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  1. Any uniform and vehicle mods won't work. Battlefront had to rename all the relevant files for CMSF2 as the models were upgraded as well. Terrain, etc. should work fine.
  2. You rock sir! Can't wait to install it.
  3. Steppenwolf's UI mod for CMBS will work with CMSF2. Add in Scipio's weapons and equipment mod for CMSF1 and you will have almost everything covered. There are a few silhouettes missing, but the ones from Steppenwolf's UI mod will cover all but the M4A1 with an ACOG. Which is a new sihouette that hasn't been modded yet.
  4. Hmmmm, not a bad idea. I'll give it a shot.
  5. In real life the Duke system only works against cell phone or radio controlled IEDs. It won't affect wire commanded ones. I don't know how the game handles that.
  6. Not the same as the APC version. Besides the M1064 having a mortar. It can't carry 12 soldiers plus driver and TC.
  7. Normally, the company 1st Sergeant, the Ops NCO and the Company Maintenance NCO along with a driver and TC will ride in a M113A3 as part of the Company HQ element.
  8. I;d like the M113 included in US units as well. There are still many Combat Engineer units that use them, and every mech infantry company still has one as a support vehicle.
  9. I know, right! To make it even MORE complicated, depending what assignments a unit has, they may be authorized to wear more than one combat for one tour. For example, in '03-'04, my signal company was assigned to 22nd Sig Brigade, 1st Corps, and 101st Airborne. On paper I was allowed to wear ANY of their patches as combat patches. In reality I only wore 22nd Sig Brigades, as patches cost money, and I'm cheap!
  10. Brigades still have regular division assignments. For example the 1/16 INF you mentioned would still wear the 3rd INF DIV patch as that's their home division. However, when they hit 30 days in theater, they would be authorized to wear the 82nd OR 3rd ID as a combat patch.
  11. That's not really going to be an issue, as during the game's time frame most of the active military and many Guard and Reserve units would have had tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although, granted there wouldn't be many Staff Sergeants without combat experience, there WOULD be a lot of Privates and Specialists who did have it.
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