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  1. +1 to adding the ability to control air strikes during the setup phase. As things stand, I generally don't use air assets in CMRT as either player or designer because you never know when they are going to show up and the risk of attacking friendlies is so high. So, the feature is essentially useless. The only scenario I managed to get them in successfully was a vs-AI-only battle where the player had lots of time before he got any armor, a big map, lots of buildings to put his troops in, and the air assets were friendly Stuka specialized AT -- so they wouldn't attack his own infantry. I'd love to add air to my current project for CMRT, but it's simply too risky unless it can be controlled -- at least during setup. It seems to me the only real use for the current system would be to have some kind of attrition phase for a campaign, where the player's units would have to make it across a map and exit with enemy air in the skies -- but no assets on the ground, other than a hidden FO. But even then, the air might never show up. Seems a shame to waste the feature. Setup phase control (with a guaranteed arrival time) would make it usable.
  2. Yeah, I was really expecting to lose both Shermans, and thus the game, to PFs and schrecks before they could tackle the Panthers. Now, I've got to decide whether or not to risk the last Sherman to save the ATGs or sacrifice them and perhaps ping the last Panther later from a position safe from infantry. I'll probably send in the Sherman, as it will be my best opportunity for a rear shot, if I can find a way to get it to target reasonably safely. If I lose it, I still might lose the game, despite the previous successful thunder run. The Germans have a ton of infantry left, I'm sure. My regular GIs likely won't be able to hold back that much SS infantry without some kind of heavier support.
  3. He-he. Yeah, I'm a proud father of that purty little Sherman. It was a classic sudden decision point. For setup, I had two hidden Shermans (my only armor) on the enemy's right and my armored infantry co.'s ATGs on their left. Early on, a lead Panther had explored forward and traded shots with one unhidden ATG. It won the gun duel and knocked out the ATG, but then got spooked and backed into death from the Sherman side. Then, the turn before the picture was taken, the remaining four Panthers pulled up together, supported by a large group of infantry. Suddenly, it was a win or lose decision point. If I held back the Shermans, the ATGs would be wiped out and the German force would get across the bridge en masse. But, with all the German infantry around, the Shermans would likely never make it far enough to get a shot off. I decided to roll the dice and send in the Shermans to knife fight, supported by a few GIs on the ground for an attempt at the most thin of infantry screens (all I had in range). One Sherman got knocked out en route by enemy infantry AT as expected, but the second made it and proceeded to knock out three Panthers and slice up some enemy infantry in a glorious run -- the results of which are shown in the picture. After that, I popped smoke and backed out the Sherman to a safer place. I was surprised he made it out, as there is something like a company+ of SS infantry in that area. I guess I had enough area fire pouring on (various MGs, harrassing mortars and ATGs) to keep the German infantry distracted. Now, the last Panther (prolly HQ) has charged forward and is bearing on the ATGs. Another decision point for the Sherman... 🙂
  4. AT guns to the left of me, Shermans to the right, here I am...
  5. For early war German infantry, I use Sicher units and give each platoon 3 MG34s. Like you said, still can't get rid of the PFs, though. The Soviets are harder, since the only way to get rid of the high mid/late war SMG count is to go with 43 divisional recon, add LMGs as needed and use more of them to make up for the 6-man squads. I'd sure LOVE to see a 2-man vanilla rifle team unit added to the specialist team menu for each faction. Then, you could fill in the riflemen where you need them.
  6. Kings in Retirement and A Delaying Action were among the first scenarios I played when CM:BN was fresh out of the oven. I recall really enjoying both.
  7. Here's hoping that includes a paid upgrade. And, here's hopedy-hoping it might follow along not too long after Fire and Rubble hits the virtual shelves. 😁
  8. Thanks for the bones. And for the closer peek at that gorgeous Berlin map! Also, that first pic of the rural area is beautiful. Very natural. Looking forward to what 2020 will bring!
  9. He-he. Maybe. That would certainly do it.🙂 This particular squad has been looking for a reason to surrender all day. Their nickname in the battalion is "Band of Brittles."
  10. Enemy FT man takes no chit, but does, thankfully, take prisoners.
  11. He's bravely shooting at enemy infantry while the remnants of the squad displace - having lost fire superiority. I think his officer just forgot to tell him to bug out. That would be me! ðŸĪŠ
  12. Thanks! Here's one more: The last man - just before his last breath.
  13. Yep. Heavy rockets make for great dynamic tank dugouts.🙂 I love parking my afvs in them.
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