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  1. Once the CMRT version is finished, I'll take a look at converting it. It's gonna' be tough going without those T-34/76 HE loadouts, though! The dynamic of 1944+ German defender vs Soviet attacker with T-34/76 as AFV support base is perfect for this map. The Soviets really have to use combined arms to get anywhere, but have a natural "range" limit with their small arms ammo usage pattern. That really helps for transitions from one wave to the next in extended play times. Germans on the other hand, can put up a great fight defensively (gonna' be really hard to keep those tanks alive, Soviets!), but wouldn't work as well as attacker for the extended play times I want due to low German AFV ammo loadouts. However, smaller slices are fine for the Germans to be attacker. In fact, I've had some big fun setting up Stalingrad era loadouts (Sicher with MG34s) and clearing out Soviet fanatics from factory areas. Yup, DCs, FTs, and HEAVY artillery are very much in their environment here. Having said that, I look very forward to seeing how you and others get along with modern kit on this baby. No matter where you go, you're generally only a tile or two away from the next ambush spot. 🙂
  2. I'm back at it from another very long break. Still a long way to go, but I've made a ton of progress since the last update I posted in the project thread. In fact, I just tried to post a pic, but Flickr appears to have tied itself in knots and I can't access my account, despite having used it yesterday. Grrr. Oh well. Maybe it's a sign I should keep my secrets safe for now (okay can't resist - edited to attach pic). Happy to say that the current Engine and map seem to like each other a lot. The dense terrain really pairs up well with the evolving TacAI displacement behaviors. Sure, you get the occasionall suide rout, but more often, the bulk of a team makes it out of harms way. In fact, if the player is smart with his team splits and moves, it's not too uncommon to have whole teams bump up against the enemy and back out without losses. And, the patches have made SP-ready QB map slices much less time consuming because the AI is using buildings now with general area painting, rather than having to isolate the tiles inside buildings like before.
  3. Yup. Mr. HT gunner had a triple helping of pineapple for breakfast today. But I think his buffet days are over.
  4. Tossing grenades from the fourth floor. Lovin' it!
  5. Thanks for the thanks and compliment. I'm testing out a slice of the large urban map I'm making as a QB map with AI Germans, force unknown. I've noticed some pretty significant improvement in the SP QB experience post-patch. Although the AI can still be hit or miss with its setup choices, it is working pretty well with my map slices in QB format. Sometimes, it really makes good use of the terrain for ambush (those guys really did let my first team pass before firing on the larger group). The fallback behaviors generally work quite well in my map environment because there is so much cover around (area in the pics is one of the less dense areas). It's going to be a long while before the project is finished, but I plan to include QB slices with AI plans.
  6. The opening firefight has been won and the battlefield has gone quiet. A four-man point team has crossed the bridge safely and is about to enter the closest building. Stepping over casualties from the firefight, they suddenly spot enemy survivors. The extra moment it takes for the Germans to spot them gives the scouts the edge and they dispatch the enemy soldiers after a brief exchange of fire. Things go quiet again and the platoon leader decides to push a squad across the bridge, with his command team in the tail. It is a mistake. As soon as the larger group of men advances onto the bridge, small arms fire erupts from locations that had held fire to let the small team pass. Three men are cut down, including the HQ team leader. Thankfully, the actual platoon leader is able to crawl to safety. Tank and MG overwatch go to work on the new threats. The SMG trooper is cut down by machine guns from across the river, but the rifleman survives the tank fire and displaces. He is not alone! It will be a long, bloody fight. Street to street...
  7. Alt-hero is a new comic series with all original characters. The storyline revolves around the struggle between globalism and nationalism. In addition to a very interesting, multi-dimensional plotline, the heroes offer parents characters in the classic comic hero mode they can feel safe giving to their kids. The series is by a company called Arkhavencomics. It's probably going to be very big.
  8. Man...looks like it's time for folks to chill and enjoy the new Rebel's Run trailer! 😀
  9. I occasionally get that when I'm testing the dense urban map I'm doing for CMRT. I've always been able to get them back together, but sometimes, it takes a few tries. The corrective waypoints need to be few, straighforward and clear of obstacles. Overall, it hasn't been a problem. In fact, as with your rationalization about getting caught up with the civilians, it's kinda' cool sometimes -- like when your dudes started wandering off in the Close Combat series. In-game Straggler generation! 🙂
  10. A huge improvement brought by the patches that I haven't seen mentioned is the fixing of QB AI setup regarding the use of buildings. I've done some testing across my titles and the AI seems to be consistently using buildings now and no longer highly favoring wall/hedge/bocage lines. This should make for a massive enhancement of the SP QB experience on maps with a sufficient number of buildings. I may be wrong, but the AI setup seems smarter in non-building areas as well. The AI force selection is still hit and miss, but I think may have improved as well. For every dud, I'm seeing 2 or 3 decent selections. The current TacAI fallback behavior seems to work very well in extended wooded areas. I've got a large attack going as Soviets on a QB slice from Studienka and the German AI defenders are bleeding me in the forest areas. I'm being as careful as I can and making good use of area fire to prep for hunting forward, but the small number of remaining Germans there keep nickle-and-diming me with casualties and falling back out of LOS before I can bag all of them. It feels very realistic and the slow pace putting a major cramp on my advance time-wise. So, good stuff and thanks BF!
