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  1. It's been cancelled in favor of T-72/T-64 upgrades. Oplot is too expensive and Malyshev plant cannot produce them in reasonable numbers. @Haiduk, please correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. It goes through FMS route so someone has to pay for it. But the Hill may arrange an aid package to Ukraine and then Ukrianian MoD may pay for Javelins out of the aid package.
  3. Thanks - your info is ever impeccable! Does Varta use IR tranparent or IR masking smoke as of now?
  4. No. There was an R&D for passive system called Varta - smoke grenade launcher triggered by LWR not a radar. If I remember correctly it didn't even get to IR blocking smoke grenades. Grenades were setting IR transparent smoke screen and that kind of defied the very purpose of the system. I don't know but I doubt Thai Oplots have Varta.
  5. 1. I meant is an APS rearm delay is modelled in APS or not? 2. Thai Oplots are not an approximation - they ARE T-84s, improved mod. Official designation is T-84BM. Few pieces of the base model were built as well. So T-84 did exist IRL albeit in extra low numbers.
  6. Are you speaking of IRL or it's modeled this way in CM as well?
  7. Do you have a reference/proof? Sorry just find it hard to believe in 20mm RHA penetration for 7.62 Don't have the data for SLAPs but for full caliber cartridges 7.62 packs almost six times less energy than .50BMG. Update: Sorry posted at the very moment you provided the data for 5.56. Yeah, if 5.56 can defeat 12mm of 300HB I guess 7.62 can go through 20mm. Thanks for the very interesting information!
  8. The trick is in wording: they say 20mm of steel, not 20mm of RHA.
  9. 7.62 AP penetration is 5, 7, 10mm depending on the type of the round. BTR-70 has 6mm side armor so BTR-70 story is plausible. BMP-1 has 16-18mm side armor - It's hard to believe there might be direct penetrations through side armor. But I found references that there were rare penetrations at hatchways or back doors with 7.62 APs from very short distances.The more realistic case is 7.62 AP penetrations at the roof and upper glacis from high above. Like top stories of the buildings and gun nests at mountain crests. Upper glacis and the roof are no more than BTR-70 armor. BMP-1D - an uparmored variant of BMP-1 - was made to protect specifically from non-AP rounds 12.7 from long distances. No more than that. 12.7 is still able to penetrate the sides - infantry losses were decreased but not eliminated altogether.
  10. Not small arms. Ambushes with Chinese DShK in Afghanistan. Neither BMP-1 nor BMP-2 will withstand 12.7mm at the hull side.
  11. Can you provide proofs? BMP-1 save for BMP-2 withstands Russian 23mm and Western 20mm from front at 500m and 7.62 AP at the sides at zero distance. It has 16-18mm armor at sides.
  12. JK, don't you see they are kids? Some low-level apparatchiki dream of living in North Korea.
  13. Remarkable fantasy! Major Jordan mentions that the military airstrip he served at was secured by patrols. I just see this happening times and times again and no one asking any questions. I wonder was this major ever had a chance to see a shrink.
  14. What a helo dive has to do with the missile trajectory? Is "the ground" in your scenario is covered in retroreflectors and/or signal boosters?
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