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  1. The battle was fought 63 years ago. Now you have chance to follow the historical timeline and play all 14 battles in two weeks. Experience endless Soviet hordes and bitter fighting in a harsh winter climate. Here is a timeline taken from the official Winter War telegrams( The Winter War ): Day 90 of the Winter War, February 27, 1940 The Finnish troops have held the intermediary defensive positions on the Isthmus for 12 days. Lieutenant-General Erik Heinrichs, commander of the Army of the Isthmus, orders withdrawal from these positions to begin at 7 o'clock in the evening. The Finns begin delaying action to cover withdrawal to the backline defences. Despite the critical situation in the intermediary positions as a result of the enemy breakthrough, the Finnish troops manage to pace their withdrawal successfully. The Soviet force follows behind relatively slowly. Following the realignment of the front on the western part of the Isthmus, the Finnish 2nd Division is ordered to withdraw to the eastern side of the Vuoksi and defend the Sintolanniemi-Vuosalmi line. The 2nd Division fighting in Vuosalmi ends its assessment of its present situation: "Today we're okay, tomorrow we'll be really struggling, and the day after tomorrow the 2nd Division will no longer exist unless we get full assistance from III Army Corps." The 2nd Division is placed under III Army Corps and begins a delaying action in the Vuosalmi sector. Day 93 of the Winter War, March 1, 1940 In Vuosalmi, a Soviet detachment of approximately battalion strength attacking the church hill at Äyräpää is beaten back by the defending Finnish troops. Day 95 of the Winter War, March 3, 1940 The Soviet troops on the Vuoksi throw almost three divisions into an offensive across a broad front in the Vuosalmi and Kaskiselkä sectors. The defending Finnish troops successfully halt the offensive with the support of artillery fire. Day 96 of the Winter War, March 4, 1940 On the Isthmus, a Soviet assault launched at 6 o'clock in the morning leads by nightfall to the capture of a bridgehead near Äyräpää church. Day 97 of the Winter War, March 5, 1940 The counterattack to retake the church hill at Äyräpää is delayed by the late arrival of the Finnish detachment at the starting position. The launch of the operation is put back until daylight. The Finnish attack founders with heavy losses in the face of intense enemy fire. During the half-hour attack up the church hill, the attacking Finnish soldiers from the Ostrobothnia municipality of Nurmo lose 40 dead and 30 wounded, some fatally. The hill remains in enemy hands. During the course of the morning the Russians occupy Vasikkasaari. Day 100 of the Winter War, March 8, 1940 In Vuosalmi the enemy is digging in on the northern bank of the Vuoksi. The Finnish 2nd and 21st divisions are estimated to be facing six Russian divisions. They are thus outnumbered three to one. Two Soviet divisions attack across the Vuoksi from Vasikkasaari to Vuosalmi. Day 101 of the Winter War, March 9, 1940 The Soviet Union is continuing its massive offensive against the Finnish backline positions. Day 102 of the Winter War, March 10, 1940 In Vuosalmi the enemy is concentrating its efforts on the Liete meadows to the northeast of Vasikkasaari. Day 103 of the Winter War, March 11, 1940 The Soviet troops in the centre of the Karelian Isthmus launch an offensive across the Vuoksi with supporting artillery and other fire. At 2.45 p.m. the enemy achieve a 500 metre breakthrough to the northwest of Vasikkasaari, but the defending Finnish troops manage to contain it. During the night, the Finnish troops in Vuosalmi withdraw from Vitsaari after heavy fighting. Day 104 of the Winter War, March 12, 1940 Around 50 Soviet tanks drive across the Vuoksi to the mainland, suffering losses under the Finnish artillery fire. Colonel Hersalo's 21st Division launches a counterattack in Vuosalmi. The commander of III Army Corps, Major-General Talvela decides to pull back his troops in Vuosalmi on account of the ceasefire negotiations. However, in the evening his troops occupy the support line in the rear. Day 105 of the Winter War, March 13, 1940 The Treaty of Moscow ending the Winter War is signed in the Kremlin at 1 o'clock in the morning Finnish time. The peace treaty takes effect on all fronts at 11 o'clock in the morning. In the Taipale and Vuosalmi sectors of the front the Finnish artillery, which has played a major role in the successful defence of these sectors, finally falls silent as the fierce fighting is broken off at 11 o'clock. Finland's total losses in the war are 21,396 dead, 1,434 missing and 43,557 wounded. Enemy losses total around 200,000 dead and 600,000 wounded.