  11. I think you guys are right about the TacAI logic used here. I finished up the battle and...the team survived! Only the leader bought it when they first displaced. I managed to get enough bodies on the line to prevent the GIs from concentrating their fire on the gully team. One of my reinforcement teams was an HMG and over a few turns fire superiority went my way on that flank and I held it. I had to work it though! The 3-man rifle team ended up being vital, as they were properly falling back to the foxholes when things got too hot. I kept sending them up the the low bocage line to draw fire to take the heat off the other units. That appeared to be just enough to let the HMG team get set up.There was a movie moment when a US command team out of LOS suddenly crested the hill while the rifleman trio was back in their foxholes. They traded fire and the trio lobbed a grenade at the HQ team before German medium range LMG fire finished off the rest of the charging Amis. Which reminds me, the gully team did fall back to the foxholes at least once earlier. I can definitely see the TacAI logic here in terms of the elevations. However, from a realism standpoint, I can't see a team charging out in the open like that, unless they were being flanked and their rear was compromised. I think in real life they would almost certainly go for the foxholes. That's actually precisely why I put them there in setup. So, it seems like we have a situation where the TacAI is performing nearly perfectly most of the time, but then suddenly brainfarts and falls on its sword over a technicality. In this situation, falling back to the foxholes was the "perfect" behavior, which the 3-man rifle team did at least 3 times and the gully team did at least once early on. Then, the gully team brainfarted on best choice of cover -- choosing the depression for "relief" from the most pressing enemy team, and in so doing, losing the much better general protection of the foxholes. For my part, I'd really like to see if BF can somehow cut that brainfarting. As we see, the TacAI is getting it right most of the time, which means the code is getting it right most of the time. However, when it gets it wrong, it blows the immersion because it seems so out of place in terms of realism. Is there not a way to tweak the code so that the TacAI will put more weight on things like friendly side and foxhole/cover locations? As people have pointed out, this seems to have been a case of the TacAI overvaluing the gully at the expense of better cover. Is there any way to tweak it so it doesn't? Other than the saga of the gully team, TacAI movement seemed very good for both infantry and vehicles. There were a number of epic moments (I wish I had time to do a viddy!). The battle ended with the last Ami tank charging in on the other flank just at the moment when my Stug freaked out over approaching infantry and suddenly backed away from its overwatch position. The Sherman was pointed right at my remaining LMG teams on that side and was about to shoot them up when...one of my alamo PF teams hiding behind a building saved the day. It was beautiful.🙂 It was an excellent little battle. In hindsight, I may have overdone it with the mines, TRPs and 105mm. They wreaked havoc. However, I certainly had the chance of being overrun and wiped out and really had to work it with my micro-play at a number of points. The US started with a company of infantry, plus the battalion pioneer platoon. Dispersed among the platoons, they had 5 Shermans, 2 Stuarts, and 2 gun carriages. They also had a beefy amount of arty. I had one grenadier platoon with an attached Pak40, one regular Stug, the company HMG squad, an FO and one battery of medium howitzers. The US had two approaches, (my) far left and far right. On the left, I put most of my AP mines (4, IIRC) at the river crossing, along with my single AT mine. To cover that side, I had the ATG, my best infantry squad, and the platoon HQ team. On the right flank, I had two infantry squads, my single PS, and the Stug. The 2 HMGs and their HQ team were in the center with keyhole fire positions to keep them safe from enemy AFV overwatch. Their initial job was to deal with any infiltrators and serve as the infantry fire brigade. The FO was forward center in a building with the best view. The battle started out with the US pioneers and gun carriages pushing on my left flank. My FO and the ATG dealt with that handily. The AI then backed it up with the Stuarts and more infantry. The Pak40 knocked out the Stuarts, but then the US landed a howitzer round right in the pickle-barrel and knocked out the ATG. US arty kept my boys heads down there and some US infantry infiltrated along the riverside woods and fed into my center (good job, AI Plan!). My center HMGs then relocated to deal with them, but things devolved into a close range standoff with remaining US strength there unknown and any movement looking risky. The US units that made it to the center appeared to be the weapons teams (light mortars were off map). The right flank was quiet. Shermans then showed up in the center and finished locking down my HMGs and the FO (more kudos to the AI Plan!). I didn't know if they would go left or right. My left was down to PFs AT-wise , so I decided to relocate the Stug to center to make it better available to deal with the enemy's advance when it decided to make a move. My PS was in the building on the right, serving as a ranged AT screen for any tanks attempting to cross there. During the mid-battle period, the Stug stayed out of LOS in the center while new Shermans showed up on the left and moved to overwatch positions there. The center Shermans stayed put and some US infantry started filtering towards my right. For awhile, it went like this: On the left flank, US infantry filtered in with Sherman overwatch. My two LMG teams there (one was the ATG ammo team) played cat and mouse to disrupt the advancing GIs while avoiding Sherman