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  1. Yeah, the worst is when you're trying to clear a wall out and overclick. I eventually got a rhythm down to where I start fast and slow down at the right time. Thank goodness THAT work is done. 🙂 It's a bit hard to see from the picture I posted, but the map has a fair amount of elevation change. It's generally mild on the S/SE side of the river, but once you get across the river and go NW, it gets heavier. I actually had to flatten things out a bit from real life because the RL elevation changes are too extreme for the current CM tile system. It doesn't really matter because the tactical situation is primarily from the building environment. The elevations are mostly flavor, I'd say. However, I've done my best to keep them as close to reality as possible, while still keeping the sprawling connected building concept as first priority. There are some interesting areas near the N edge of the map that resulted from dealing with the elevation issues. I'm keeping those under my hat for now, but players who like to skate the map edge are in for something of a wild ride there.😈 The master could generate quite a few QB maps. We'll see how many I decide to do. I'm constantly getting new ideas, but have to limit myself to get things done. That's particularly true of scenario ideas. I keep having to pass on them to get the core work done. I might do one that's been in my brain almost since the beginning, but I can't allow myself to spend the time for any more. However, a good supply of QB maps will mean that the community is getting plenty of play from the master over the long term.
  2. I've been hard at work on the project in recent weeks. I finished updating building internals across the whole master and am now working my way through final elevation polishing. That's a slow slog because it can take a lot of time, trial and error to get the sprawling connected building pieces in line for both a flush series of connected roof pieces and doors at the right level on the ground. Sometimes it's impossible to get fully clean. However, the ones I can't get perfect aren't too far off and are fully functional as far as infantry use goes. Most players won't even notice and slightly sunken doors appear on many stock maps. So, not a big deal, I think. I'm also polishing some of the ground textures as I go to get a more natural mix across near tiles. My eye has improved as the project has gone along and certain areas stand out now as needing more of that work. I'll largely be waiting to add flavor objects until I see what new FOs are provided in CMFR. However, I'm putting some in as I go when the fancy takes me. I've also done some potential QB slice testing and am pretty pleased with those. Overall, the AI is setting up a defense that will provide a reasonable challenge for the player. I've just been doing broad areas of coverage with six AI groups. As per usual SP QB CM, the AI tends to leave undefended zones that a human would never do, but I've been impressed with the overall traction from the AI. One standout problem is ATG placement. The QB AI almost always puts its guns inside the internal areas of building blocks, rendering them pretty useless. It sometimes does the same things with its tanks. So, going forward, I'll be continuing with the elevation polishing while waiting for CMFR. Then, once I have that, I'll be finalizing FO placement, updating the map with anything new, creating a custom texture pack (not going overboard here -- as little as possible) and getting the campaign, scenario and QB work done. Oh, yeah -- and making sure the map is ready to go for winter fighting! So, still a ton of work to do, but very much a light in the tunnel and I'm very pleased overall with the combat on the map. It's performing better than I expected going into the project and the problems are all common to any CM map. Over-n'out!
  3. +1 I'm holding off on reading the German side until the Soviet side catches up.
  4. Nice! Lookin' very forward to playing around with one of those babies.
  5. Yaaah! C'mon Sherman! It's a partial...there's still hope... Gotta' log for now, but fingers crossed for the brave defenders while I'm away.
  6. Popcorn! But, oh boy, those Soviet ATGs can be slow to spot and fire... 😟
  7. Oh, I totally understand on the camera angles, time, and work. I haven't done a video in ages, but IIRC, last time I did one, I clocked the production time. To really follow the action closely and add voiceover, it came out to roughly an hour of work per minute of video.
