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  1. Agreed. Another is that you can't push other vehicles if they're blocking the way.
  2. OK, thanks. So no order to attack or anything? Just moving near?
  3. Is there a way to knock out tanks with regular infantry?
  4. Agreed. LOS is ridiculous in many ways and I don't understand why they don't try ironing it out. You can't order fire through smoke, and all of a sudden a buttoned down tank has free LOS straight through a forest, spotting a gun that's 650 m away and has fired just once, having knocked out its target without it even seeing what happened. As you've already guessed, my gun is all but knocked out by now. It's kind of ruining the game. https://photos.app.goo.gl/WXotnox777bzgwTx7
  5. Oh, they die all the time in the WW2-titles as well and take their time closing when fired upon. I'm starting to wonder whether it's ever useful to open up.
  6. Thanks. I just did a quick search for "open hatch" and didn't find anything useful. I'll read that and search better.
  7. Aha, interesting and good to know. Thank you .However, in this particular scenario it's a German Stuka we're talking about.
  8. I've been playing CMBN for a long time, basically just PBEM, and have never ever seen or had the opportunity to order an air strike. Last week my constant opponent and I decided to invest in Red Thunder as well and in the first scenario we play I hade available air support. However, I can't seem to control it. 1. Are they always or sometimes preset by the scenario, out of my control? 2. Are they as useless as they seem after the first two sorties have been flown? The first one hit closer to my own troops and out in the open and second didn't, as far as I know, hit anything either.
  9. Are there any benefits worth the risk? I tend to open the hatch on all my tanks as I think they spot things better, but they die so often I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth it or not?
  10. Not a screenshot, but check this link out. Three birds with one stone... : (Link to Google Photos) PzIV triple kill
  11. Maybe I jumped to conclusions. I'll get back to you when we've played a daytime scenario.
  12. Oh, I know the markers, but in the scenario we play now (which is at night, though) seem to have so many more than before the upgrade. This is, however, the first scenario we play since the upgrade so maybe it's just the scenario. My PBEM opponent agrees with me, though.
  13. I glanced through the forum but couldn't see anything, but I'm sure more of you have noticed the same. Aren't there an awful lot of more "Sighting markers" (boxes with a question mark) since the update? It's a little annoying to me, especially when they're in a spot I'm occupying, for example.
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