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  1. RPG-29 can be disassembled in two pieces. Russian Army has PG-7VR for close-quarters and Kornet for long-range engagements. Why add another weapon to an already well-balanced mix? PS BTW the same warhead is also used by RPG-32. It has higher velocity than PG-7VR but lower than RPG-29. But it's comparable in length to RPG-7 with grenade attached so not as bulky as RPG-29.
  2. No, I wasn't involved in BMP-3 operations. As far as I remember the use of ATGMs over 30mm I lifted from the talk of BMP-3 trainer that was posted to UAE when they bought BMP-3s. They have pretty rigid rules of what ammunition to use in what situation though I'm not sure it's followed to the letter in real-life combat situations. Actually it was pretty lengthy and interesting description of how BMP-3 behaves in hot and sandy environment. It looked very balanced - neither a poster propaganda nor a senseless bashing. PS I got the impression from his description that original BMP-3 simply stands little chance even against a modernized T-55. But that's my own interpretation. Like if you see a tank in broad daylight just hide somewhere immediately, if you're not able to then shoot an ATGM and hide anyway. He was kind of critical of original BMP-3 sights/battlefield awareness yet he praised BMP-3's ATGMs themselves.
  3. My post was a reply to this one.
  4. @Aquila-SmartWargames, some points against your logic: BMP-3 has an autoloader so it takes just couple of seconds to load a round. My guess would be aiming 30mm takes more time than loading an ATGM. AFAIK autoloader does not support unloading the rounds. If you have a round loaded you have to shoot. For an autoloader to work the gun inclination must be within certain limits so it means aiming 30mm may well result in ATGM not being loaded. ATGMs and 30mm aiming angles will be different obviously so aiming 30mm actually delays an ATGM discharge. AFAIK IRL the standing order for BMP-3 crews is to engage tanks with ATGMs and NOT 30mm. So if TacAI behaves like this it simply contradicts real life.
  5. They had used Thales matrices for locally produced tank sights not the FLIRs of French origin. That was for tanks bought by Russian Army and up to the moment the sanctions put an end to that. Exports markets were covered by French sights wherever client desired. China produces them as well. Actually I do suspect supposedly Russian-made decoys are actually re-branded ones of Chinese origin
  6. In my experience the worst case is against modern Russian tanks. If a TOW vehicle launches against a tank from forward arc then it's more probable the TOW vehicle ends up dead than the tank. I sometimes use double launches from different directions so that whatever Bradley the tank decides to aim at will break the contact and the second Bradley will finish the tank nonetheless. Though one wasted missile always breaks my heart
  7. I haven't done proper testing but I have a feeling the drone spotting is random enough - just like ground units spotting. That means to infer even a generic conclusion one needs dozens of tests with identical setup. I'd say closer to a hundred at least.
  8. Why should most modern Russian hardware be worse at spotting than a dated American one? It seems you're falling a trap of "if it's not invincible uber-waffen it's useless ****" In my experience TOW Strykers is at least no worse at spotting than the best of Russian BMPs. It's worse than the best Russian tanks but that seems fair. I prefer to avoid using any vehicles for initial recce. I deploy all kinds of vehicles only after the battlefield is thoroughly investigated by foot units. Since spotting is a random game in CM I find it a risk too much to deploy vehicles and rely on better battlefield awareness inherent to American hardware. If your foot units see all enemy vehicles then you can catch the moment the enemy detects your vehicles and you can safely order your vehicle to break the contact and retreat. But that's usable only in RT games. In my experience placing TOW Strykers in a position where it can be spotted from many quarters is too risky. The probability that one enemy vehicle or another will spot and open fire after the launch is just too high. Especially Russian tanks. So I deploy them in a keyhole positions with multiple fall-back position to retreat and gradually grind on advancing enemy armor whenever possible. I never use TOW Strykers (or any other vehicles ) from a forward arcs - too easy to be spotted by the enemy, I always shoot from sideways. In my experience if you follow all these rules it's quite possible to win firefights even with Russian armor facing Americans. Just avoid risky setups - you should always have an advantage in number of eyeballs observing the battlefield. And fall back to prepped positions if overwhelmed.
  9. Have you done proper testing? In my experience BRMs are much better in detecting enemy armor in forward looking arcs compared to line BMPs.
  10. 1. Can you provide a cross-checkable list of cases when they were empoloyed on massive scale in recent battles and played a decisive role in modern warefare? 2. CMxx is mostly a (reinforced) company level simulation. You seem to wont to turn CMxx into a modern BTG simulation. I guess you believe it'd make it more interesting but it wouldn't. Modern warefare is much more brutal so a reinforced and properly combat supported BTG equals to a regiment or division of good ol' times. As a division commander you'd be firstly and foremostly playing the game of chess of your immediate subordinates you'd been given the command of and secondly trying to squeeze as much of the logistics and (combat) support chain as humanly possible. And since your superiors would normally fail you on both tracks you'll have no one but you to recoup. Making it too realistic will kill the game.
  11. @exsonic01, and can you explain in short the difference between multi-domain and good ol' combined arms? And how it should be reflected in company-level armor/infantry CMxx?
  12. They can always be discussed or traded. As Zagorodnyuk - the Ukrainian Minister of Defense - said full disengagement is not in Ukrainian interests as it will freeze the conflict and after the cessation of armed hostilities the conflict will disappear from political radars of Western powers. I'm ashamed but I don't exactly keep track of channel names My wife speaks fluent Ukrainian and she prefers Ukranian series to Russian so I kinda tag along Let's put off the discussion a bit lest it becomes pure politics. I'll collect a list of programs and get back to get your view.
  13. @Haiduk, I've seen the poll results - you're right to correct me. My comment about "popular opinion" was based on Ukrainian TV. It seems to me the military solution point of view became more widespread in TV now. Is it really so or it's just a random bias of my channel-hopping? PS Again Zelensky was somehow persuaded to backtrack on full disengagement.
  14. That's the result of a choice made in Soviet Union in 70-s - to go for optoelectronics rather than I2. So when the superiority of thermals became obvious it was too late. And developing thermals require base technologies - something that even Russia is hardly able to develop save Ukraine with much lower budgets.
  15. IMO the only imaginable scenario of a restart of hostilities today is if Ukraine decides to bomb out and overrun L/DNR forces. But observing ongoing discussion in Ukrainian society it seems to be too real. In terms of geography I believe it will hardly extend much beyond current L/DNR area. But in terms of systems employed IMO it may be a repetition of Georgia - tactical ballistic and cruise missiles, heavy air campaign etc. Ukraine has limited Air Force - like ten times smaller than Russian - and severely outdated however significant AA defense. After a proper SEAD campaign Ukrainian Forces will be left defenseless. Why do you think Ukrainian popular opinion is slowly drifting into the "military solution"?
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