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  1. Ian, I actually tagged two instances of the bridge bug in save game files. It's the same bridge, but two different battles. I'll PM you those. I should have tagged those instances of suicidal rout like I did the bridge bug, but was trying to push through as much map building and testing as possible during my week off (got a lot done!). So, I didn't follow best practices on file naming. I may have saves, though. It will be time intensive to find them (very long battle, big map and no SSD), but I might take a shot over the weekend. From now on, I'll tag game saves whenever it happens. Do you prefer bundles when collected, or singles as they come in? I can't say on frequency. Just on feeling, it seems like the rout behavior was a little less suicidal in the first version of the patch. But that's just a feeling. All the saves should both be under CMRT 2.02. (Edit: two bridge bug files sent.) Edit part deux: One potentially low-time-investment fixer idea for suicide rout that just popped in my head is, for what it's worth, this: If unit quality has a big impact on tendency to suicide rout, which it seems to have, make all units have the maximum beneficial modifiers under rout conditions, but penalize them according to unit quality by adjusting their panic "cool down" period up or down. So, a green unit would be as smart as an elite unit as far as where to rout, but would take much longer to return to a state where it could be given orders. Just an idea.
  2. Hate to say it, but I can confirm that both the suicidal rout behavior and bridge bug are still issues. I'm working on an urban map for CMRT with extremely plentiful cover and the ability to get out of enemy LOS quickly. However, it's a given that during any battle, a certain number of units will occasionally pass on easy cover to take the most dangerous path. In my most recent battle, I've had 6 units do it for around 20-25 casualties total. They were part of three squads, an MG and two LMG teams. MG was green, squads were reg and vet and LMG (IIRC) reg and green. The usual pattern is for a unit in a building to panic for whatever reason and then run out of the building in a dangerous direction and get cut down. Sometimes, they exit out the door facing the enemy and get cut down. Sometimes, they run out on a safe street and then turn the corner and get cut down by the guys that the battalion has been watching for an hour. One of the LMG teams kinda' did a Benny Hill Yackety Sax thing by running back and forth across a street being covered by an MG42. Basically, the team ran out of a safe building, dashed across the street to another building, got panicked again and then ran back across the fire lane towards their original location. Eventually, they got gone. Most, often, when units on a higher building level panic, they run to the first floor and stay there. Sometimes they move horizontally one or two AS as well while descending. Or, if they exit, they exit out the back or side. The higher the quality of the unit, the more likely they'll make a good decision. But not always. The veteran squad got spooked and ran out of the front of a very safe building (lots of close safe action spots just to rear) towards a shellhole in the enemy's kill zone. That was also towards the enemy map edge. From what I can tell, panic triggers a unit to displace a certain number of actions spots. The exact number appears to vary. The direction and distance is probably determined randomly with situation-specific modifiers and unit-stat-based modifiers applied. Kinda' like Heat of Battle in ASL. So, a veteran unit is more likely to choose the smarter/safer options, but can still "roll" badly and choose dancing in the enemy's known fire lane as opposed to running backwards 8m or less into the out-of-LOS building section right behind them. So, what some folks are calling a "bug" is code that needs massaging or enhancing. When I say massaging, I mean tweaking so that "rolling bad" happens a lot less often (like, forget about shellholes if a building action spot is within so many meters and give preference to one in the friendly map direction). By enhancing, I mean perhaps adding a layer of awareness somehow, so that when panic hits, known enemy units (like the Panther around the corner that everybody in C&C has known about for nearly an hour) are factored in. Of course, I'm just guessing about the code here. I've no idea. But will say that the current behavior is not adequate in that, while it may get it right a majority of the time, it gets it wrong fairly often, too. And when it does, it totally blows the immersion because it cannot be rationalized as real world human behavior. Real soldiers panic, but they don't panic in the way that the code is producing when it "rolls bad." On the bridge bug, I had a bunch of instances of it during a recent play session. The first crossing or two was okay. Then a unit got stuck. Reverse seemed okay, so backed the unit of the bridge, and then when across in reverse. That worked. But eventually, units got stuck even when reversing. None of the units got permanently stuck like in the old days, though. I was able to nurse them either across or more likely back off the bridge to where they started. I think I still have that turn save. I'll submit it (may take a few days). I'll also start cataloging when the suicidal rout occurs, so I can give specifics and turn saves, if desired.
