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  1. IIRC the H3 is the Chevy Tahoe with a Hummer skin. The H2 is unique and made for the civvie market, and the civvie version of the mil spec Hummer is the H1.
  2. Exactly. Calling that pea shooter a "4WD monster" is just crazy.
  3. Quite well thanks. My oldest graduated university last Winter, and my youngest is still as full of beans as ever. Hope all is well with you too. ... and I hope this new game will allow me to once again ruthlessly pepper your hamstertruppen with deadly mortar. ... in a firendly way of course.
  4. I liked how they left The Great One standing out there waiting for a while. Just kidding. but, yea other than the botched mechanical works leading up to the lighting of the torche I actually found it to be a pretty nice show. I am sure it was great in person, and watching on the tube it was cool.
  5. Gosh, I hope I won't have to post a list of quotes by Senator Biden and Obama talking about their faith in public. <GASP!> Or, Saint's preserve us, point out how Sen. Obama chose Sen. Biden because of his Catholic faith, his being firmly rooted in the culture and his established record of interactions with and support of a variety of Catholic groups? I shudder at the very thought.
  6. Here's a list of rumors http://explorations.chasrmartin.com/2008/09/06/palin-rumors/ At the end you can add to it.
  7. Yep. This is from an op-ed that sums up the situation nicely -
  8. Apparently "Little Kim" had a stroke overnight. Nothing like a crazy commie with damaged brain and ready access to nuclear weapons to move the old doomsday clock.
  9. Really? I've been toying with getting rid of my Jeep again but the whole car dealer hassle is one factor in why I just have not acted yet. Might have to just give that a whirl.
  10. Totten's been around, and is known for accurate on the scene reporting, if all he did was sit in hotels and sip tea I'd be very surprised. I think you may have missed this part -
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