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  1. Splinty

    Bradly fire power

    I was with 3rd Brigade 3rd Infantry Division. We originally weren't even set to deploy, but 4th Brigade 1st Armored Division failed their readiness assessment so we took their place. I was in D Co 4/7 Inf. Attached to 1/72 Armor Battalion as an infantry pure company.
  2. Splinty

    Bradly fire power

    We DID receive what I believe were spotting rounds during that TOW reload, but they were a ways away from my track and we never got the full shoot. I suspect our own artillery did a counter battery mission and suppressed the enemy guns. That afternoon as we moved in to set up our perimeter I remember driving past what looked like wrecked towed 122mm artillery pieces.
  3. Splinty

    Bradly fire power

    We received a reload of TOWs directly from our battalion ammo section. They actually drove up and down the company line. (this was during the Battle of Medina Ridge in Desert Storm) We were engaging elements of the Medina and Takawalna Republican Guard as they did so. It didn't hurt that because of the ridgeline itself the ammo guys could drive their truck on the backside of our Bradleys in complete cover. However in the Iraqi desert this was an exception to the terrain. Most areas were as flat as a pool table. Normal resupply was done in precleared areas where we would get fuel, ammo, water and MREs in one stop. This was all set up in advance by our Brigade S4 (logistics). When and where was dependent on the battle situation at the time. Mostly it happened as we advanced to contact in the first 2 days of the ground war.
  4. Splinty

    Bradly fire power

    Speaking from experience (I'm a former Bradley gunner and commander) The TOW launcher can be reloaded fairly rapidly (in around a minute for both tubes) but the Bradley will be out of action and behind cover for that time. Reloading the 25mm takes considerably longer as there is a specific way the HE and AP belts must be loaded into their individual storage bins in a specific pattern and are fed into the appropriate feed chutes and then cranked into the gun itself using a ratchet. This is a relatively simple task, but it takes some time (between 5 and 10 minutes) to perform and that is without any problems popping up. For example, the protective plastic caps that cover the dart on APFDS-T rounds can break off and cause a jam in the feed chute. An issue that's easy to solve, but can add a few minutes to the process. My actual point after all this rambling is that it's within the realm for a Brad crew to reload TOWs within the time frame of a CM scenario, but not reload a completely empty 25mm. And definitely not a resupply from the battalion ammo section.
  5. Splinty

    Modders: Female Faces?

    There would still be opportunities for US Army females in the CMSF timeframe. Truck drivers, Military Police (although there aren't MP units in CMSF, they can be built in the editor), medics and various specialty teams could have women in them.
  6. Splinty

    Artillery advices needed

    It's actually classified as a Machine Gun, despite firing 40mm explosive rounds. It's still belt fed, and although it can fire indirectly onto targets, it's primary fire mode is direct fire.
  7. Splinty

    3rd infantry division

    Rock of the Marne! It's good to see my beloved Dog Faced Soldiers representing!
  8. Once I get the map to a point where there's something solid to show. I most definitely will. I had a decent start in CMSF 1. I'm waiting for CMSF2 to be finished, and I'll go from there.
  9. If this keeps up we'll have a good piece of Baghdad covered. sburke is doing Sadr City, I've been working on a map of East Baghdad/ Rustamiyah for a while now.
  10. Splinty

    Stinger missiles

    One thing that would improve the American AD situation would be Bradleys engaging helicopters. It is something they are equipped to do and it's doctrine as well.
  11. Splinty

    beta tester?

    sburke, Benpark, you know it's heresy or blasphemy or sumfink to give away beta tester secret initiation rites don't you?
  12. Splinty

    Can we "bail" crew-served TOW's in SF2?

    We had the Dragon before we had the Javelin.
  13. Splinty

    T34 after the parade

    That had to hurt!
  14. Well played sir! You scored an outstanding victory, and you learned a little bit about Rush. Double bonus!
  15. Splinty

    RT Unofficial Screenshot Thread

    The exception being Russian made tanks with an autoloader (T-72, T-90 etc.). The open carousel ammo storage on the turret floor tends to explode every time. If not immediately then within minutes after the hit. Oops, just realized this is the RT thread. I got caught up in all the modern explosion pics. Carry on! Nothing to see here.