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  1. From the "History" section, in big red letters: WARNING: Do not attempt to pass through airport security with this bottle.
  2. Guy on the Left: *thinking to himself*"I wish there was an empty seat between us, sitting so close together is kinda gay... Guy on the Right: *thinking to himself*: "I wish I went to sniper school and had Klavdia Kalugina as my instructor. She is like totally hot..." Guy in the back: *thinking to himself* "Its pretty cold out here, I wish I had some vaseline for my face..."
  3. Hmm...maybe Hitler was at least a decent enough guy to watch out for his own people. I bet Stalin would have just loved to be given such an excuse to ship the German population to Siberia.
  4. Wow, Im suprised that CMBB got such a good review not just from IGN, but from Steve Butts! He usually reviews click-fest/shootemup fare, as far as I recall. Impressive indeed! Big ups to BTS, as always!
  5. CMBO insult lines were cheesy (pineapples? WTF?!). CMBB on the other hand reminds me of day to day exchanges between my brother and I, lol. East front is where it is at. The greatest battles, the most amazing machinery, the greatest sacrifices.
  6. Youve got the spelling wrong. He is saying "Da ne streliyai tie!" "ne strelieye tie" literlaly translates to "don't shoot, you" "da" is added to emphasise frustration on the part of the speaker.
  7. Jon Thats besides the point whether I canceled or not. I actually let it go through because I couldnt believe my eyes (still won that particular battle with a major vic, btw). A spotter is meant to spot. This guy was either asleep on his post or drunk off of captured Russian vodka. If you as a spotter saw a bunch of rounds you ordered to fall over yonder hill drop in your lap, would you sit there and wait until your higher ups told you to add a few meters to your faulty coordinates?
  8. What, THAT off target? I find it unrealistic that the spotter did not at least HALT the barrage when he saw the round landing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM. I dont know about you, but if I called in rounds on my own position I would think something must not have been right and called over to inform the higher ups to "add a few hundred friggin' meters!"
  9. For those not able to see the pic, right click, highlight adress and paste into adress bar.
  10. For your attention, I present the following. The highlighted unit is my 81mm spotter. As you can see, he is ordered to fire on the group of Soviets in the distance. Notice to the left of the spotter, the series of shell holes and an explosion. That is where the barrage is landing, NEXT to the spotter! Ive never seen this before, but hopefully BTS will take note.
  11. [ October 16, 2002, 01:31 AM: Message edited by: The Commissar ]
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