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  1. Splinty

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Could you add 1st Armored to your list?
  2. Speaking as an Iraq vet. That about hits the nail on the head.
  3. Happy Holidays to all!
  4. Splinty

    Semper Fi Campaign glitch

    They are ballistic glasses and are required uniform items.
  5. Splinty

    Use of vehicle mounted ATGM

    Yes. If you use the target command or area target. The Bradley will use it's TOWs as well as the 25mm cannon.
  6. Splinty

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Just D/Led it. Thanks for your excellent work!
  7. Splinty

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Sweet! I want to start the Task Force Panther campaign. Need the 82nd for total immersion!
  8. Splinty

    Multicam 3rd Infantry Division

    Really nice mod! Would you consider doing 2nd ID and the 82nd Airborne?
  9. Splinty

    Can't launch

    Same in Michigan.
  10. Splinty

    Can't launch

    You're welcome to stop by here!
  11. Splinty

    Can't launch

    No matter how it goes, the lawyers will be pulling down big bucks as all of this winds up in the court system. As usual they are the REAL winners.
  12. Splinty

    Can't launch

    Good point. I'm sure our surrounding states will soon see an increase of "imported" weed that was grown in Michigan.
  13. Splinty

    Can't launch

    Pot was just legalized here in Michigan yesterday. I wonder what our unintended side effects will be.