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  1. No. Or I suppose you could do a scenario specific mod that changes the compass' angle accordingly, but I don't see a point in it - I want the compass to align with the map for practical reasons, it doesn't matter where the 'real' north is when I'm leading my men into the meatgrinder. But that should be the least of your concerns anyway. Note that since you can't adjust the sun's position accordingly, all shadows will be cast the wrong anyway! Everyone's immersions will be destroyed!
  2. I doubt proximity is an issue, Metis' minimum range is 40 meters. Make sure that the missiles don't hit any trees or such? Describe conditions. Strong winds can affect missiles. Also make sure that the ATGMs can see their targets for the entire flight of the missile - even if the target is stationary, a drifting cloud of smoke can momentarily blind the gunner. Statistically sometimes you just get a streak of bad luck, but there probably is a reason for most of those missed shots.
  3. I'm amazed by Russia's confidence in the time table. With Russian economy's downturn and sanctions affecting arms tech trade, like the Mistral deal (eg. T-90's thermal imaging is by Thales, a French company), and how they haven't designed a completely new tank from ground up for decades, I would be surprised if they hit the deadline! I think they will do their best to complete the project unlike T-95 which never left prototype stage, but so far there's not much to be seen. Armata is not even just a new MBT, it's a whole family of AFVs from APCs to SPA. You can bet the General Dynamics CEO
  4. Blast only works against walls and wires. Against hostile targets they work the same as other grenades or at weapons, they will do it if they are in range on their own. Target can be used but at that range I think it's not necessary.
  5. It says it in the upload screen. 250MB iirc
  6. For AI this can be achieved through AI plans which exit unwanted troops on turn 1. So eg. you could have four platoons, each of which appears per AI plan.
  7. I remember in CMBN this being connected to bocage tiles with multiple trees. As the trees would try to line up with the bocage there was sometimes some buggy twitching on them. Do you see a low bocage/tall hedge where this is occuring?
  8. Most ATGMs auto-deploy when they reach their waypoint. In general heavy weapons with little to no pack up times deploy automatically.
  9. The sound cue is incorrect in this case. There's no separation for cases where a CAS run ends when they're out of ammo or when they just can't find more targets in the area.
  10. I just noticed that the cyrillic text in the rightmost building's windows is backwards. Actually, so does the latin script in the middle building's right side so maybe it's not something that you can change..?
  11. In my experience, Shtora sometimes manages to kill the TOW. Not all the time, but that's what it looks like when an ATGM is jammed by counter measures.
  12. BTR and BMP have firing ports on the sides of the crew compartment. It's a design choice to have passengers first occupy the seats with firing ports before taking the more vulnerable airguard positions.
  13. Yes - I can't say for sure that all do, as one scenario might have just one plan while another might have full AI plan slots. Looking in the editor would tell.
  14. You should also play this one H2H, I had a blast playing it with Ian. AI is one thing but a human opponent... the size is also just about optimal for TCP/IP play even for stubborn PBEM fanatics like myself (but of course, PBEM is always the best...).
  15. What a strange request... myself, I play scenarios in a pretty much random order, picking tiny scenarios if I want something quick, tank scenarios if I want to see things burn, preserving scenarios with good PBEM potential for that etc. But hey, I'm not judging. Here's a list for you, anyway, took only a few minutes to check the scenario dates in the editor. Morning Coffee - 0530 1 June Ambush - 0900 4 June Gagarina Ave Checkpoint - 0550 7 June Going to Town - 1600 9 June Phase Line Green - 0400 16 June Hold the Line - 0500 16 June Gauntlets Crossed - 1200 16 June The Valley of Dea
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