  2. I'm considering it. I have done some research, the battle wouldn't be so one sided: Finns had more heavy weapons, artillery, Stukas and even some StuGs. But first I'd like to have more feedback about the winter war series. I have got some opinions about the individual battles, but almost nothing about how the scenarios work as a series.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, about how much time did you put into all these scenarios? </font>
  4. Thanks for the comments. Here is a good site about the Winter War
  5. I have submitted the last three scenarios to The Scenario Depot . There are 14 scenarios on the campaign: VC-1-Cemetery VC-2-Counter Attack VC-3-Wave after Wave VC-4-Islands VC-5-Church Hill VC-6-Too Late VC-7-URRAHH! VC-8-A Cold Night VC-9-Red Snow VC-10-A Line in Snow I VC-11-A Line in Snow II VC-12-Vuosalmi VC-13-The Night of Chaos VC-14-The Final Assault During the 13 day battle the Infantry Regiment 23 (JR 23) lost 672 men. The total losses of the Finnish III Corps were about 4000 men. The Russian casualtes were far higher. General Headquarters, March 14, 1940 Order of the Day Nr. 34 Soldiers of the glorious Finnish army! Peace has been concluded between Finland and Soviet Russia, a harsh peace in which Soviet Russia has been ceded nearly every battlefield on which you have shed your blood on behalf of everything we hold sacred and dear. You did not want war; you loved peace, work and progress; but you were forced into a struggle in which you have achieved great deeds, deeds that will shine for centuries in the annals of history. Soldiers! I have fought on many a battlefield, but never have I seen such warriors as you. I am as proud of you as if you were my own children; I am as proud of the man from the northern fells as of the son of Ostrobothnia's plains, of the Karelian forests, the hills of Savo, the fertile fields of Häme and Satakunta, the leafy glades of Uusimaa and Varsinais-Suomi. I am equally proud of the sacrifice of the factory worker and the poor crofter as of that of the wealthy. With joy and pride my thoughts dwell on the women of the Lotta Svärd - on their spirit of self-sacrifice and untiring work in myriad fields, work which has freed thousands of men to fight at the front. Their noble spirit has given inspiration and support to the army, and they have thoroughly earned our gratitude and respect. A place of honour has also been earned by the thousands of workers who, often as volunteers and during air raids, have worked on their machines to provide the army with vital supplies, and those, too, who have laboured unflinchingly under fire to strengthen our defensive positions. On behalf of our native land, I thank you all. Mannerheim
  6. The scenarios are now linked, you can download them from the Depot.
  7. The files have not been linked yet, it will probably happen soon. I sent the scenarios to you by email.
  8. Scenarios "VC-7-URRAHH!" and "VC-8-A Cold Night" are available on the Scenario Depot.
  9. Title: Vuosalmi Campaign, 9. Red Snow Type: Soviet Assault (Historical) Date: March 7th, 1940 Time: 11:00 hrs Location: Äyräpää, Karelian Isthmus Region: Finland Weather: Clear, Frozen Terrain: Snow, Farmland Turns: 30+ Author: Matti Vesanen, matti_vesanen@hotmail.com This is the ninth battle of Vuosalmi campaign (1st - 13th March, 1940) After taking the church hill on March 5th the Russians wanted to enlarge their gains on the southern bank of Vuoksi. The ridge near the ferry was seen as a valuable support position for any operations across the river. The Finnish light detachment Kev.Os.8 was defending the eastern part of the bridgehead. Strategic Situation: We couldn't capture Vasikkasaari on the night of March 6th. The supporting artillery ran out of shells and the attack was stopped. The III/JR 24 deployed in defense on the north bank of Vuoksi. On March 6th we repulsed all enemy attacks from Vasikkasaari to the north bank. On the south bank the situation has been relatively quiet since we lost the church hill on March 5th. Our easternmost defensive positions are on the ridge that goes from point 31 to the ferry. The perimeter is here only 150-200m wide. There has been a few company sized probing attacks and some artillery fire but nothing serious. Yesterday our JR 23 was attached to the 21st division, which took control of this sector. With the division HQ we got much needed reinforcements, three combat weary battalions from the Taipale sector: I/JR 62, II/JR 61 and III/JR 63. Mission: 11:00, 7.3.1940 - You are the commader of Kev.Os.8 The enemy has been making attack preparations on the church hill all morning. We couldn't harrass their actions bacause a serious shortage of artillery shells. Only a moment ago there was a strong artillery barrage on our positions, fortunately the accuracy was poor and we suffered only light casualties. We have seen some enemy infantry on the hill near point 31, they are moving towards our lines. Defend the salient between the river and open fields. You have two companies on the salient (green setup zone). There is a MG platoon near Alatalo farm, their southern flank is protected (***** -line on the map). You can also get some fire support from the north bank. Intel: The enemy tanks have been moving on the fields 500-1000m from our positions. There are direct fire guns on the other side of fields. The enemy has air superiority, and ground attack planes are circling above us. It's dangerous to move during daylight. If you have to move, use covered routes and a dispersed formation. Forces: Salient (green zone) - jääkäri company - infantry company - 3 x Maxim MG - 2 x sharpshooter - 81mm mortar spotter (75 rounds) Alatalo (yellow zone) - 3 x Maxim MG - Kev.Os.8 HQ North bank (black zone) - 75mm spotter (80 rounds) - 2 x Maxim MG Reserves: None Glossary: Kev.Os.8 = light detachment 8 (battalion sized infantry recon formation) III/JR 24 = 3rd battalion of infantry regiment 24
  10. Good idea, I'll put translations to my future scenarios. Btw. do you have spare time to test my scenarios? I just finished the briefings for the scenario #9 "Red Snow". It's ready for play testing.
