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  1. Has anybody tried this since the patch was released? I just noticed about the patch, so I'll take the scenario for a test drive myself some time this week.
  2. Glad to hear it - thanks for the feedback.
  3. In my scenario the German friendly direction is SE. I'm not sure what I could change it to that might help, though, since they might have enemy troops in any and multiple directions.
  4. What's the hedgerow gap problem?
  5. Some more discussion about this scenario here...
  6. Tell me about it. I can remember banging my head off the desk during that phase of the design but that might have been the VCs or just programming the German AI opponent around them. I did a lot of tests (to save time I cheated by putting some Americans in that barn near the exit point and had them doing a a quick dash from there), but I can't remember for sure if that was one of them. I have a vague memory of trying it and the result being a draw, since scoring is based on destroying units that need to exit, but I couldn't swear to it.
  7. Glad you like the concept. I get my WW2 tactical jollies from ASL as well as CMx2 so I might do more. I think you're right about the proving grounds; I've had more feedback here in 24 hours than I had in the previous 2 months (i.e. none). I'll wait until a few people have played it and see what they think because I wouldn't consider myself a good enough player to know if it's really ready for prime time.
  8. Yep...I did actually base it on 40 metres, the 20 was just a memory blip. That said, the guy who did the "Block Busting in Bobruisk" ASL-to-CMx2 port used 20 metres I think, and it might actually work out better, so if I'm doing another one I might experiment with that, or 30. Making the map the same size does leave you with a LOT of detail to fill.
  9. Thanks for your encouragement. It's based on a real engagement, but the OOB is a bit of a fudge and the map is fictitious. I did use an overlay - a screenshot of the ASL board used in that scenario: With ASL's 40-metre-wide hexes, though, its maps don't look good when translated directly into CMx2, so I added a lot of my own interpretation and some Norman flavour (bocage). I placed the houses and woods as per the ASL map, and the roads inasmuch as that's possible. I added crops and bocage and additional trees wherever I thought it would work, so the CMx2 version of the map gives the attacker more cover on the approach than the ASL American player has. My aim was to translate the ASL scenario into CMx2 rather than recreate the historical one, but I don't think anyone has covered that engagement yet, so maybe... This is the OOB I used... The scenario is actually from the ASL Starter Kit, a stripped-down version of ASL for people to use to dip their toe in the water - I think the CMx2 version might make a good training scenario for CMx2 too - a nice simple infantry-only fight.
  10. Oops I forgot to mention that. It's probably best played as Allies vs AI in single player but I think it's a good candidate for H2H too.
  11. "Ad Hoc at Chef du Pont" is a semi-fictitious scenario based on the ASL scenario of the same name and the ASL scenario "Gavin Take", in which General James Gavin and two scratch columns of paratroopers try to fight or sneak their way to a critical bridge of the the Merderet River early on 6th July 1944. The situation is historical but the map is inspired by the ASL map, but with lots of adjustments to make it suitable for CMBN. It's a first try at a full scenario and was actually created a couple of months ago. I was wondering why I hadn't had any feedback at all when I remembered I hadn't mentioned it in the game's own forum... It's available at The Proving Grounds: https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/ad-hoc-at-chef-du-pont/ ...or from DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ebl7z9rp9rtwrcn/ASL - Ad Hoc at Chef du Pont.btt?dl=0 Feedback welcomed, good, bad and constructive.
  12. ...or at least, if one must take a swipe...have the good manners to actually provide the answer at the same time.
  13. I'm not sure if this is picking at a scab, but will the patch be addressing the question of unbuttoned crew vulnerability?
  14. "Trappist Ale...'nuff said." I'm a loss to the advertising industry...
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