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  1. That could very well be it. I switched to a different program when I was having problems unpacking an update for a Fields of Glory mod and that resolved the issue as well. Thanks
  2. I hear ya. I downloaded the RAR files and extracted them into their own folders. I then put the update itself in another folder. Those files had the name of the installer file as a pre-fix to the .brz and did not match the various version .brz in the data folder for the games. Every time I installed the patch before I caught these erroneously named .brz were in copied to the data folder. What fixed the issue was to edit the file names to match the name in the current game data folder and then install the patch .exe Each module I followed that process worked just fine. No more foxholes labeled as Wolverines. I do have to put in a ticket to help resolve the activation issues I am having for CM:FI and Gustav Line though. Of course I need more time to play but work is the curse of the gaming class.
  3. It's the patch! When I extracted the files from the RAR the file name for the .brz had "CM Red Thunder Update 202" in front. So I changed the names to make the brz files uniform and copied them over to the data folder. When I went back into the game, the unit names are now correct. That took too much work but I feel I learned something today. Now let's see how the rest of these go. BDH
  4. All righty I am installing version 2.0 and patching to 2.01 I have these files after a fresh extraction of the file I downloaded in May from my Battlefront account CMRT v200 installer.exe CMRT v200 installer-1.bin RT v100a.brz RT v100b.brz RT v100c.brz RT v100d.brz RT v101.brz RT v104.brz RT v200.brz Is that .bin the potential problem? Thanks for the response. BDH ****UPDATE*** I just did the install without patching to 2.01 and the names are correct! Previously I did have my other game folders with installation files extracted and I deleted them before doing this install. When I extract those I am going to make sure I keep them well away from my RT folders as a precaution. Now to patch to 2.01 and see what happens! BDH
  5. After some time away from CM, I am trying to get a good install of all the products on my PC. I downloaded all the updated files and did appropriate extractions. After installing CM:RT I am getting mixed up unit names. I have gone through and ensured there is not a single trace of the previous time I installed. I even went through the registry and deleted every single instance of "combat" related to the CM games. When I do a fresh install...the unit names are still hosed. Where can that @#$%%* file still be?
  6. It does give the wooden floors a patina with a certain stressed appearance that is so hot with fashion conscious buyers these days BDH
  7. Very nice site. Looking forward to going through it now that I have come back to the CM games. BDH
  8. ....on a road trip with my brother, he was on the lookout for wild turkeys in the brush and woods while I commented on why one patch would be where I would drop a couple mortar rounds...just in case. B.
  9. and The Farce...these are troubling but entertaining times in the kingdom.
  10. I have a new Alienware 18 with i7-4800, 2x GTX-880M, 16GB of RAM and "Gog and Magog" I still takes a minute or so to load...but it sure looks and runs great once loaded! I have a bunch of mods too. These artists add a lot of immersion to the game.
  11. Mmmmmmmm.....donut of invulnerability....
  12. And Now: Crop 6 The Rapeseed
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