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  1. Thanx for the help all. As to the specifics on the tigers. Its a late war winter scenario. Eldorf I think is mentioned as the Allies are approaching from that direction. The terrain is mostly flat (no hills) with some scattered trees where most of the fighting occurs. About turn 10 the axis (me) got many Tigers, and the allies got many Pershings. At the most visible time that the Tigers were useless was when I had fast moved on road to flank the Pershings. I caught one alone in the rear. It started turning when my 2 tigers had firing position. Two richochets to side armor. The pershing is all around and firing before the second shot (its turret move FAST, much faster than tiger). ONE shot to front, dead tiger. My other tiger fires, richocet. The Pershing turns, lines up a shot, fires and kills my tiger before it had even reloaded for the third shot. Ugh! HOwever, the one king tiger I had, mopped up all the but one of the pershings later.
  2. a rep told me 4 to 5 days for US delivery. However, I cheated and got mine from Ebay and had the auctioneer next day it for me. 1 day turn around. Big time is out of copies right now also, and wont have any till at least the end of the week.
  3. 1) is there anyway to change where vehicles and gun emplacements are in setup for a scenario? All I can move are troops. 2) is there a "high res" mode, or is this simply dependant on the resolution I picked when i first ran CM? 3) is there any way to replay the battle? By this I dont mean the last turn (60 seconds), but is there anyway to see say the whole fight as cinimatic once its over or near over-- or can you only view the last turn? 4) Why do Tigers blow? I thought these things were good and was so excited when I got around 5 of them. However, they were eaten alive by the enemy reinforcements of pershings-- even when I had them 2 to 1 and flanked. They turned so fast and can/ will kill on the first shot. Thanx all, great game so far
  4. Well, I finally have CM, but I have some problems. First, where are the options? Isnt there some place to adjust things like unit scaling and such? All I see are the 4 play buttons (well, one is editor). Also, the sound are kinda staticy. This is very prevelant in the opening movie. Lastly, there are all kinds of graphic issues. The writing in scenario selection is very hard to read. Once past that the orders area is completly garbled, and the last screen is just all black. I had this problem with the demo, but it went away magically after one game. I have: TnT2 chipset accelerator P3 700mhz Intelipoint Mouse (yes I tried turning off the software as the manual suggests) Win2000 Latest Drivers for video, mouse, and sound SB Live! help?
  5. IF I understand right, there are about 5 faces for each type of unit (which is going to be nice since all my troops look the same in the demo) that are randomly selected. Have any of you moders out there collected a mess of faces that I could grab so that once I have the full game I will have lots of random faces available. This would seem to add much cool factor to being able to add identity to say Sarge Bob, Corporal Joe, or Sarge Frank, etc... It would give it more of an RPGish feeling I would think as I might feel attached to gunner Bob if he was not a clone of everyone else on the field (ie same portrait). Thanx
  6. Still waiting for the game, but I played the "valley of trouble" mission in the demo. Pretty cool. For the first several turns I was pinned by pillboxes. I moved up my heavies only to take a nasty mobile gun hit from a far forest. DOH! I quickly retreated the other tank behind the lip of the hill and concentrated a charge of infantry at the gun. Major meat grinder for awhile, but once I had it, I moved the tank up on the hill over the town and placed MGs in trees on the opposite slopes. Then the reenforcements came. MY LORD! 4 more tanks! Soon it was the valley of whoop ass as my tanks hunted for LOS spots to nail the bunkers that were still eating my troops on the other side of the map. Then I cringed in fear as a Panzer took the rise on the far enemy hill. ALL my tanks were exposed! It was a tense two turns, but I lost one tank to the panzer, and another to mud, oops didnt know about those spots on the ground. A cruel cruel clean up after that. I was watching in maxed in view as tanks took the lips of hills or came out of trees to expose enemy infantry who were instantly lite up. Man this game is cool! Damn you mail man, move faster!!!!
  7. All things are set, CM cd is on its way to me, but now I need to get set... So, what do I want to download? I looked at the official page here and am downloading version 1.03 patch. I assume I dont need previous patches, is this right? Also there are a few other things there (flight commander, tac ops, OTR, Actun Spitfire), are these utilities or add ons for CM? WHat do they do, do I want them? What about good mods? I saw some winter stuff and a real nice terrain for grass, should I look into these? What would YOU guys download if you were to be on the verge of your first moments of CM (well, and had a pathetic 33.6 modem)? thanx all
  8. Hi all. I am still tryin to obtain a copy of CM. Two things I am curios on. 1) I assume there is a EULA with the final product. Does it cover transfer of ownership. Namely I am purchasing my copy via ebay in order to vastly speed up the mail process. However, I was wondering if I would still be eligible for product replacement should the CD or manual turn out to be damaged. I would have the original, so I would think EULA would transfer rights to me-- I hope anyway. Darn impatience. 2) Secondly, I see there are (at least) 2 demos. I have the regular 30 meg demo and was wondering if the 31meg "gold" demo was different enough to warrant my snail connect download to asuage my anticipation till my copy gets here. What are the differences in the 'gold' demo? thanx all.
  9. er mods? Hrm. What kind of mods are out there? I only have the demo and thus only know the standard game. What modifications have been done? Simple stat tweaks, or full blown graphic and game subject change?
  10. Is there any way to play a multiplayer game where more than one person plays a side. Such as 2v2 with 2 ppl controling german troops (not the same troops, but only on the same team) and 2 controling allied? Furthermore is there any way to play 2 human players vs. AI? I have one other buddy who loves WW2 stuff, but he really detests competitive stuff. It would be great if we could team up vs the computer.
  11. Hi all. I am not really much of a war gamer. I am more of a quick fun RTS or FPS kinda guy who hits the table top games every few weekends at the local shop. However, I stumbled across this game... wow. I mean, wow. Serious stratagey, but not ugly as sin nor slow (the quasi real time combat is brilliant). Anyway, I am gonna take the plunge and grab this game. Too bad its mail order only. So, I was wondering how long it took you all to get your copies. I live in California so I am hoping it wont take too long. Do you think they will next day it to me if I email them by monday? Thanx for the imput.
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