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  1. Yeah, it would appear the files I mentioned in the last post are not extracting/decompressing. In the installed game they are still saying 679kb. I'll keep trying this evening, and submit a Helpdesk ticket if I can't get it worked out. Possibly a bad disc or bad files perhaps? edit... there is a helpdesk faq that mentions occasional extraction issues with windows. I'll try that workaround and see if that works. edit 2... Helpdesk faq workaround did work for decompressing the files. CMBN works normally (no modern nomenclature). However the keys for CW and MG still do not work. I'll submit a Helpdesk ticket for that issue. Thanks for the help Schrullenhaft!
  2. Still having same results. Have made all exceptions with AVG, so don't think that's the issue. Installer is extracted into a temp download folder on my SSD. CM is being installed on the hard drive. I'm guessing I'm missing a brz file somewhere, or one is corrupted, but I have no idea which one. I'll try the Helpdesk option for the CW/MG keys. But I want to figure out the no key and modern nomenclature issue with the base game first. edit... the only difference I can find between files on CD and extracted files is a size difference in the following files ... Normandy brz's 211, 212, 220, 310 vehicle pack, 310, 311. All are 679kb extracted, but all but the 212 are considerably larger on the CD in the non-compressed file size column (212 is actually smaller on the CD non-extracted).
  3. Thank you for all the assistance Schrullenhaft. I will give it a try. The CMBN, CW, and MG CD's are all v1 (and 2-4 years old), so it's possible a key got snafu'd. I have installed/uninstalled several times now. It's a brand new PC, so nothing additional should be present yet. LOL, V2 install wasn't near this tough. I did notice that AVG sees any CM exe file as a virus, so I made exceptions in AVG for that. But could that still be a reason it's giving me trouble? (First time using AVG as it was pre-installed before I got the rig) If so, I can get rid of AVG and got to something else. EDIT... got rid of everything I could find, and tried again.... same results. Something is missing because I still get the "no activation key", and modern nomenclature.
  4. I actually did try that, and got an error message (bad serial #). For both modules I did activate 3.0 during an earlier attempt at installation. It's the modules that are giving me trouble now. That and the modern unit nomenclature in the unit names.
  5. Alright, next (or new issue)... After installing the all-in-one... when starting the game, it does NOT ask for the 3.0 activation key. Base game functions as if already activated (ie can go ahead and play original CMBN games). When launching the "activate modules" shortcut, it then asks for the key for CMBN. It does not accept the 3.0 key (says bad serial #), or the original v1 key (says bad format). I have also seen posts saying install the 3.12 patch before activating any modules. Which is correct? Also... when trying out just the base game, I am getting the error of unit names and such having names from CMSF, etc (ie the modern units). What am I doing wrong with the install
  6. Alright, thank you. That sounds pretty clear cut.
  7. Actually... it "Was" available via CD/DVD thru the mail at the time, then that option got removed after 4.0 came out on Xmas eve ( I was going to order it for a friend, then found out the option was no longer available). I spent $5 for mail only CD/DVD delivery. The installer on the CD IS 9.9gb compressed. Pop-up instructions tell you to extract the files to a folder first, THEN install. The CD I received has CMBN brz files to 3.11. The CD also contains CW brz up to 2.0, and MG brz up to 2.1. And a Vehicle brz up to 3.1. However I did not purchase the vehicle pack. I am "assuming" I got the 3.0 all-in-one. So I have had some confusion. When the CD arrived, the sleeve and CD look1s just like the original CMBN ones, not like the CD I received for v2.0 (which states 2.0 on it).
  8. I'm having issues with the upgrade as well. Literally 5 days before the 4.0 upgrade came out, I ordered the 3.0 all-in-one upgrade cd by mail ( I would have ordered the 3.0/4.0 bundle thing instead) I received it (after 8 days. so much for 3-day priority), and am attempting to install in on a brand new system. I install it, then I install my 1.x version of CW and MG. When I attempt to activate, it asks for my 2.0 key, instead of the 3.0 key. Unfortunately I have lost/misplaced my 2.0 key ( I haven't needed it since original install 4 years ago, and I've moved several times since then. I have all the other keys though). What is the exact order to install and activate? Do I need that 2.0 key even with the 3.0 all-in-one? My copies of CW and MG are all pre v2.0
  9. RT and the Italian modules are separate "games" and do not fall in the above order. They have their own system of patches.
  10. Where do we download the updated patch from? The 2.12 patch in the "patches" section of the downloads on the main site still does not work for me, and has an upload date of Nov 26, 2013.
  11. Please post when you hear any news on the new patch.
  12. You probably will. I had just done what you did (ordered MG), and then I found that bug. Glad to hear the issue has been found and will be fixed.
  13. Exactly! I did the same steps you did. Both of them. It has to be something with the 2.12 patch. It says the 2.12 patch is "all inclusive", but maybe it's not?
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