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  1. Yes I have it installed perhaps emails are being distributed.
  2. Thanks for posting further information on the atrocities the article I found mentioned them briefly but this shed much more detail on these terrible crimes.
  3. On the subject of Goums an interesting article Moroccan Goumier
  4. We have a very troops. Monkeys stand to.
  5. Elvis what's the skinny? October 30th radio silence on any info. Are we getting a very ?
  6. Elvis any update ? Well past the last end of September estimate, being 3 weeks into October I am curious to know if we will see it this week?
  7. Danger close? drop modules on my position I am ready.
  8. Game has been gifted. Enjoy.
  9. Anyone interested in a copy of Tannenberg ? I have a spare/ free key available. pm me Tannenberg trailer
  10. As April 1st approaches the eternal question looms, that question are the updates and addons ready for primetime? It's been radio silence for sometime since Matts' estimate . My paypal finger is ready to buy.
  11. Seeing a RPG-43 in air and striking German armour in CMBB was one of my fave CM engine 1 experiences.
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