response. Meanwhile, the squad command team and platoon HQ stayed in ambush positions using buildings and foxholes. Both sides exchanged arty fire on that flank. A Sherman got one shot in that took out two men in the infantry LMG team, but the US arty was largely ineffective due to my proactive micro-work. On the right flank, my two squads exchanged fire with the Amis and US arty occasionally forced everyone to take cover. The Stug stayed out of sight at center while I called in arty on the overwatching center Shermans. I was tempted to try to take them out with the Stug, but judged that the risk was too high of a Sherman landing the first shot from the available angles (nearly frontal). I decided to peel off a PF anti-tank team from a squad on the right flank and send it center. Initially, it would team with the Stug for better eyes and then move left, if needed, for AT coverage on that flank. After the first couple of harrassing rounds landed near the center Shermans, one started to shift to my right flank, as if to support a crossing effort there. That gave me the chance I was looking for. I was able to move the Stug at center unbuttoned into a keyhole overwatch position, along with the adjacent PF team for extra eyes. I had just enough time to get the Stug into position before the Sherman entered the keyhole. Spotting was a bit iffier than I hoped, but the Stug eventually got LOS and smoked him. Then, the next Sherman followed and met the same fate. Meanwhile, on the left flank, a Sherman pushed forward across the river and ate a mine. I judged that it was safe to relocate the Stug to the left flank now, so I sent him there via the safest back route, with the PF team following along later. It was around this point that the right flank infantry battle heated up, leading to the gully team incident. On the left, the Stug got into position. The end-game period went like this: On the right, I moved one of the now unlocked HMG teams to provide support. The other HMG team and its HQ stayed center, but I eventually moved the center HMG a bit left to provide fire support against US infantry infiltrating on that flank. The HQ stayed to monitor unknown infiltration center. The right flank battle was touch and go for awhile after the gully team did its thing. But, by carefully micro-managing a depleted LMG team in an overwatch building (no LOS to the Amis that shot the gully team leader), the PS team, and the newly arrived HMG team, I was able to hold the flank. On the left, things got dicey with two Shermans making it across past the mines and US infantry putting pressure on my infantry there. Oh, and I forgot... Earlier, an amazing long range rifle shot from the US infantry at center took out my platoon leader as his team was displacing across the road. Grrr! Anyway, my guys were in alamo keyhole positions there with the Stug obliquely covering the road up from the river from semi-hull down, offering a good chance of first shot. Eventually, a Sherman charged forward and the Stug took it out, right before it was about to slaughter my LMG teams. Then, just as the final Sherman was making its push, US infantry spooked the Stug and it backed out of LOS. The Sherman charged right into my alamo and one round would have been enough to wreak havoc, as all the available PFs were just out of range. All, but one that is. the last two men of the platoon HQ had one PF and they were hiding behind a building beside the Sherman. They made the shot. My LMG teams, now safe, joined the HQ men in taking out the bailing tank crew. The Americans then surrendered. I know the story is a bit off-topic, but hearing AARs from battles played on a designer's map is chicken soup for the designing soul, so I thought I'd post it. It was a fun battle and though I got a TV, it could have gone very differently. Oh, and the center threat turned out to be a ghost threat. The Amis there were all dead!
  12. Thanks, Mark. I'm the defending Germans in this one. The AI is controlling the attacking Americans. I just sent you a copy of the turn replay. I did a quick check in the Editor and didn't see any problems with the unit formations. -Will report if I find any.
  13. I haven't had much time to play with the new patch, but I think I just encountered the problem folks are talking about. I'm kicking the tires on one of Mark Ezra's excellently crafted "2019" series QB maps (thanks, Mark --beautiful work!) as the defending Germans. My guys have been hit with arty a number of times and they handled it very well. However, a burst of enemy small arms fire just triggered a suicidal move by one of my teams that can't be rationalized and looks like the potential issue being discussed. As you can see, the team is regular, with a +1 leader and high motivation. They are on high ground behind a line of low bocage with the friendly map direction and foxholes right behind them and the enemy fire coming from the enemy map direction in front of them and from some advancing Americans to their right that have crossed the river. The small arms fire causes them to panic, leave their cover, and run out into the open down the slope toward the enemy. This, despite the safety offered by foxholes and a building right behind them -- both in the friendly map direction. As you can see, they are now in quite a pickle and the Americans waste no time in shooting them up. The leader being taken out first. There is no gap in the bocage/hedge line at this point and it looks like they exited into the open via the point where the low bocage touches the adjacent, passable hedge. The suicide of this team is likely going to cause a ripple panic among nearby units and crumble what was a firm flank -- until this happened.🙁
  14. Muh boys finally getting to go weapons-free after the none-too-soon death of "Fury Panther."
  15. Congrats on the patch release. Thanks to all who worked on it. I had no issues installing it across my titles.
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