editor preview crop no. 6 is the highest crop. IMHO crop 6 looks more like Linum than Lavanda.... the height of both is between 70-120 - Lavanda is more 100 cm max. Crop 2 and 4 are Oat or Rye and Wheat ( it's hard to tell because of the game resolution ), but height of Wheat is aprox 100 - 150 cm. So crop 4 is higher than crop 6, but not in the game ( correct me if I'm wrong ) OK, I'm nitpicking ... but with the game which counts every bullet ... 10 cm or 50 cm counts in RL.. Just my 2c ..
  12. Ales Dvorak

    Terrain Description

    @MikeyD I was joking about lavanda ... but then I go to editor and try to find lavanda ( lavanda angustifolia ) and I can't find it. Tallest crop? What does it look like in the game? I know how it looks in RL ...
  13. Ales Dvorak

    Terrain Description

  14. O Mord, you ordered a delicatessen? I't a long way to your HQ, so this brain must be frozen ... Wait, this is not pizza delivery boy.. OMG! ... Rabbit! Love, Alice p.s. Merry Christmas, my friend.