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  1. Sorry, but I don't think it makes sense to continue this discussion before you get at least a 100 tests on suppression under your belt. As of now you pull your ideas out of thin air. IMO in this particular case the Stryker's use is different from Bradley's. I use Stryker's speed not the Bradley's armor or Bradley's capability to suppress adversaries before they even have a chance to lay a shot. In my CM experience trying to quick-dash a Bradley from cover to cover under credible RPG threat is a recipe for disaster - Bradley's too slow. While Stryker is good at it if one does not get greedy about a distance to cover in one hop and provides Stryker with enough room to gain speed before exposing itself.
  2. So you say I should avoid playing some scenarios altogether or at least go for sure losses instead of just a (non existent - see below) risk of same losses because that's not the dogmatic use of Strykers as written in some Field Manuals? 😨 I guess you didn't do extensive "lab" tests of CMxx, did you? There's no margin of error in suppression in CM. Suppression unlike spotting is more or less an exact science in CM. You don't need to GUESS about suppression - you look up the weapon dwell time in an Excel table, you count the seconds and voila and you KNOW the unit is now suppressed.
  3. So what do you do in CM - you dismount infantry at the staging phase and spend another hour moving to contact on foot? In many cases in CMSF there're no terrain features "one feature away", it's an open plain right up to the built-up AO. Just like it was in my particular case. So do you suggest I should walk squads on foot for about a kilometer under heavy enemy fire instead of suppressing first line of buildings from afar and then making a quick dash to cover to this first line of buildings?
  4. I'd argue about incorrect. The area was well reconnoitered - there were no RPG teams. As an added precaution the runs from cover to cover (houses) were short so RPGs wouldn't have had time to aim. Strykers were close to 200m from the enemy squads - first shot P-to-hit is negligible for under-trained Syrian RPG team. So Strykers were used more or less as intended - battle taxis shielding infantry from small arms fire until they are unloaded in a safe place. And after all airguards correctly identified the enemy as MMGs that do not open on Strykers unless someone buttons up. Yet that's exactly what stupid TacAI decided to do.
  5. 1. RPG-7 does not have a "pure" HE round - only FRAG. There's no way soneone can mistake RPG's FRAG for HEAT. 2. FRAG packs quite a modest amount of explosives. HEAT is waaaay more loud. 3. FRAGs are hard to come by IRL. Lessons-learned report produced after First Chechen War does not support this. Most of the hits were for made to kill.
  6. The address of the CURRENT Ukrainian consulate in Transnistria. https://pmr.md/ff3f4433c816f3fed781fc95670d9471/news Passports were moved to Cisinau to punish Transnistrians for not supporting Ukrainian ethnic cleansing operations in Donbass but before that the procedure was very remarkable. To start the operation as soon as possible Ukraine RENTED A FLAT (sic!) in Tiraspol (the capital of Transnistria) and representatives of Ukrainian was shuttling once a week between Transnistria and Ukraine collecting documents and distributing passports. I'll quote you from an interview with a Transnistrian resident: When it was convenient for Ukraine it had no qualms about giving away its passports but now as the situation has been reversed Ukraine is crying foul. Just like this German's was "bad" SS but Ukraine's was only "good" SS.
  7. Ukraine conveniently forgets about its own deeds. More than 10% of the population of Transnistria have Ukrainian passports. Even the President of Transnistria is an Ukrainian citizen.
  8. There're also some "funny" things about Ukrainian "language law" It allows school education in native language for Hungarian and Romanian minorities in the Western Ukraine. But native language education for Russians in the Eastern Ukraine is strictly prohibited. If someone does as little as express his opinion in public that wider rights should be given to other languages the poor lad will spend up to 10 years in prison. Having such an opinion is a severe criminal offense in today's Ukraine The law was authored by Petro Poroshenko. He has no problems with Ukrainian citizens identifying themselves as of Hungarian or Romanian ethnicity but he and his nationalistic thugs want to totally eradicate anything related to Russian language.
  9. Absolutely correct. AFAIK RL range for PG-7VR is more like 100-150m - the grenade is certainly too heavy for its rocket motor. Just a little correction to the terminology. RPG-7xx has no penetration in itself - it's the name of the "tube". The difference in penetration are in rounds - PG-7V, -7VL, -7VR. RPG is Handheld Antitank Grenade launcher, PG is Antitank Grenade, TBG is Thermobaric Grenade, OG is Fragmentation Grenade. If we take RPG-7, RPG-7V1 and RPG-7V2 then the first will have iron sights and the other two - somewhat different optical sights capable of handling PG-7VR and TBG. Hope I'm not much of a nit picker
  10. And why do you think penetration is different? There's a good reason why CE is contrasted to KE
  11. Certainly they're different rounds - they have different rocket motors But the wareheads are the same.
  12. Please don't You're the one of not so many of us who has first hand experience with this stuff. It would be good if you at least let us know when see something out of the way in the game. It would train our brain models at least if not the game's
  13. My case is a squad in a Stryker and the latter does some short runs from cover to cover near buldings with enemy troops in non-Hidden position at 1st-3rd floors. The idea was to make the runs too short for enemy RPG to acquire the target. I repeated this few times and if an infantry squad sees the enemy it opens up. But I guess seeing enemy through a vision block must be too rare in itself. Plus it seems to be purely CMSF2 issue. I tested CMBS and the infantry does not open up. And I don't remember such a problem in CMSF1 though I'm too lazy to install it for a test by now
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