  3. It's a good thing, 'cause the first team in got a face full of StG44. So, I sent an FT team to the opening and sprayed in. Just as they were enjoying the screams letting them know they were on target, an MG42 at 90 degrees from the church across the street dropped the FT assistant and sent the tank man man crawling around the corner to safety. I didn't realize the church had LOS to my FT team. I've been hitting that MG's position with HE, MG and small arms fire for awhile now. Must be another crack team. It's a very beefy chuch, too. The good news is that a different team made it in from the side. However, there are multiple areas between where they are and the ambusher's location. I've no idea how many hidden defending teams are left in there. Time to think of the next play to run.
  4. (Two more and I'm back in my cave for awhile.) First squad makes it into the square! They have ample fire support, but behind every wall lurks the specter of ambush and death. Will they make it?
  5. Thanks for the link! Yeah, I'd love to do some custom FO stuff. Time-wise though, my first priority is at least a few custom wall textures. Mods like Kieme's add a lot, but overall don't go exactly where I want to go (which is to be walking around a 1940's Soviet city 😁). I want to add some of my own (when you see a stock wall texture in my screenies, that's actually a placeholder). That will be at the end and after the CMRT module comes out, so I can use any relevant new textures, along with whatever I can pull and blend from all my current CM titles. I'm not going to get too crazy with it, though. Just no time. I've half a mind to open up the project to people who want to add things. I really need to wrap this baby up and move on to other things on the bucket list. So many promises to the wife to keep...
  6. Ha! "by Rinaldi" ðŸĪŠ. Classic. I was fighting sleep when I typed that and -- it shows! (Here Mord, hold my beer...) 😁 Thanks for the link. I've seen a few screenshots before, but haven't read the thread or seen the map live. A true masterpiece! I should read the thread at least to hunt for goodies. I just did a quick scan and saw some of the the great work he did with flavor objects. CMRT seems to be a little on the sparse side FO-wise. I'm debating how far I can/should go with those (how much do they impact frame rates I wonder?). I've put in a few so far, but am saving the main work for the end. Prolly dump one of every kind into a park area and then copy-paste as needed around the map. Tedious work. But still nothing compared to my least favorite job: elevation polishing. I've still got another, final round of that to do at the end. Balancing the sprawling connected buildings with an attempt to stay as true to the RL elevations as I can has been a challenge. If one has to give, it is the elevations, as they largely serve as flavor. The buildings are more important in establishing the tactical dynamics. Still, there are some interesting elevation twists here and there that are not easily noticeable when zoomed out. Speaking of tactical dynamics, I think I overstated the slow pace required. There is a lot of variation in the terrain density/building complexity on different parts of the map. There is also a huge difference between being tasked with say, general block clearing, versus cutting a path to a single or small number of key objectives. Using slice choice and mission goals, players can enjoy a wide range of play dynamics. For my missions, I'll probably try to keep things as dynamic as possible. So, like with my current play test, the attacker will have a small number of objectives (one in my case) and a pretty large area to move around in. So, he can bounce off defense points, sift the intel and then decide where to push his attack. Then, if repulsed, he will likely have time to try something else at least once. The defending German player will need to use the terrain to create mutually supporting hard points while, if at all possible, maintaining a fire brigade for temporary local support and/or counterattacks. The attacker will generally be fielding two companies of infantry at a time, plus a combat engineer platoon and generous, but not crazy armor support. Of that, it is expected that the attacker will be largely keeping his platoons two-up, one back. So, that's roughly 4-5 infantry platoons in play most of the time with MG and armor support (oh, and arty, BIG arty -- but careful with that Soviet FO, 'cause if he buys it... 😭). 4-hour battles will be in roughly two phases, with the first battalion handing things over to the incoming second battalion at half-time. First battalion remnants will then serve as defense units on first phase objectives (and yes, the German might be in a position to threaten those with a local CA). Right now, I might keep the third company of each battalion out of the field for the day. We'll see when other players start testing things. Given the time investment that the scenarios will require, players might want those third companies to keep them in the fight if they make some bad mistakes early on. I may do one block-clearing scenario, though. Maybe the first one, actually. That area is mostly lower-level, with a few key big boys building-wise, and is the smallest slice planned. Since it depicts the Soviets establishing a first bridgehead with no river crossings, it might be good to have them clear more thoroughly than in the other, larger and more free-wheeling battles. We'll see.🙂