  11. Ok, the scanario is quite big. I have got two other playtesters, if they agree with you, I'll have to do some changes. Number 9 is medium sized, I'll sent it to you when it's ready for testing. Thanks for proofreading my briefing.
  12. The battle #8 is ready for playtesting, any volunteers? Here is the briefing: Title: Vuosalmi Campaign, 8. A Cold Night Type: Finnish Assault (Historical) Date: March 6th, 1940 Time: 02:00 hrs Location: Äyräpää, Karelian Isthmus Region: Finland Weather: Clear, Night, Extreme Cold Terrain: Snow, Farmland Turns: 50+ Author: Matti Vesanen, matti_vesanen@hotmail.com Best played by Human Finland vs. Soviet AI. If played by two players the better player should play Finland. Stick to scenario default Background: On February 15th the Mannerheim Line was broken. Finnish GHQ decided to pull the troops back to the intermediary defensive positions on the Karelian Isthmus. On February 27th the Soviets had broken through the intermediary positions and the Finnish forces began to withdraw to the backline defences. The 2nd Division was ordered to defend the Vuoksi river line on Vuosalmi sector. There is a ridgeline on the southern bank of Vuoksi, from which there is a good field of vision to the open lowlands of the northern shore. Therefore it was decided to hold a bridgehead and put the main line of defence on the ridge. The Vuoksi line was the last line of defence. The Russians made continuous attempts to break the line with four divisions, strong artillery barrages and air attacks. Weak Finnish forces managed barely to hold the line until the peace on March 13th. This is the eight battle of Vuosalmi campaign (1st - 13th March, 1940) Vasikkasaari was lost on March 5th. On the following night the Finnish battalion III/JR 24 is ready for the counter attack. Disclaimer: The scenario is historical, therefore the forces are not equal. The scenario is balanced for a veteran CM player against the Russian AI. If you think my scanarios are generally too hard, give yourself a +25% bonus. Reference: Karjalan kartat CD-rom, 1:20000 topographical map Talvisodan Historia 2 Strategic Situation: Yesterday was a hard day to us. Our assault to the church hill failed and after that the enemy captured Vasikkasaari. Russians attempted to continue the assault to the northern shore of Vuoksi. We had to commit all our reserves to prevent the enemy from crossing the river. Even the men from the supply formations had to be used to hold the lines. Late in the afternoon we got reinforcements, the third battalion from JR 24 was attached to us. Mission: 02:00, 6.3.1940 - You are the commader of III/JR 24 Your mission is to recapture Vasikkasaari. Fire a preparation barrage near point 16 and charge to the shore. Use your MGs to give support to the assault platoons. When you get your troops to the shore, keep moving, don't let the enemy to regroup. Artillery observes have placed several TRPs on the island, walk the artillery in front of your advance. The III/JR 6 follows behind you, when you run out of steam they'll continue the assault (not modeled in this scenario). Intel: We believe there is two weak battalions on the Vasikkasaari island, maybe 400-500 men combined. The enemy fought hard all day and suffered heavy casualties so they must be tired. The enemy has strong forces on the church hill. We have spotted 2-3 artillery batteries and over battalion of infantry. The sky is clear and it's pretty cold, -22 Celsius. The ice won't support tanks, but it grows stronger every day. Forces: III/JR 24 - 3 x infantry company - 7 x Maxim MG 81mm mortar FO (60 rounds) 2 x 75mm FO (100 rounds each) 105mm FO (50 rounds) Reserves: None Glossary: Vasikka-saari = calf-island Musta-saari = black-island Lammas-niemi = sheep-cape
  13. I have decided to put the following disclaimer to all my Vuosalmi scenarios: The scenario is historical, therefore the forces are not equal. The scenario is balanced for a veteran CM player against the Russian AI. If you think my scanarios are generally too hard, give yourself a +25% bonus.
  14. Great, thanks! The scenario is 50+, I just checked. 9./II/JR 23 is a company, I should mention it in the briefing.
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