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  1. Come on in. Plenty of cheese!

    Things I bought instead of upgrade 3.0 today.

    .75 packs of cigarettes

    1 beer at Bank One Ballpark (it will always be BOB to me)

    2 diamondbacks dogs

    1 six pack of kilt lifter

    2 Starbucks

    Anyone else?

    Please keep your whining on one thread or better yet...... Don't whine!



    If you take a grandson, then also add $6.00 for cotton candy, etc., etc., etc.

  2. Totally agree re: the addictive nature of the game. I purchased the game on Dec. 1 and have played approx. 3-4 hours daily since.

    I have completed four "Call to Arms" campaigns (two each for the Central Powers and the Entente) and am now trying out the Ludendorff Offensive as Germany while following the current AAR.

    I have played both Guns of August and World War II Gold: and though those games are very good, this game's UI and AI hit a sweet spot for me.

  3. If its any consolation, Been there-Done that. Now that I'm pushin' the big 50, the kids are grown and the wives(ex-wives) are gone. Now I have mucho time to play CM. Of course the hearing ain't what it used to be, the eyesight is goin', the reflexes are slower......


  4. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by DigDug:


    In your best estimation, how long will it take for me to actually recieve the game? Battlefront sent me an e-mail saying it would be shipped in "1-2 Business Days". Any truth to that, or is that just a standard reply to the reality that it's gonna take weeks?

    Thanks again.


    Delivery times have varied. I ordered on June 25 and received CM on June 28. I live in Arizona, so game was definitely shipped w/in one business day.


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