  7. I wish I could see your work and the famous urban map by Rinaldi, but I'm pretty much a WWII-only guy. I do have CM:BS, but seldom fire it up, other than to check something in the Editor. To my great satisfaction, attempting to push as far as I can to the sim side with urban map design is showing that the current CM engine can handle it quite well overall. Sure, there are rough edges (please BF, when a building section collapses, make the formerly connected walls of surviving sections change to damaged walls) and occasional suicidal rout is still a thing (no matter how much safe cover is only 8 meters away ðŸ˜Ū), but... it's pretty darn good! Will not be everyone's cup of tea, though. The price of pushing the sim side so far in urban combat is that the player has to be given tons of time and must use it to go as slow and detailed in play as the game system will allow. But for those players that dig it, man, the payoff is GOOD.
  8. It does look like that at first glance. I think my mind registered the same thing, IIRC. Yeah, distract and swarm was the only way to get that Panther and open up an avenue of approach to the main objective. CM being the ultimate balance of game and sim is what keeps me coming back for more.
  9. I think you could pull about 10 QB maps out of it, so it should offer A LOT of play value. The level of detail I'm doing feels like it really ups the sim aspect. I'm kicking the tires for the first time on part of the most built-up area of the map and I'm liking the play a lot. Makes me think of the Germans at Arnhem when they decided to just bring in the tanks and level the buildings section by section, rather than burn up their infantry trying to clear them. I've had a couple of instances where I prepped the building pretty well with ordnance or inf FT and still had some survivors take out a painful amount of my guys when they went in. I've dropped some building sections, rather than keep spending the infantry. I kid you not, I had a hidden surviving schreck team take out NINE of my guys point blank and only one of those was with the schreck. The rest were with a pistol and rifle. They must have been a crack team. An LMG team managed to avoid damage from an indirect FT prep attack and kill half and assaulting SMG squad point blank. Tons and tons of situations that could have come out of a war diary. Anyhoo, dying to show more, but I'll keep it under my hat for now. The master being finished is in sight, though. Still tons work to do on the project before release, but in terms of the buildings, I only have four blocks left to configure the internals and textures for. I do need to go back and improve some areas. I've learned a lot as I've gone and some of the earlier areas that were "done" don't seem done to me anymore. I want to apply the new techniques I've picked up along the way. Won't let perfection ruin good though. For RL, I need to put a fork in 'er and get 'er out as soon as I can.
  10. Thanks! Wish I could show the overhead shots, but I need to keep my secrets...for now.
  11. He-he. I could make the list a lot longer. I just kept it to my top two for the jingle. 32+ Groups is always number one. Reinforcement triggers is currently number two and after that, prolly lots of stuff to do with arty. Off-map added to AI Area Fire, Arty triggers, timed arty triggers. Sometimes, it's good to be trigger happy! 😀
  12. Yeah, what looks like the building is the similarly colored tank interior. Here's a cutaway:
  13. Two, but they got gunned down right away. My infantry (DC & AT grenade) distracted the Panther, while several friendly tanks rounded the corner and sunk their teeth in. It cost a lot of blood taking the building that gave me access to the door next to the Panther, though. A second Panther holed the dead T-34 you see in the background. I thought the spot where I parked was out of his LOS, but it wasn't. I think those are the internals of the tank you're seeing through the hatch. I'll check.
  14. "I don't die, with a little help from my friends."
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