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  1. I put that in Google Translate and the answer I got was "hype hype hype hype hype." 🙂 However, yes, a status update is long overdo. -Am on one of my many breaks right now, but here's a summary: Primary building of master map is complete. All doors and windows are done, unless I decide to redo something. I do have a couple of funky experimental church constructions that I need to work the clay on more, though. I also need to do a final round of fine-tuning the elevations. It's probably okay now, but I'd like to smooth things out a bit more in some areas. Balancing the sprawling connected building sections with some of the elevation changes, as expected, was a biatch. However, fighting through it yielded some neat stuff. As stated many times in this thread, the project won't come out until after the CMRT module is released. I need elements from the module to finish things. The current path to completion is: 1. Finish what can be done on map/scenarios/campaign/QB maps without new module. 2. Get new module, integrate new units, and create custom graphics pack using some elements from module. Also, winterize. 3. Complete the map/scenarios/campaign/QB map work. I'm doing what I can in terms of "pre-working" scenario ideas. However, I want to avoid duplicating work wherever possible. That means I need to wait so that I have to do things like unit setup as few times as possible (for example, if I change the master map, I have to redo unit setups for any slices, each of which takes at least an hour). Anyway, that means the project is still a number of months away. But, it will be released in 2020 for sure. And, there may be a SP campaign. Maybe. 😁
  2. I grok many of the footsteps of your long, long journey, senpai. The only way to really understand what kind of work and devotion goes into making the kind of wonderful content you are creating is to stick your hands in the clay and try it yourself. Can't wait to dive into your magic. Both to play and to learn.
  3. Very nice. Looking forward to getting my hands on the goodies!
  4. The Enemy Takes Revenge! As 1st Company assumes overwatch and 3rd Company masses for crossing a main avenue, German heavy artillery comes out of nowhere to pound key Soviet positions. 3rd Company's inexperienced infantry break and run. It is as if the enemy howitzers can read the minds of the fleeing troops. Stray rounds land in exactly the right places. Men fall everywhere. It is hell on earth. Soviet forward observers hug the ground for dear life as their building shakes again and again. Throughout the structure, large numbers of soldiers do the same. If building sections begin to collapse, the battalion could lose many key units very quickly. From their hiding places, Germans can observe the loss of a Soviet assault gun that thought it was safe enough to turn and help mop up the last defenders in a desired overwatch and jumping off position across the street. The commander of 3rd Company is killed and even 2nd Company in reserve at a distance takes casualties from stray rounds. It is a dark stretch of minutes that may have decided the battle. Is this the end of the line?
  5. Other than the veteran team being a bit early and the insurance AT team being a bit late, it went textbook good. I great minute indeed. 🙂 However, a lot of off camera prep work went into the shown assault. The platoon of Panthers is in a E-W line facing S, one per block. Each block has infantry, but I don't know where. Most likely, the AI has set them up to guard each Panther pretty well. My battalion was advancing two-up with 1st Co. on the left and 2nd on the right. After locating the Panthers and judging the terrain (my first time testing this area of my map), 2nd Co. decided to hold just out of contact and let 1st Co. push on the far left. With the help of a platoon of T-34s, MGs and medium mortars, 1st Platoon was able to clear out infantry and an AT gun on the extreme left to gain rear access to buildings on the 3 o'clock of the westernmost Panther. However, that area didn't offer a vehicle exit for flanking the Panther. Meanwhile, 2nd Platoon was able to fight its way to get access to the Panther's 9. Then, I attempted an infantry pincer with a single T-34 charging up the street, hoping to catch the Panther while it was focused on the infantry. However, the Panther's infantry screen was deeper than I thought and the assault failed. The veterans in my right infantry pincer had trouble organizing themselves on their destination action spot and that gave the Panther time to get off a shot at them and drive them off. Then, a new PS team popped up and nailed my tank as soon as it rounded the curve. Along with that, my two AT teams in the left pincer got intercepted by more surprise infantry. Finally, the Panther turned its attention to my overwatch infantry team in a building and wiped them out with a single round. After that, I regrouped and spent time clearing out the additional German infantry around both sides of the Panther. Eventually, I was able to bag it with another infantry pincer (no tank the second time). Killling that first Panther gave me access to a vehicle entry point into the inner block area that would give me a chance to flank the second Panther. In order to do that, I had to take the factory talked about in my pic series as a first bridgehead. The defenders there put up a good fight ("No ground given lightly" pic). That fight also confirmed the Panther had a solid infantry screen in the building on its 9. The "intel" pic was of them taking out my tank supporting the factory assault with a PS throug the alley. Then, I called in an extended barrage on the Panther hoping to eliminate it and its infantry screen without a fight. While that went on, I used scout, bleed and whack-a-mole to ID and deal with various inner-block defenders denying me a path to the 3 and 6 of the Panther. Eventually, I eliminated or drove them into the out-of-LOS areas of the perimeter buildings of the inner block. The N perimeter buildings are still injun country. All scouts sent in there have died immediately. However, I was able to get them off my back as far as setup for the Panther assault was concerned. At a certain point, I decided it was time to call off the arty and scout the status of the Panther and infantry screen. That's when the story of Ranbo and Pointy came into being. That takes things up to the assault and results. The terrain goal is a number of blocks to the N. This is just the first leg to get me past the first (yes, the first) line of Panthers. The perimeter buildings to the N of the current block border on a wide avenue I need to cross to get to the next leg. The "sniper" MG team is in one of the tall buildings on the other side of that avenue covering the same road as the first Panther. As things stand, 1st Co. is badly mauled. I'm shifting 2nd Co. W to relieve them and push on a single company front, rather than 2-wide as I began. 3rd company and my combat engineer platoon are still in reserve. Alas, 3rd Company is not my best and also took some casualties from stray German heavy rockets in the opening minutes (along with THREE of my AFVs and an AC 😮😭). It might be better to advance with 3rd Co. now and hold 2nd in final reserve. Anyhoo, it's going to be a long battle and my force may not be enough to get all the way through. I need to be very careful where I spend resources and try to be as smart as possible. If I don't need to take a block, I should bypass it. And, there will be a triggered counterattack at some point, but I honestly can't remember where the trigger is. Dem be Tigers.🙂. I have my battalion ATGs with trucks to help with flank defense. Not sure if I'll post more pics. I don't what to give too much of the map away. That's why things are staying at eye level, with limited views of the map area.
  6. The plan: The bulk of 3rd Platoon (minus 3rd Squad: the Alleys), reinforced by an MG team will rush Pointy's building to put fire on Ranbo and engage any other infantry screen remnants that pop up. One AT team split off from 2nd Squad will run down the alley and stop at the right rear of the Panther for close assault. Additionally, a veteran team of consisting of the last four men from 1st Plt, 2nd Squad will quickly funnel through the building right next to the Panther to close assault from the same spot that the AT team is heading for. Various delays are added to hopefully help the infantry get into position with good timing. In support, 1st Plt, 2nd Tank will wait 30 sec for the infantry to clear out Ranbo and then move forward E from his spot just N of Pointy's building, turret facing S, to engage the Panther. After 15 secs in that position, he'll edge S a few meters and free up his turret facing. Lastly, a SU-76 south of the block will wait 30 seconds and then move up N on the Panther. By then, the Panther's turret will hopefully be facing somewhere else. The results of the Action: The terrifying prospect of a friendly artillery round landing right on my assault units thankfully fails to materialize. Friendly infantry elements move forward into position. First contact is made when the veterans of 1st Plt, 2nd Squad and Ranbo spot each other. Ranbo raises his MP40 to fire, but the LMG gunner across the street is a hair faster and drops him with his first burst. That's a downpayment for Pointy. The team heads out the door to take up their close assault position, squad leader first. As soon as he clears the door, a rifle shot rings out from Ranbo's building. The bullet grazes the leader's arm. He was the last unwounded man in the team. Now, all four men are fighting with injuries. In a reversed replay of the last duel between Ranbo and Pointy, the German rifleman gets off some shots, but the Soviet team's SMG man returns fire and nails the rifleman. With the Panther's bodyguards successfully dispatched, it's time for the hunters to focus on the main prize. The veteran team tosses a grenade while 2nd tank and the SU-76 start their run. As the grenade knocks on the Panther's door, it turns to engage the thrower. However, 2nd Tank is in position and lands a solid rear shot on the beast. It's a kill shot and the surviving crew members bail, while the veteran team decides to take cover back in the building. The German tank commander is immediately cut down by MG fire from 2nd Tank. In a fitting tribute to Pointy, the T-34 sprays a canister round into the remaining three Panther crew members, while the veteran team squad leader empties his magazine into them as well before joining his team in the building. 2nd Tank edges up as the overwatch MG and infantry spray area fire into the building areas that housed the German infantry screen. The Panther is dead. Ranbo is dead. Pointy is avenged! No men lost. Now that was a good turn!
