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  1. They knew because their buddies tanks were exploding around them. I'm a Desert Storm vet.
  2. I just installed this. It looks great. Top notch work!
  3. Looks like CMBS with a British Forces module added.
  4. I first heard about CMBO in an article in Computer Gaming World magazine. I found the demo and have been playing CM ever since. Thank you for making the best games ever IMHO!
  5. Looks great! I would put those in my Z folder right now! (hint,hint!)
  6. SCHWIMMWAGEN! Look and admire it.
  7. Totally agree about mortar crews. They ARE infantry, albeit with additional skills. Same with Bradley crews, guess how much infantry training they get? Exactly as much as the grunts who ride around in the back. They both share the same Military Occupational Specialty. That Sergeant who's in charge of the grunts next promotion will make him a Bradley commander.
  8. Is that Teaford Mountain off in the distance there? I spent a lot of rotations at NTC.
  9. Take your time. I have your DPM installed right now and it looks great. I just loved the way the MTP camo looked in your screenies and my greedy self wants more. lol
  10. Hi MK! Any thoughts on releasing a version with the MTP camo? I love the way they look in your original screenshots.
  11. These are awesome Bud! Keep 'em coming!
  12. I'm talking about RL and in game. I'm a former Bradley gunner.
  13. Bradleys have similar sighting and IR systems to Abrams. I leave them buttoned as well.
  14. Bocage is unique to CMBN and may be the cause of your problems.
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