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  1. Hi All Its been a large number of years but I have started playing CMBN again, but with my new system I still see that the graphics scale down about 100m away from your point of view. Is there a way of preventing this or is it engine limted? I tried serching but for some reason it didnt apear to find anything. My appologies if this has ( and I'm sure it has) been discussed at length previously. Pud
  2. Thanks fellas. I had thought about the mouse driver (intellimouse etc) will have a look. I just cant get used to scrolling forward (up) and the view hits the dirt. I will eventually get used to it, just in the interim its a case of "DOH!"
  3. Gday did a search, nada. Is there anyway of inverting the mouse wheel scroll? I know about the key binding file but it doesnt seem to contain the wheel action. Probably hard coded, but would be nice as my aged brain cant cope with the current (im my mind) reverse action of the wheel. Thanks
  4. Pud


    Flanker15 - Thanks mate. Fuser, is that your mod? I like it. Is it available?
  5. Pud


    That's weird, I tried that by placing a big black dot on all tree bmps in the foliage directory and moved them to Z, then loaded up game this is what happens. At a distance they all had black dots but as I moved the view closer, a more "high res" tree replaces them. See the trees in the back with the black dots. Once I move closer a higher res version is apparently used, note no dot now, so the close ones must be located someplace else. Or am I missing something?
  6. Has anyone worked out how to mod trees yet. I was thinking they are a bit wishy washy in colour for my taste, but for the life of me I unable to locate the correct bmps. Poke me in the eye and call me blind but I exploded the brz files found everything else, even the bmp for trees at a distance but nothing else. Am I right in assuming their are located in the mdr file (within the folliage directories) if so are they then moddable at all? I see the transparency is handled totally differently from the old CMx1 which I was used to. Yes I just bought the game on weekend and started digging around Looks like a learning curve is ahead of me.
  7. They are also why I was concerned about my video card/PC setup going by my initial view at game setup, many thanks
  8. I didn't go any further as I was expecting something similar to the old CM games where the setup map was identical to the actual playing map so I certainly wasn't expecting any colour changes once you start also the colours were frying my brain I couldn't risk causing permanent damage! Thanks for the quick response anyway guys.
  9. Gday all Back from the dead again and I'm looking at buying the game, however this is what the demo looks like to me on the high settings. The colours are absolutely horrible! I'm concerned that my PC isn't capable of running this game as it should be seen and if that's the case I wont be purchasing it, on the other hand I am hoping its just the demo which looked like this for everyone. I am sure this has been asked before but couldn't think of the correct search to my question. I also wanted to just greet everyone again anyway from down under. Bruce (aka Pud)
  10. I will have to get myself a bucket, my drooling is getting a tad heavy and out of control. Normandy, Market Garden.... Pud
  11. Ahhh thank goodness for web caching sites, managed to track down the file from a 2005 cache. Bruce (aka Pud)
  12. Hi All Its been a long long time but I have reinstalled CMBB. Alas most of my files/mods/maps etc are gone, even from my website a lot of files are now missing. I was hoping someone out (old timers) there has retained one of my old maps for CMBB "Four-bridges". If you have I would love a copy again of it. This feels like when you attend a school reunion Thanks Bruce (aka Pud)
  13. Pud


    hahaha thanks Paul and MeatEtr, yes been a hard last few years for myself. I havent had time for much but seeing TOW is coming out, somehow I will find time to have a game or 30 I will have to do something new for the site one day.
  14. Pud


    Wow, i have been gone for 2 years, I come back and find BF.com have taken on Wartime command, holy crap!! Its not christmas is it, i had given WC up for lost. I really need to come back more frequently!
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