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  1. OK, a bit of tweaking and i have a game which is now playable. Basically you need to temporarily reduce the desktop resolution from 1680x1050 to 1280x800 ,restart the game and adjust the in game resolution to the same (1280x800) .This makes map scrolling much faster and the whole game is a lot slicker. There are drawbacks of course, graphics are now slightly blurry and less impressive and the visible area of the map is a bit smaller, but at least it is now playable. Hope that helps you Huhr. Al.
  2. I have a high spec PC too. I saw in another thread that Hubert had removed the full screen toggle so playing in lower resolutions has to be in a window. I have briefly tried playing in a window at lower resolutions but it did not work. I think Hubert also said that pre-release testing suggested that the game did not perform well on Windows 7 (64 bit) which i am running. I cannot find a way to run it in backward compatibility mode at the moment or in full screen at lower video resolutions, but I will keep trying. I am not being negative about this game I just want to play it .Anyone with any suggestions, I.e how to reduce the resolution but still run at full screen ? or does someone know how to overcome windows 7 problems ? .Any help would be much appreciated. Al.
  3. I agree. The whole thing feels sluggish and frankly it is putting me off. Map scrolling is terrible and when more units appear during the war the whole thing gets worse. Even combat is sluggish and selecting and deselecting takes a second,a long time given the number of units .I try and use the global map to jump to my units but the sheer size makes this hit and miss. I like the concept of this game but i am disappointed at the moment. Hope a patch comes out soon because this is a step back for me. Anyone else with these problems or suggestions ? Al.
  4. Yes i agree but if done properly,as i am sure it will be,it could be a differant experience.I like the idea of stockpiling shells for large pushes against the enemy.Being able to succeed in certain areas like in the ardennes for example (which was a disaster in real life)could open up interesting "what if" scenarios.I hope the game engine with regards to combat is tweaked a bit. i.e i would like to see units retreat or surrender rather than hang on for grim death which is not realistic .I suspect the air model will be dumbed down a bit and be used mainly for recon.In SC it seemed repairing bombers was costing more resources than the damage they inflicted ! .Anyhow,it is too late to suggest changes now.I am looking forward to more news this week . Regards AL.
  5. I have a good "feel" about this .It`s about time SC took a slightly differant approach, WW2 has been done to death and this will make a nice change.Large zoomable maps sound good to me and the screen grabs look top notch.I hope they represent beta data rather than screen "mock ups".Given the artwork presented it looks (hopefully) quite advanced.We will just have to wait and see.
  6. This sounds great. An absolutely obvious question now.......WHEN ?? Al.
  7. Hi, I have been out of the loop for a few weeks now and just recently returned to the forums. I realised a few days ago that you have had problems with a hacker after i tried to gain access to the boards. To cut a long story short, whilst searching through my EMail inbox looking for my login details , i stumbled across an EMail from Battlefront sent about a month ago. It says something about installing an update client for free then tells me to disable anti virus software in order for the client to run. This immediately struck me as suspicious as i cannot imagine you guys giving advice like this. I have read your announcements where you seem to suggest that no EMails went out (from the hacker) but this would seem to prove otherwise .Can you confirm that this is not a legitimate Email ? .I have managed to get a screen grab of the EMail which i will send if you require ,i cannot post here because i don`t know how ): . If you need any more info just ask. Regards Al.
  8. Racked my brains all night thinking about that. Thought you were going soft by introducing a cheat mode !! Al.
  9. ...can you set the enemy units to sleep mode when playing single player mode. I have not found a reason for this yet. Is it a bug ? Al.
  10. Hey ! Now that our PS3`s are broken we will all have to play SCGC on the PC ! LOL. Al.
  11. Yes ,i too have ordered. Hope it is better than SC Pacific which i did`nt really take to. I still think the basic SC2 was the best, though PDE was`nt too bad. As soon as i pre ordered i got the message "your download is ready .....", which did not fool me one bit (not like last time ). However ,getting an Email from BFC saying it was read to d/l did get my juices running ! Al.
  12. "Notice the menu on the left of that page? There is an entry for Media Files. Click on it!" OK ! ( Bit confusing tho`) Al
  13. ""A first set of exclusive screenshots as well as further details and information about this pinnacle of the Strategic Command series are available at the newly opened official website at www.battlefront.com/global " Well that`s what it says ,but clicking the link just takes me back to the same page ! Althered.
  14. I too was shocked when i realised steam was needed to run this game. I had already ordered it from Amazon so decided to proceed. To be fair the crappy demo ran ok and steam client seems fairly stable. Installing the full game and activation was smooth but i was shocked to find the demo had automatically been removed , WHO OWNS THIS RIG ? .I can uninstall my own demos thankyou ! .On a plus side ,games previously owned such as Half Life 2 showed up and were available for d/l , so i did enjoy a few nights of nostalgia.... However , i strongly disagree with the differant versions of the game which involves dishing out more money for some "Elite" units . The price differance on amazon is quite staggering , eg I payed £24 for a version with 1 extra unit (exclusive to amazon),yet a "special forces" edition gives you 6 more units at £33 ! . This is a worrying feature which i hope doesnt catch on . Are we to buy glorified Demos then have to pay for extra features? .I agree with Moon, the e-licence is the way forward . Allen
  15. Yeah, i considered doing a reinstall but as the game can be played i decided not to bother. This running in administrator mode is a bit strange ,before the patch it ran just fine! Al.
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