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  1. You do realize you can go to any of your games on the Steam client and exclude them from automatic updates. If you want to stay on a older version of a title you can no problem.
  2. It's not remote desktop. It just streams the video to another client. Like the old days of linux where you would direct your video output to another device.
  3. Can't believe no one has brought the following up. Right now I'm streaming Close Combat from my main gaming rig in the office to my laptop connected to my 65 LED TV at 1080p via the Steam client. The gaming rig drives the game and the laptop is nothing more than a thin client in the end displaying the game on the tv. Lets just say it looks darn nice.
  4. Figured this out as a problem between the installer and the location of the Documents folder. Have a small SSD for my system drive so the Documents folder is on a network share that I have mapped as drive M: The CMBN installer doesn't like that the registry says the documents folder is on drive M: I went into the registry and changed the complete path to the documents folder as such and all installs fine. Now for the activation nightmare. //Seagate-3F289/mike/Documents
  5. Just recently installed Windows 8 (work related). When installing CMBN I execute the download and it does some extracting of files to c:/users/<username>/appdata/local/temp/rarsfx0. Then I get the black screen that says Combat Mission Battle for Normandy at the top. But instead of completing the install I get the error "Internal error: Failed to expand shell folder constant "userdocs". As an information point I have my user folders setup on my data drive instead of the system drive since it's a much smaller SSD. Thanks in advance
  6. Little confused here. I see CMBN won the community award for gold for 2011. I assume that's the award the community voted for and the editors of Wargamer.com choose Panzer Corps for gold.
  7. Know exactly how you feel. CM1 is still my favorite game that let me simulate about any encounter I could dream up. CMBN looks good and the only drawback, well a big drawback is the very limited scope of the game. Get the feeling that Multiman Publishing is involved.
  8. This is one of the reasons I'm such a big fan of steam
  9. Didn't realize they now had a console version of CMSF
  10. I'm not completely sure about the sales figures, but Steve has a reply in another post that says the opposite of that. http://www.battlefront.com/community/showthread.php?t=86541&page=3
  11. You might want to try installing Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 on your Vista machine. You can then install a Virtual XP client and most likely play CM1.
  12. The scenario designer that designed a move through your lines and into the rear of your position all while you were on the advance has a future in scenario design as well as fortune telling.
  13. I can run both games fine under Vista with a ATI video card. But I recently had to replace my video card in the XP box and the card I picked was a Nvidia 8800. Since then no CMBB or CMAK, but CMBO does work.
  14. But won't I still know the plans of the AI.
  15. Doesn't going to all that trouble kinda kill the purpose of a QB. I mean now more of less I know what the enemy is going to do to a point and the area he is going to setup in.
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