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  1. Has anyone evaluated the effectiveness of higher skill HMG crews in the game? Perhaps veteran or crack HMGs are utterly lethal?
  2. I could hope that someone had made one!
  3. Hi, looking for a mod that increases the font size of messages such as: REINFORCEMENTS HAVE ARRIVED Thanks
  4. Hi Poesel71, I have HMGs that run out of MG ammo. It happens while on the defense. The last time it happened was two weeks ago during the Troina campaign when the Germans were counter attacking.
  5. While playing the Fleeting Moment campaign... my HQ R-35 takes a hit and the TC is lost. Amazingly, the driver does not bail. I highly recommend playing the campaign!!! In the next scenario, the R-35 is running solo without a TC. MG and main gun will not fire, obviously. It's in a bad spot, thus I order it to back up and continue backing up until reaching the exit point (final scenario in Fleeting Moment campaign). Then I got to thinking: how is that R-35 with only a driver backing up 250+ meters, avoiding dense woods and rough terrain without a TC? Is the R-35 equipped with special rear view mirrors? Fun! Thanksgiving fun and giggles.
  6. Hello, I am looking for a mod that makes HQ icons easily distinguishable (company, battalion, etc..)
  7. Thank you for your service. Respectfully, Patrick MM2(SS) US Navy
  8. It seems that there is no trench facing option. Trenches auto align when a second trench is placed next to another trench.
  9. Huge QB... found enemy reserves. They were all huddled up near a map corner.
  10. I want to line up trenches end to end. What is the command to change the trench facing?
  11. I am not the best person to answer your situation. I can send you one of my saved game files if that would help?
  12. I'm on the last and final battle for the beaches. The American 57mm ATGs have claimed many tanks throughout the campaign. They are extremely difficult to knock out. Whenever I see an ATG icon, I train a 75mm caliber tank on the icon for the remainder of the scenario or until the tank runs out of HE rounds. I have yet to take out an ATG with 81mm or 105mm barrages.
  13. Email confirmation and the license key were emailed from sales@battlefront.com in an email titled, "Your Battlefront.com Download Info." The email contained no information about manually updating the software. I suggest adding patch/update information and a hyperlink to the download section in that email.
  14. Please integrate the latest patches into new game purchase download. I purchase the game yesterday, and was prompted to download the game. The downloaded game was only version 1.00.