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  1. Given there is a known issue with these mines, which were never there in the original, and apparently unremovable by the breach teams (at least my teams wouldn't blast them away), why are they in there? There's a whole host of problematic behaviors and it really sours the campaign to start that way. "Ok, we cleared some lanes in the mines, finally.... No, don't go over there.." BLAM! "No, don't back away into them.." BLAM! Not a great way to show off the new engine to those of us who have been along for the ride and invested early since CMBO days. Why not just take them out of the campaign mission? Am I missing something? At some point the regret really starts to sink in that this isn't the game experience I paid for. There are plenty of heartbreaking moments in the game without clunky mechanics that have had 13+ years to get worked out making a mess of a game session. While I accept some of that is inevitable, the choice to put mines there with no way to resolve it short of calling an arty strike on yourself is somewhat baffling.
  2. Hello Capt. Toleran,

    Interested in playing CMBN, FI, or RT, up to Reinforced Company, Meeting, QB's.

    I also use Dropbox for Game File exchanges, and can do 1-2 turns daily.


  3. It would be even better if the files in the repository were actually there consistently -- see my other recent thread (unaddressed) about that issue...
  4. Btw, Kiemme, you in particular I owe a great thanks to, thank you again (I know others also chimed in on the thread) for your quick and hard work these weeks, I have pretty much all your mods right now for CMBS.
  5. Hate to complain after finally having my rep here repaired, but the repository seems to sadly lack behind what we saw for other games in terms of it actually working on time (took many weeks to go up), and for the files actually working. Case in point -- tried to download Stagler's MSV uniforms: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=314&func=startdown&id=3481 ...and I get a "File not found" page consistently. What's the deal? It's kind of sad when misc. dropbox links from PM's and threads here work better than the official repository. I'm sure the modders here have better things to do (like make mods, and thank you for those) than post links and deal with PM's from annoying/needy people like me. Could someone maybe look into this and fix it definitively? It seems really strange it has taken this long for this to solidify given the great repository support for the past games. A repository is of little use if it doesn't work consistently.
  6. Sure would like to see a youtube of someone winning this. Rage quit 4 times in about 40 minutes. The first two games, I lost my jeep mg gunner in the first 2 turns, despite being in heavy cover. Also, I think this scenario needs a map with the general area of the outpost mapped. First time, I didn't understand that the outpost was right there and the "rush vehicles forwards" advice seems to end up with a jeep that is quickly routing in panic. Unit position ended up with either my units in too much cover, with no sight of the enemy, or not enough, and getting picked off. Snipers were surprisingly passive, and many observation areas proved selectively useless for covering advancing troops, I quickly started running out of time and losing too many troops to attrition -- to rescue one guy, this sure wasn't worth the sacrifice. But I seem to be the only one with this experience. Once again, would love to see this in action so that I can know what I am doing wrong.
  7. Getting to this discussion late -- I think sometimes people forget that Battlefront is a business, and at the end of the day, they need to sell games to make more of them. Let's think about the audience for the game -- while we have plenty of international players (welcome!), there is still a significant amount, I would assume the majority, that are American. This means you do Marines, because the Marines are almost a religion unto themselves here, revered (rightfully so) as some of the best of our best. If you want to sell games to Americans, you make it about Americans. Battlefront themselves said that one of the big problems with CMBB was that the effort vs. ROI tradeoff was very poor vs. CMBO because there were no Americans in that part of the war. It was a great game for a specific niche of hobbyists, and Russians didn't bite on the game (or maybe they couldn't really sell it there anyways vs. pirating), so it was kind of a waste. All of these other countries I have seen listed -- France, Britain, Poland, etc. -- they will have to be "in addition to Marines." Nothing against those countries, but until the UK and France, Germany, etc. start buying the game wholesale (if you want to help Battlefront, spread the word!), they are going to focus on things that make Americans buy games, and there are a lot more of us who care more about US Marines vs. any other country's force that is supposed to be on the "allied" side. This is just economic reality, but I am eager to hear any counter-arguments that might contradict this, including if there were any major demographic changes in the Battlefront audience since CMBO. If so, I stand corrected.
  8. I like the tank morale change to normal, I feel like the Russian "volunteers" that are there are probably front-line, professional troops vs. folks who don't want to be there.
  9. It certainly has been a success in terms of showing the line in terms of tactics and what squads can do by themselves. Great learning experience so far, after I win or fail v.1, I will be looking forward to the next iteration.
  10. Thank you good sir for liking my posts here, you have brought me back to neutral and erased some of my self-inflicted shame from bad behavior in January. I won't forget the good favor, cheers!
  11. One reality this scenario really drove home for me was the caliber change in modern warfare, which for the most part is smaller bullets with less penetration power. Troops in CMBN could hole up in a heavy building if they wanted to, but a barrage of 30-06 and the 7..92mm German equivalent (as well as 7.62x54R in CMRT, which kicks like a mule if you have ever fired a Mosin or a SVD-imitation Romanian PSG) meant that it was only a matter of time before you caught the right round in the wrong place, or the building slowly came apart. In this scenario, aside from the heavy MG's and the tank rounds, which really make themselves known once they show up, only the Dragunov's and PKM's/PKP's have the penetrating power needed to really put someone down inside a heavy building vs. what seems like a barrage of 5.45x39 rounds against those walls. They take much longer to have any chance of getting through some of these buildings, and while the squad now has great rapid-fire ability in the open, in an urban environment, they struggle. I had remembered it from CMSF, but it had been a long time since I had played that (thanks antivirus programs!) and I had been playing CMBN and CMRT a lot, where urban environments didn't stand up as well to higher-caliber rounds. RPG's and grenades (launched or otherwise) are still of pretty limited use on a lot of the buildings on this map.
  12. I'm having better luck this time taking your advice, and also not trying to fight the whole map at once -- I think that was a big part of my problem, diluting my attack. I will let you know if I do better by the end of it.
  13. Thanks, I was tired and cranky last night and maybe a bit more blunt than was appropriate. You can see from my current rating here (due to my meltdown on CMBS launch day) that I do that sometimes, much to my chagrin later I also think perhaps you are right about difficulty level. I always play Iron out of principle, but the first time I did Warrior, and maybe I am drastically overestimating my own skillset vs. the difficulty. My stubborn pride won't let me not do Iron, and I think this is probably one of those scenarios I need to get right to learn and grow. Thank you again for doing this, and I look forward to other scenarios from you, they for sure are not overly easy
  14. Thanks RepsolCBR, I appreciate the breakdown, it sounds like I was doing it wrong and trying to take them out from long range. I still find the suicidal last stand behavior somewhat unreal, but maybe that is just a limitation of the AI and nothing you can account for. I will take a rest for a while on this one and try it again later.
  15. Anyone win this one yet? After rage quitting twice, and taking massive casualties from seemingly suicidal/invicible outposts (who would not rout even when surrounded and pounded for minutes on end with every caliber I had), I surrendered and got a lot at the rest of the forces -- and they seem overwhelming. Is this a fair attack map, or is it one of those scenarios meant to be extremely realistic but not necessarily winnable? I saw a ton of blue out there, and even the reserve didn't look like nearly enough troops, tanks or not, to get anywhere near a winning condition on this map. As a side note, both tanks were completely tore up by the higher caliber MG's, and I wasted all of my HE rounds taking out just one of them. I would love to see a youtube of someone winning this scenario and proving me wrong.
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