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  1. Does anyone know why the Histwas les gronards game was canceled ?
  2. I thinks its kinda cool the Germans have become so peace loving. Would rather have that than their more militaristic ansestors
  3. Do any of the new scenarios have t-90s or bmp-3 in them ?
  4. Dell xps 1730 dual 8700 or 8800 cards.I have one a 17 inch display and big and flashy.
  5. Anyone out there playing i-magics old great battles games on a vista rig ?
  6. So when facing US tanks with Syrian tanks what the best aproach .Spilt up and try to get flanking shots or concentrate your tanks and wait for them to come at you .
  7. Anyone have some hints for playing the Syarian side
  8. yea seems like no way to do t-90s and bmp-3 in the same quick battle.
  9. I am able to get t-90s in quick battle but have never been allocated bmp-3s .Am I just unluck or doing something wrong ?
  10. Since Battlefront is following the same stratagy that Avalon Hill did with ASL. How about a yearly magazine with Scenarios and Background material .Kind of like SSG did with their Run 5 magazine. If not a mag how about a Stragy Guide lik they did for Combat Mission 2 .
  11. How much of a time saving is it having done all the research in Combat mission 1-3 I assume you are pluging in the data you have already collected for squads and Tanks from the first seriess of games .I know you are working on the game engine models and such but I assume you are not changing the unit data itself .Guns still have same penatrating power tanks still have the same armour ratings .
  12. I know that battle front is going the modular route but was wondering if we will get the really rare stuff .For instance the Ferdinand. 90 made in total .T-34 with 57 gun loved this tank .Now if the game stick with the basic stuff will we get all the different models of lets say the panther or the Panzer-4 .And I go not have a problem with battlefronts new strat no different than the Advanced Squad leader games .Even SSG's new game only had one scenario .
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