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  1. Holdit


    It depends on whether the age of the aircraft was a factor in the crash i.e. if some sort of mechanical failure was involved. If it wasn't then the age of the aircraft is unlikely to be relevant. Pilot error, a common cause of crashes, is a factor that can strike the most modern aircraft - Air France 447, for instance, amid countless others. For example, there is a suggestion that the JU52 crash crash may have had something to do with the unusually hot weather in Europe over the weekend, which would affect density altitude. Density altitude is affected by temperature, and in hot weather can make the aircraft fly as if it's at a higher altitude than may be indicated by the altimeter. This can result in pilots unwittingly taking their aircraft outside its performance envelope, sometimes with fatal results. Anyway, one thing I've learned about air crashes is to ignore almost everything in the news stories, and assume nothing until the accident report comes out. The Manx Air 7100 and AF 447 crashes are great examples of this. The causes eventually identified in the reports were well wide of the speculation indulged in by the press, which is usually written by people who are utterly ignorant of the subject matter and are more interested in eye-catching headlines than in cool factual reporting. Update: (a) The Swiss investigators appear to be ruling out the hot weather as a possible cause, and (b) it has been reported that this particular JU-52 is the same one use in the filming of "Where Eagle Dare".
  2. That would be a great help, thanks. Hmmmm...I don't think the expense of consulting a lawyer is worth it for a hobby. The differences between the two systems preclude a straight copy, although I do use the maps as a template, but I use some artistic license to make them more suitable for the CMx2 engine. For example, I've attached a screenshot of a section of the board I'm working off, and also the corresponding section of the CMBN map: On balance, I think it would probably be best to fictionalise/genericise it and say it's "inspired by...". This one, by the way is...(ahem)...inspired by the ASL Starter Kit Scenario "Ad Hoc at Chef-du-Pont", which can be downloaded for free from the MMP web site. Excellent idea. That's what I'll do. Thanks.
  3. Greetings, My use of the scenario edits has been limited to map-making until now, but I'm keen to try my hand at an actual scenario. I'm starting low-key with a scenario based on small ASL scenario. The map is done and I've added the forces. I'm starting on the AI plans for both sides next. I'd like to get some advice on the following... How are the briefing maps created? I think I downloaded some graphics files once but it didn't seem obvious how to use them and I can't find them now. What is the best way to get a scenario tested and where is the best place to look for testers? I had thought it would be The Proving Grounds, but there seems to be little to no activity there. Are there any copyright issues with converting ASL scenarios for CMx2? Is it better not to use the original name and stay away from any reference to ASL? Where is a good source of copyright-free WW2 photos to use as the scenario image? I know Wikipedia specifies copyright details but I've head that this information isn't always correct. Any advice would be appreciated. I hope to have it in a ready-to-test state sometime in the next two weeks.
  4. On the subject of interrogation, I remember in Cornelius Ryan's "A Bridge Too Far" a description of a XXX Corps officer whose technique was simply to walk up close to the prisoner and scream questions into his face while simultaneously shoving the muzzle of his pistol hard into the prisoner's belly. Apparently it never failed. 😊
  5. It is possible, though, to be into wargaming and fundamentally anti-war. Wargamers are likely to be better informed about what wars horrors and chaos than less-informed but more jingoistic compatriots. For example.. http://leadnobleed.blogspot.com/2009/11/10-introductory-rant-ethics-of.html
  6. From American Civil War movies, I learned than any discarded musket or abandoned cannon is always loaded and ready to fire. Also, infantry instantly become qualified artillerymen just by shouting the order "Turn the guns on them, boys!" And of course, in any period, any soldier who sows a picture of or talks about his wife or girlfriend back home is already being eyeballed meaningfully by a cowled figure carrying a scythe...
  7. Holdit

    CM games I'd like to see

    I don't have any of the CM post WW2 titles, and I'm not really interested in them but I'd buy a CM Vietnam game. Not that I'm into gaming Vietnam, but more because of Vietnam movies I've seen and books I've read* and documentaries like Vietnam: The Ten Thousand Day War. (*Fields of Fire, Matterhorn and...a couple of others I can't remember.)
  8. Holdit

    Improvement suggestions

    An OB screen that allows the player to click on a unit and have it selected on the map ("Ah, there it is...")
  9. Holdit

    CM games I'd like to see

    I think it describes my attacking style...
  10. I'd echo most of the comments here. I don't like the moire patterns, but I'll live with them until maybe I can get rid of them by tinkering under the bonnet with nVidia Inspector. If that doesn't work, I'll live with them anyway. One thing that irks me more is load times, especially when editing large maps. I've just moved from a 2.4GHz Q6600 processor with 4GB RAM and a 1GB video card to a 4.1 GHz i5 6600 with a 6GB video card and I can't actually say that games or maps load any faster. I even moved CMBN to the SSD drive I reserve for FSX, and there still wasn't much difference. I'm not knowledgable enough to know whether it's insufficiently-optimised code or what, but something seems amiss with this experience. When you're in map editing mode, frequently flipping from 2D to 3D to see if it looks right, that can be a major pain on a large map. 100% agree - that's why I like it so much. On the subject of FPS...I've never been conscious of FPS in CMx2, maybe that's because I play turn-based rather than real-time, (and I can appreciate that very slow FPS can be a pain) but from my experience with FSX and all the FPS-related headaches with that (and if you haven't been there, don't go...), I can say that (within reason) the best way to use an FPS counter is to turn the bloody thing off. I'm not saying that it's what's happening with people here, but from things I've read in various places it seems that a lot of gamers seem to concentrate more on the FPS counter than they do on the game.
  11. How about this for fog of war, any areas not under observation are displayed as a map (i.e. symbols and contours similar to a paper map). Players must make their plans based on what the map tells them is there, unless their units have actually "seen" it. That would restrict the players' ability to inspect every inch of ground that he can't even see. Too difficult to do, I imagine, but it would make things interesting.
  12. Holdit

    CM games I'd like to see

    Forget space lobsters, let's get some of these guys....
  13. Holdit

    Maps needed?

    I could only find one...right in the centre of the map, but it's fixed now, and I realised where I've been going wrong with those. Thanks again.
  14. Holdit

    Maps needed?

    Errrr.....yeah I never seen to get those to match up the way I'd like whatever combination I use. I'll take another look though. Thanks for the good feedback.