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  1. I bought this at a deep discount ... and I don't have a desire yet to pay for SC2 ... with that ... just some old questions for an old guy ... 1. How do units get out of Ireland? I invaded, but since there is no port ... and operation movement doesn't get you anywhere .... If that's the way it is .... how does one take over Ireland? 2. I had HQs and Infantry in western Libya ... but Operation movement was not available to them. What's with that?
  2. Thanks for all the info on my original question. For those that say the KT doesn't bog that often, play that Royal Tiger scenario that comes with CMBB. If you run those KTs off the roads, you're screwed. That's been mye xperince with playing that scneario. Granted, it's a small sample size. Anyway, that's what led to my question. I would think that given two exact situations with the same AFV, and one going fact, and the other going "move" the chance for bog would be different. However, there is no clear answer. Why isn't this in the manual? As an ASL grognard, I'd think it's important. Thanks again! Doc
  3. Question regarding bog/immobilization and off-road performance. In some of the scenarios where weather plays a factor, and the AFV goes off-road there is a chance for bog/immobilization. My question is … does the “chance” increase when traveling in “Fast” as opposed to “Move?” Doe the same condition apply when trying to unbog? Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks a ton ... so many things just get lost now a days. Who said technology will make my life easier.
  5. Haven't been to the boards in a very long time, but I've been playing CMBB and CMAK religiously by e-mail. Anyway, I seem to have lost track of where to find scenarios (is the Depot really dead – oh my!). What resources are available for download of new scenarios, as well as any rating sites of the scenarios for play balance purposes? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Doc
  6. I just did a search, but came up empty ... and the game description did not really go into detail. Anyway, the game can be played with up to 6 people, but can those 6 people play via PBEM, or is that still restricted to 2people? Thanks in advance! Brian
  7. I just got CMAK for Christmas (oh, Happy New Year everyone), but I have an easy question for a veteran Combat Mission player (CMBO and CMBB). I was going through the tutorial (as described in the “manual.” It says to but the HQ over the crest of the hill, have the mortar team within command range, and then spot for the mortar team. Just like in CMBB. However, I’m in command range, and I can’t get the mortar team to fire at simple targets out of their LOS (but w/I their spotter). Now, the HQ has a clear LOS to everything, the mortar team is w/I command range, and the targets are within range of the mortar. What the heck is going on?!?!?! Thanks, Doc
  8. How do you expect the computer player (sometimes incorrectly called "AI") to actually win?
  9. Should definately be a Soviet War song ... how about "Meadowlands?"
  10. Can we all just agree on the fact that the Nazi regime was hell bent on "eradicating" the Slavs from the face of the earth ... what were we called? Untermenschen ... sub-human. The National Policy of Germany was imemdiate eradication of intelligencia, slavery for the rest of the Slavs, along with sterilization. All had to do with Lebensraum ... Thanks for reading!
  11. Wow ... that's great ... So, I should download both the hi and lo!
  12. Time for another question … I've been toying with the idea to use the CMMOS found at HQ, but I'm not sure if I should use the low resolution or the high resolution. (My 'Puter is a 550 MHz oldie.) Can people tell me the advantages and disadvantages between the two? I assume that CM out of the box uses all Low-Resolution stuff, and if I want to keep the speed from slowing down, to continue to use low resolution, right? However, I noted that some units are hi resolution only. Does this mean I'm out of luck if I go low resolution, and not be able to use hi resolution along with low resolution when using CMMOS? Thanks in advance!!!!
  13. I think that BTS should accept pre-orders, ONLY, and ONLY IF, everyone that makes a pre-order signs a waiver to not complain if the announced shipment date is not met.
  14. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Colonel_Klink: I thought they were supposed to seek nearest cover not occupied by enemy troops?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> That makes too much sense. Anyway, the point on hills not included in the computer algorythm is disturbing.
  15. Thanks for the advice all ...and I'm glad that at least I know it is an unreasonable computer algorithm causing this.
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