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  1. Holdit

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    I'm not sure if this is picking at a scab, but will the patch be addressing the question of unbuttoned crew vulnerability?
  2. Holdit

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    "Trappist Ale...'nuff said." I'm a loss to the advertising industry...
  3. Your reaction on seeing signs like these is to want to click on them to select the units...
  4. OK ... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebl7z9rp9rtwrcn/ASL - Ad Hoc at Chef du Pont.btt?dl=0 Feedback welcomed.
  5. I've got two AI plans created for each side now and both appear to be working. How does one go about ensnaring - oops I mean recruiting - playtesters?
  6. They're not. I've set the default AI plan to "Not Used" and Plan #2, which I'm currently working on, to "Frequently Used".
  7. Well all I can say is that I set a zone for the AI to use in setup and time after time it didn't use it. As soon as I included it in the default setup zones, it used it. When I set up a large AI setup area but only the buildings in that area were part of the default setup zone, it only placed units in the buildings.
  8. This was a big help, and I can even flesh it out a bit after some trial and error. When you paint the AI setup areas, the AI will only set up on those parts of the AI setup area that overlap with the standard setup zones already painted on the map. So if you paint, for example, a small wood as an AI setup zone and that wood isn't included in the default setup zones, the AI won't use it. This is actually a plus if you want the AI to set up in particular locations. You paint those locations as default setup locations, and then the general area as an AI setup location. Now when the AI deploys, it will deploy only in those locations. A nice feature also is that the AI will setup slightly differently each time. The only downside is that if the AI setup area is too large, HQ units can find themselves off on a far flank, since the AI doesn't seem to consider effective HQ unit placement.
  9. I have this working now. The problem was that the game seems to treat the triggered terrain objective as an "occupy" objective - so the pixeltruppen obediently make for the zone..and just stay there. The fix was to create a new exit zone as a smaller zone within the trigger zone and adjust the relevant AI order accordingly. I still had two straggler teams hanging around and I'm not sure why, but I wonder if it might be connected to the fact that all HQs had exited before could. More testing required but if only one squad out of 10 is giving trouble, I can live with it.
  10. Many thanks to all for your suggestions. The last order solution rings a bell and I'd say that is indeed where I'm going wrong. I'll dive in again and have a poke around. If I can get this working over the next few days the scenario should be ready for testing before the weekend. There are a few other kinks to iron out, like why the Germans will head for the exit but not actually exit this but that's probably something simple I overlooked. Whatever the cause, it was interesting watching it play out and having the Germans end up like this... It reminded me of the Bloody Lane at Antietam. Hero of this particular playtest was the soldier who showed what can be achieved with a Thompson and a nice bit of cover. He was the only one covering that hedgerow. That's got to be worth a gong...
  11. I'm at the point in a scenario where I'm setting up the victory conditions and AI plans. The Allied force, U.S. Airborne approaching from the northwest and northeast, has to exit off a road on the south edge of the map so it can secure an important bridge (off-map). The German forces are more or less in the centre of the map. The first question is pretty simple; how do I set up different starting locations for units, particularly defenders? I thought that the different AI plans would take care of this, but they only appear to concern actions, rather than positioning. Is it even possible to have AI defenders in a variety of defensive setups? The second question is more complicated. The original ASL scenario's victory conditions state that the Americans win if they exit 1 or more squads at that point, but that if the German player exits y squads from the same point, then the American player must exit y + .5 squads. My first thought was to simply discard that part of it and just make the fight for a couple of key points in the village and near the bridge exit, but from my reading I reckon I could have the exit point as a trigger that would start the Germans falling back toward the bridge when the first U.S. unit touched it. This might make for a more interesting fight, with the Germans "realising" that the Americans have got through or around them, and displacing to bolster the bridge's defences, and the American player needing to decide which forces to exit and which to leave as a rearguard/exit block to prevent the German player from getting his forces off. It could even play out as a running gunfight with multiple units from both sides head for the exit at the same time. With this in mind I set up AI groups and unit objective groups and set the unit objective groups as "Destroy All" objectives. Then I created an AI plan (the only one) that would trigger when the exit zone was touched by a U.S. unit. When I tested it, though, I could never get more than one German group to head for the bridge; the rest just sit there in their starting locations doing nothing. The trigger was set correctly and to be activated any time between 00:00 and 40:00. I've tried this a number of times but always got the same result. Either no groups move or only one does. I also have an problem whereby the "Wait for" option often doesn't show, and neither does the time limits for starting/ending the order. Any input would be appreciated! TIA, etc (Also posted on the FGM design forum)
  12. Holdit

    Siege of Jadotville

    The submachine gun is the Carl Gustav m/45
  13. Saving alone isn't the answer. I was saving...but I made a change to the mission parameters or something and saved what I thought was a change to the existing scenario over the scenario file. So when I opened it up again I got the default small map. I'm still not sure how I managed that, but I must have created a new scenario and saved that over the existing file, but anyway the answer isn't just saving, it's saving versions, so if the worst happens you don't lose everything. I don't create a new version every time I save, of course, but I do try to create at least one per day, so that if the worst happens I'll only need to redo a single evening's work. I also store backups of the lot in Dropbox.
  14. Holdit

    Best shot ever

    I love how each shot is modeled in terms of where it goes until it stops. I remember playing a game where the lead tank in a column of IS2's got into a gun duel with a Tiger II. The Tiger II fired first and I heard that CLANG-UNK sound, but when I checked the lead tank it was fine. It wasn't until the next time I tried to plot a move for the next IS2 in the column that I discovered it had been knocked out...by the shot that missed the leading IS2...