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  1. Well, except for the fuel tanks in the back doors that is....That killed a lot of Iraqi Republican Guard infantry while they were dismounting in Desert Storm.
  2. Splinty

    The Real Speed and Power Abrams

    Just an FYI. CARC is a type of paint not a color. It stands for Chemical Agent Resistant Coating, and is actually highly toxic when it's in liquid form. The Desert Tan color is referred to as just that, Desert Tan.
  3. Splinty


    This former Infantry NCO calls BS. We all carry 1:50000 scale maps. That includes those maps displayed on Blue Force Trackers and FBCB2s.
  4. Splinty

    CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears

    One small nitpick. Warrant officers in the US Army don't lead platoons. 1st or 2nd LTs do. Warrants in the US don't work the same as in European Armies. In the US military Warrants are high level technical experts. Whereas in most European Armies, they take the place of Senior NCOs. If a US platoon loses it's officer, his place will be taken by the Platoon Sergeant, usually a Staff or Technical Sergeant, until a replacement can be brought forward.
  5. Splinty

    Cant install Us 2nd Ranger Skin

    If I remember correctly the Paras in Road to Montebourg are glider troops. Glider troops wore the same uniforms as comventional American Infantry.
  6. I think all of this is some sort of Bene Gesserit plot. You know how those witches can be...
  7. Splinty

    The state of CMSF2

    I'm an Expanse fan as well. Read the books, addicted to the show.
  8. Splinty

    US Uniforms

    Heat was a massive problem, but uniform regulations were heavily enforced in Iraq. Sometimes to the point of silliness. My battalion Sergeant Major was notorious for catching people taking midnight latrine breaks without their eye protection. Having said all that. We were allowed to mostly go around without body armor on our FOBs, and were allowed to strip down to T-shirts when doing heavy work like filling sandbags etc. But outside the wire was ALWAYS full battle rattle.
  9. Keep in mind also that the batteries in WW2 era vehicles were crap compared to todays. Turning off the engine would have meant going to unpowered gun traverse and elevation, the radios would start sucking the batteries dry and all electrical systems would have been reduced in effectiveness. You'd also have to start the vehicle every so often to keep the batteries charged and starting a tank is a lot louder than just idling one.
  10. Splinty

    US Uniforms

    Well; I did retire in 2010. OTOH rolled sleeves ARE prohibited in designated combat zones, which encompasses all of Combat Mission.
  11. Splinty

    US Uniforms

    Currently rolled sleeves are against regulation for the US Army. I believe the Marines will roll them in garrison.
  12. Splinty

    Helmets (or lack thereof)

    Is it possible to make that mod only replace some helmets with sidecaps?