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  1. All, As far as I can tell, they have not coded this in CMN, correct? If so, what does it mean when I select a group of soldiers and hover over a tank and cursor turns into a down arrow? What does that signify? Thx jonpfl
  2. Did you ever get a solution? I am having the same issue.
  3. I could have sworn I had a dark red line yet I still saw symbol for visual range. Could I be mistaken? The
  4. All, What is the difference between dark red and bright red lines? Thx jonpfl
  5. All, It has been 6 or 7 years since I have played but just downloaded the 3.x upgrade and would like to get a/some PBEM games going. Feel free to email at : jonpfl01 at gmail d0t com Thx jonpfl
  6. I figured it out. Quick question, what key do I hit to bring up the menus? It has been so long that I cannot remember how to do it. I was thinking you could right or left click on a unit and it would bring up all their move/fire options. What am I missing? Thx jonpfl
  7. All, I got a new PC and haven't played CMN in over 4 or 5 years. I just tried to install and it said "invalid license". I assume it is because I have it licensed on my old PC. i sent a help request but am curious what the turnaround time is? i bought the 3.x version and a few expansions but sadly cannot try them. Thx jonfl
  8. Never mind, did a search Good to know Thx
  9. All, Can someone tell me if there is a way to tell units to blast a hedge and not move through? Can you actually order a blast command on the same side you are on and the game engine is smart enough to know to blast the hedges in front AND not go through? Thx, jonpfl
  10. I did that and everything works fine except for "spotting" Any ideas? Thx jonpfl
  11. Can someone tell me how to use this mod? Do I just copy all the files to the my Z directory? Thx jonpfl
  12. Tried that already and to no avail It pretty much makes the game unplayable since the dive bombers are SUPER loud :-( Just loaded up a CW game to play against AI and it plays fine. Seems to be that PBEM games (for me) all have dive bomber sounds Thx jonpfl
  13. Well, Norton isn't responsible for my dive bomber sounds!! I have 3 PBEM games going and that is all I hear now even though there are NO planes Any ideas? Thx jonpfl
  14. All, Anyone else experience this? I am not playing new CW scenarios but rather ongoing CMN scenarios and now all I hear the entire turn are dive bombers. Thx jonpfl
  15. I had to tell Norton it was not malware I had to reinstall everything though :-(
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