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  1. Hi Chris. Yeah I would... if I actually owned the unit, but I was wondering if it was worth purchasing with the view to using it to play CMRT when travelling. Looks like it will be a case of taking pot luck. I was kinda hoping the i7 processor would make up for the lack of a separate grahics card. Looks like I might be out of luck. Regards KR
  2. Hi. I was wondering if the Tech guys can advise whether CMRT would be playable on a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro 2in1 mini laptoip which has 8Gb of DDR3L RAM but no separate graphics card, just the Intel® HD Graphics 4400 graphics that usually comes with a lower end laptop. The processor is an Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i7 with a processor speed of 1.8GHz (with Turbo Boost up to 3.0GHz). Could this do the job in a manner that has at least 25 frames per second for the small to medium battles at least? Regards KR
  3. The crew spike their tank's main gun to avoid it being used against their countrymen then realise that they still have a miniscule chace of holding off the battalion of SS by copying a tactic they heard about from a Ranger guy who fought near Carentan soon after D-Day. They then proceded to gather all the tank's HE shells in a stockpile and whack the base of one with the intent of lobbing it at the approaching enemy to blow them all sky high. Unfortunately they forgot that the original story applied to small mortar ammo. rather than proper HE shells and blew themselves all to smithereens with their first attempt. Regards KR
  4. The title says it all. If Goliaths warrant their own thread then surely Wasps should earn a mention, especially considering their production numbers and employment in NWE compared with other less numerous AFV's such as Crocodiles. Regards KR
  5. Why not call it for what you really want it to be... criticbanning. Then none of us are in any doubt exactly what you want. Regards KR
  6. So, you're wanting a Flamethrower halftrack to assist with the Grille? Regards KR
  7. According to a source I located there were around 1,000 of the Wasp II's in service by around June 1944. I would find it astonishing that they weren't utilised in one way or another soon after D-Day and in the months that followed. The thing that concerns me is that if they're not part of this vehicle pack, when will they be available? There's certainly no guarantee that a 2nd vehicle pack will be produced so, it seems, we well may be without the use of one of the most common flame equipped AFV's the Allies had! Regards KR
  8. I haven't even seen the film but from the shorts the thing that struck me was, does this SS battalion not have a single grenade between them? When one of them opens the top hatch to the Sherman surely the first thing that would get lobbed in would be a flurry of grenades rather than poking ones head over the rim to get a face full of bullets! Also, no panzerfausts? No grenade bundles? No means to destroy an immobilized tank at all? This is an SS formation afterall, not a bleeding' Ost formation. Regards KR
  9. If the Wasp flamethrower AFV is indeed missing then I find this, to say the least, somewhat perplexing. They were definitely around soon after D-Day supporting the Commonwealth infantry forces and their numbers certainly exceeded the number of Churchill Crocodiles swanning around the countryside. Is there any reason why they were excluded from this vehicle pack, that includes a number of other flame armed AFV's that were produced in far fewer numbers than the Wasp?
  10. Shouldn't that be... Beyond that it's all a blaze? Regards KR
  11. I loved the quote in the Daily Mail article... British prisoners of war captured at Dunkirk, France, in June 1940 walk dejectedly up a hill near a German fortification. Lazy journalism at its best. If it was a fortification at Dunkirk then, by definition, it had to be an Allied fortification that had been captured by the Germans. Therefore, the quote should make reference to a captured German fortification or a French fortification. Regards KR
  12. What if you want to fire at infantry with the main gun? Using an armour cover arc would not work in that instance. I'm with the original poster. If I order an AFV to button up I would expect it to remain so for at least the full 60 seconds so that when the next PBEM cycle comes around I can decide to either keep it buttoned or unbutton if I feel any threat warrants it. You take the risk and you accept the consequences. Regards KR
  13. Just wondering. I don't have the game as yet but have people who do run any quick tests to see if the T34/76 is able to at least occasionally penetrate the Stug front at ranges of 800 metres or less? I seem to recall that was a major point of contention in the old CMx1 Barbarossa to Berlin title. Regards KR
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