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  1. Bocage is unique to CMBN and may be the cause of your problems.
  2. My FOB was never hit by artillery. I did take artillery fire during Desert Storm, but there was so much noise from tanks firing and small arms that I don't recall any sound other than the impacts, which were cut off rather abruptly by our counter battery fires.
  3. From experience, rockets make a high pitched, squealing sound as they fall. Mortars are silent, other than if the mortar is close enough, you can hear the thump of the bomb leaving the tube.
  4. Just installed this one. Looking good Oleks! Thank you.
  5. I'll miss Pointy. He was a nice guy. Always had a shot of Vodka to share.
  6. At one point, Steppenwolf said he was working on a UI mod for CMSF2, but AFAIK it's not oput yet.
  7. And ALL of them are still using terrorism as a tactic, and are STILL funded by the Iranians. AND all of the became "official governments" through those same tactics. Ask the Lebanese.
  8. Maybe not head choppers, but they sure funded, trained, equipped and gave intelligence to a lot of bomb vest wearers.
  9. Exactly. I'm wearing one in my profile pic, but it's too small to see.
  10. Really nice shots/ Just a uniform nitpick from a former MP, the MP brassard on the ACU has been replaced by a rectangular patch with the letters MP in black that's attached to the Velcro just above the unit patch.
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