  7. The Alley Cats don't run in front of the Panther, but instead attempt to park themselves just to its front-right. The lead man doesn't even get a chance to think about pulling out a grenade, though. SMG fire from enemy infantry down the street cuts him down as soon as he stops. The two remaining Alleys displace again. Where you ask? Why... Back down the alley! Meanwhile, a tank is ordered to move up and finish off the perimeter threat currently duking it out with Based LMG Guy. He pulls up and stops on the north side of Pointy's building, being very careful to avoid the LOS of Ranbo and his panzerschreck. The tank puts several rounds into the perimeter threat's location. Speaking of Pointy...despite getting off a number of rifle rounds, Ranbo recovered, switched back to his MP40 and won the duel with Pointy. RIP Pointy! An adjusting friendly artillery round then lands right beside the north tank, damaging a track lightly, but luckily nothing else. Let's hope that's the last one of those because... The reserve platoon of 1st company is taking position to join in a combined arms assault on the Panther and Ranbo. The pieces are in place and it's time to avenge Pointy! Tune in next time for the plan and the action!
  8. Thanks! Haven't played it yet, but the next one should be interesting.
  9. Meanwhile, another German unit defending the inner perimeter of the current macro block opens up on Pointy's building and the small Soviet-held factory beside it. This rattles the "Alley Cats" who are at the northern end of Pointy's building. They exit out the back and head toward the friendly factory. However, they don't go in. The Alleys are practitioners of the "Scout by Rout" school of infantry tactics. There's an alley down on the left. And the Cats just can't resist a good Alley. On the plus side, the based LMG gunner on the east side of the factory proves himself a rising star by dropping two of the perimeter Germans in quick succession. Not bad for a regular Joe! As he does this, the lead Cat (Alley motto: "Run fast, die young") passes one of his dead comrades from their last jog around the block. The smoking tank beside him tried to dislodge the Panther's infantry screen before the barrage, but when they let up on the HE a little too early, the former owner of Ranbo's panzershreck didn't waste a second in giving the tank crew its final exam in thermodynamics. They all failed. So, the Cats jaunt down the alley, take a right and...why...look where the Orange has Clockworked us! We're back at the peak moment of the high noon duel between Pointy and Ranbo! Now, someone like Pointy or Based LMG Guy might hesitate when stumbling onto a live Panther. Men like that might, say, stop and chuck a few grenades at the rear of the beast. But not the Alley Cats! Are you kidding?! Not when an unexplored road into enemy territory is right there only a hop, skip and jump in front of the Panther's MGs and canon. To be continued...
