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  1. Any newbies send me a QB file, and lets have some fun. just let me know what conditions you picked for the game. Edwin edwin15@mindspring.com
  2. Hey guys go check out the review for CM at www.avault.com
  3. I would like to play a PBEM game with anyone. I haven't had the game for long. Just send me a QB file, and lets have some fun. Don't want to play one of the stock scenarios cause I haven't played them all yet and don't want to spoil any surprises. QB me!! Edwin edwin15@mindspring.com
  4. Yehaaaaa!!!! I ordered the game on saturday and it is now wednesday and I GOT IT!!!!. Only one huge problem. I'M AT WORK!!!! I cant get out of this whole, getting sick won't work. I was sick yesterday. Damn, one day late. I have to get out of here so I can play, play, play. Oh yeah!! I feel sorry for my girlfriend, she will not be allowed to speak to me tonight. except when dinner is ready, lol. Legend
  5. First time I ever heard about the game was in pc gamer, as soon as I finished reading it I downloaded the demo and the rest is history. Waiting for my full version. Yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Legend.
  6. Ok, do as I did, I got a second computer just for my girlfriend. Whenever I'm playing games on mine, she goes on hers and plays games like The Sims and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Just get ready for alot of, "Honey look at this cute hot dog stand I made" and stuff like that. Anyway, better than her complaining. I have the computers hooked up to a lan, so sometimes we will play Age of Empires2 together, damn she is a good challenge. Just make sure if you ever teach her how to play something don't give away all your secrets like I did. She will definetly use it against you. lol Well I can actually say that I'm lucky to have a girl that's interested in video games at all. We play lan games together alot, but when we don't we are still in the same room playing our own games. So she can't say that we are not spending any time together, lol. Another computer is expensive but damn worth it, and when your friends come over kick her out and have a lan party, yehaaaaaa!!!! Legend
  7. Ok listen up and listen good. First don't teach your girl how to play CM and I'll tell you why later. Second, do what I did. I got another computer just for my girl. She is busy playing games like The Sims, and RollerCoaster Tycoon. Our computers are side by side connected to a lan. Sounds you hear, her side, "oh thats sooo cute" My side "Die you bastards, burn in hell" and other things, he he. Anyway, I tought her how to play Age of Empires 2, she thought it was cute and guess what? She just likes to make villagers cut wood and fish and build buildings, she doesn't like to fight. Killing is not in her she says. Well thats bull, cause we played eachother and she complained about killing each other, but I screamed, "YOUR BASTARDS WILL ALL DIE!!" next thing I know my people are dying all over the place, took me about 3 days to finally kill her. Tell you what, I will NOT!! and I mean NOT go through that again, especially in CM. Legend
  8. Can you play the demo through email? LEGEND
  9. CM reminds me of Iron storm for the sega saturn. Hex grid strategy game but when two units fought it was a quick real time battle. The graphics are alike just alittle. regardless CM is totally amazing, cant wait for those sleepless nights when I finally receive this game. off to play the demo again, peace. LEGEND
  10. I downloaded the demo for CM and holly cow!! I couldn't believe how good the demo was. My girlfriend was playing Rollercoaster Tycoon on her computer and I know she wanted to kill me, hearing me say how much fun I was having. lol. I kept on stopping her every second to show her something that happened in CM. The moment of truth was when a poor german infantry man was trying to crawl his way into the woods, and for some reason I zoomed in on the poor soul, Thats when the screen went ballistic with an explosion from a tank shell. Dirt and debry flying everywhere, and when the smoke cleared, Poor german guy was looking at the sky, lifeless. Off went the game, online I went, and Order the game I did. Cant wait for the full version. Seriously people, I'm 27 and I've been playing strategy games since junior high. Iron storm, PTO, shogun, but I've never played anything like this. good job guys and keep up the good work LEGEND
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