  8. Bummer, but yeah -- ATGs are pretty specialty-use. They need to have an optimized situation to spot and land the first shot. Also, in current CM, they can be at an unrealistic additional disadvantage in terms of spotting and reaction time in some situations versus AFVs. That, and it seems like they tend to putz around loading a round when they spot something, while tanks seem to always have a round ready. As things stand, the stock map design concept along with a ruined city setting is pretty much a worst-case environment for ATGs in current CM. AFVs are at a big, unnatural advantage in that environment. Historically, a ruined urban environment was a great place to hide an ATG for tank ambushes. In the pics posted, I'm not seeing many places to achieve something that feels like it has a reasonable chance of that historical application. I'd say the Soviet player's best bet -- assuming the abundance of independent buildings, rubble mounds and the resulting pathfinding actually allow for it, is to have close assault teams stationed for ambush at every potential AFV entry point, assuming they can put there without falling under enemy LOS.
  9. Wait...scratch that.. Ta'fuh-... NOooooo...! $#%&!!! Well, at least a late-arriving sniper team was able to bag the two slowest members of the MG team. And, the alley is mine, now. 🙂
  10. As the Soviets probe forward to their objectives, fighting across the city has been stop and start. Extended quiet periods of careful scouting revealing nothing but empty buildings, followed by sudden contact and short, intense firefights. The enemy seems to be consistently grouping in platoon-sized elements at key hard points. The Russians have found themselves taking the bull by the horns in yet another such firefight. Having assumed the enemy was fairly depleted, the commander ordered a full-company assault with incomplete scouting. The first minute was initially a pretty even firefight, small arms broadside against small arms broadside across the street. However, the Germans looked to be more willing to hold their ground. Thankfully, the situation was saved by support fire from a heavy AG platoon, light and medium tanks. Having thrown the Germans back from the main street with apparent heavy losses, the Soviets once again rush forward...only to discover the Germans have taken effective positions in the alleys and courtyard areas behind -- ones that the tanks cannot yet access. A Soviet platoon commander peaks his head out a back alley door and it is immediately severed by a machine gun burst. Having identified the enemy MG location in the alley, one of the dead commander's squads attempts a point blank rush from the adjacent building. However, the German team is ready for them and two men are cut down as they enter. The Soviet team quickly withdraws back to the main street, regroups, and then attempts another push into a different part of the same building. They spot the MG team! However, the Germans again react faster than the now rattled Soviets. A burst of MG fire cuts down the lead Russian. With their platoon commander dead and the company commander briefly out of contact, that is enough for the Soviet team. Hands of surrender go up. One man, two, three... But not four! Hardoutovich, isn't going to let the platoon commander's sacrifice be in vain. As his comrades drop their weapons, he raises his and empties his magazine right into the enemy. A German drops to the ground, lifeless, while the others hug the ground for cover. The MG team leader shouts, "Displace!" and jumps up to make his move. As the minute draws to a close, it looks like Hardoutovich has turned the tide and won the alley. The company commander, now back in contact, is well-pleased.
  11. A perfect close assault from the alley behind. Revenge for a friendly tank that tried...and failed.
  12. Thanks for the pic! On the pro side, that little rise in the ground between the ATG team and the street looks to perhaps offer a small bit of protection/concealment vs a taller tank on the street. Also, staying there avoids your guys lining up along a wall in the alley, which generally seems to narrow an ATG crew's view and actually put them at a disadvantage versus an AFV's spotting speed (one with 4-5 men, anyway). On the con side, they probably won't be able to react and turn quickly enough to counter any threats from the right or rear. Frontally, that close range is dicey for an ATG. A passing tank may be too fast for the ATG to spot and get a shot off. On the other hand, if the enemy has any hidden eyes on the ATG, he could pre-turn a tank's turret with a covered arc, dash in and start pummelling the ATG's position with area fire before it can react. I use that technique a lot when kicking the tires on my urban map. I'm not saying there are any better alternatives...just analyzing. Pondering my ATG testing on my urban map, I generally like to have a minimum of 5-6 action squares of distance to the expected point of contact to give the ATG time to spot and get a shot. In my experience, ATGs tend to lose point blank encounters. Jest pondering. I guess the most important thing at this point is to get them set up and ready. Any chance of having some infantry out of sight in the alley at grenade range in case he tries a rush attack like I mentioned above?
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