  10. That's my recollection as well - that the spacing change was in response to community request. The tendency of one or two guys from a squad to drift outside when on the ground level seems to happen most often with long narrow building types. It can sometimes be fixed with a face command to point the squad at one of the long walls. However, it is often faster and easier just to have them go to the second level. I always stay with the most current Engine version. For the last couple of years, I've spent most of my game time working on my dense urban map for CMRT. Aside from suicide rout, which did seem to get slightly worse in the .02 patch, Engine 4 has worked rather well overall for that combat environment. Part of that could be the specific dynamics of typical Soviet attacker vs high-quality German defender, though. In terms of current CM, that fits the environment like a glove.
  11. After an extended barrage of Soviet medium howitzers lifts, squad leader Ranbo von Assenkicken notices that his Panther's infantry screen appears to be down to him, his MP40, and a newly-acquired panzerschreck. No matter, he'll stand his ground. Do or die! He opens up at the first red to sniff around the barrage zone. But who is he firing at? Why, it's none other than our favorite Point Man from a few posts back! Ranbo decides the small arms duel isn't cutting it and he goes for his 'schreck. BOOM! That'll teach...oh, wait..it looks like Point Man is ready to do a little Assenkicken of his own!
  12. For my part, using my modular building constructions, I'm not finding the protection level of buildings to be a problem. The problem is that when my units rout, the often don't use the buildings in the protective way that real soldiers would. I agree that soldiers bunching up can lead to annoying, undesirable outcomes. However, the only areas where I'm seeing a problem that definitely needs looking at is with group spacing inside some building types and Soviet MG teams (maybe other Allied as well, but I haven't played them lately). As I'm sure you know, some building types tend to cause a soldier or two to stay outside when the squad takes position on the ground level. This, of course, gives away the sqad's location and can draw fire. I often put units on the second level as to avoid this. The issue with the Soviet MG teams is that a crew member often has part of his body sticking outside walls of the building they are in. This gives away their position and draws fire. The protruding body also seem to be treated as being in the open with regards to received attacks. Facing can help, but the guy is often the first casualty for the team. I don't notice this with German HMG teams. Understood on not leaving setup to the Engine. I do the same thing...at least I did until the new patches. Now, I think a good way to go would be to see what the Engine does on its own first and then use that as a starting point for micro-managing setup as the designer. That's what I plan to do for my SP work for my map slices. Like I said, the AI has a knack for finding some excellent ambush points. So, analyzing what it comes up with, keeping the wheat and manually fixing the chaff might be a good working method. But, honestly, I'm having a lot of fun with my semi-blind quick testing for newly-completed map areas. To simulate SS German motorized units, I take a standard Grenadier battalion with excellent equipment, up the stats, reinforce each platoon with 1HMG, 3 LMG, 1 scout, 1 TH, 1PS and one PaK40. Then I divide it into 9 groups (HQs above Plt are usually stripped) and divide the German area into 9 solidly painted areas, which are usually large block areas of the urban map. To this, might add a dedicated HMG group and/or a FO group with more possible locations than teams, so I don't know exactly where they are. Those are single painted tiles spread all over the map. To that, I add say, two platoons of tanks (usually Panthers) and choose the locations for those. Then, maybe I have one or two combined arms counterattack groups that are terrain triggered. Plus lots of arty (Oh, PROBLEM, in this dense urban environment, I'm seeing very little enemy arty use, unless I place plentiful TRPs). Then, I take a typical Soviet 44 infantry battalion (44 has best splitting options) with a customized "combat engineer" platoon, plentiful AFV (I economically pull platoons piecemeal from the pool to avoid having to set up reinforcement waves) and arty support up against it. Having the AI be 1:1 or more in infantry is intended to simulate a human player being dynamic with his forces. It's not perfect, but it is quite fun and gives me pretty good traction for testing my map areas. I really like not know where the enemy infantry is. Another thing I try to do is set up when I'm sleepy so I forget things. Like with the current playtest, I actually forgot where the counterattack triggers are and exactly what paths they take. Just remember it's Tigers and infantry. 🙂
  13. Muscle applied, but the "sniper" MG team remains elusive and still controls the street. Where are they?
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