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  1. Anyone up for a Blitzkrieg TCPIP WEGO now or in the next 1 hour?
  2. Anyone up for a Blitzkrieg (Demo) TCPIP WEGO now?
  3. I am looking actually for an opponent in a tcpip wego game. Please answer in the next 30 minutes, if u are interested.
  4. I lost one time a Panther from a hit in the side. But i think, it was a lucky shot. AT-Rifles-Grenades are imho not very effective against heavy armor.
  5. Same Question for me. I bought one Game for me and one for my brother, but only got one Key for my Account. Do this mean, i can install the game 8 Times (4x2)?
  6. Oh yes for me its totally a inadequate substitute. If i play a game, i take 1-2 hours or sometimes longer and want to be in the game and enjoy the ww2 reality feeling. I dont want to copy files, press alt+tab or restart game after every turn. I want just have maximum fun in a defined timeslot. I dont want to play 2-3 games at the same time, for filling up the waiting time. I want: - enter a lobby - meet player there - join a Wego game - play the game till end without interuption
  7. I know. I preorderd the game, because i have big hope in BFC that they fast fix that major multiplayer TCPIP-Wego problem. But i understand other online-player and me too. We have good arguments which cant be ignored and our justified wish for TCPIP-Wego should be on place 1 on the featurelist I lost about 100 dollar in an unplayable Multiplayer-TOW before and dont want to repeat it.
  8. The hope dies at last. In my opinion its not impossible, because its just a Question of time, money and and a risk friendly decider. I dont like men of war because its unrealistic in many ways. But that difference in realism is the ONLY - THE ONE AND ONLY - advantage of CM. In all other categories is CM not able to competit. If some guys would develop a realism mode for MoW, which compares to the realism of CM or reachs > 80%, then there is no need for me to play CM in RT. I would play realMoW with my buddys from steam, skype and teamspeak. I hope now u and BF nderstand how important TCPIP-Wego is for CM?
  9. No. I can hope for another wargame company too
  10. Same to me. I know a lot of wargaming-cracks in skype, steam or Teamspeak, who are playing the TW-series, Men of War and other great tactical stuff. But they are not so crazy like me, that they would search hours for an opponent in forums, websites or chat. They want to enter a lobby and join a game. I know that some of them would love CM, but actually it is not possible for me to convince them or just to try it, because i am on myself not convinced in the MP-Functions of this game. Its the same procedure as TOW was launching. I bought 2 Copies and will never buy TOW again, because the MP was useless crap (maybe they fix it now, but that dont interest me longer after this horribly release). I can not say, that BF fails so legendary in multiplayer like in TOW, but they are on a good way.
  11. I dont think so. 1. "not to mention the GAME LOOKS spectacular" That is for shure not true. A lot of games looking much more fantastic. Just take a look at men of war and you know, what is looking fantastic. (We just talk about the look. not the gameplay and for me personally the grafic is not important) 2. "plays FANTASTIC" Sry, but the game dont plays fantastic without TCPIP-Wego. Ok, it will be nice but never fantastic. 3. "I can't play TCP Wego" That is an massive problem. AI sucks, like AI always sucked and will sucking the next 50 years too. AI is nothing against a human player. 4. "Build a bridge and get over it" I did it with preordering the game. The bridge is called TCPIP-Wego till the next Addon.
  12. Thast not the point. Its not only, that PBEM needs more time and user interaction. With TCP-Wego its a totally different feeling of the game. Playing Mail is for shure not the same as playing via TCPIP. Example: A Porsche and a Käfer can drive both, but its not the same feeling for the driver and not the same level of Quality. What BF is doing now, is forcing the Porsche driver to use his old Käfer again. Käfer: http://www.fensterzumhof.eu/bilder/v/Various/berlin-beetle-vw-kaefer-auto.JPG.html Porsche: http://www.luxury-first.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/porsche-911-gt3.jpg To come to an final statement: Email Wego is not and never an option or alternative for TCPIP-Wego.
  13. OK, i preordered 2 Kopies that game (one for me and one for my brother), even it have not the WEGO-TCPIP Function. I know two other guys who are waiting, but they dont want to buy, becasue there is no Wego-TCPIP. But i only bought it, because i am a fanboy and want to give you to the financial abbility that u can implement this feature latestly in the next AddOn. And i dont mean a workarround pause option, i mean WEGO with replay in TCPIP! TCPIP-Wego was the greatest thing i ever meet in wargame-history (and i am a wargame-freak). PBEM is for a lot of reasons big crap. Of course it works, but its only big crap in comparrison to TCPIP-WEGO. I cant watch my man fighting online, because i need to get enough clicks per minute to win (like in SC2).....That totally destroy the great WW2 feeling. If u say, that only a minority of player wants TCPIP-Wego than this a only result of the lack this feature. In 2011 noone will play per E-Email...........They want to play online the greates wargame which was ever made. Other wargame developer dont sleep and have massive financiall ressources and menpower. Take only a look at Men of War. Of course its not so realsitic like CM, and in fact its just arcade, but it shows very, very, very well, that u can be really fast out of business, if a company decide to make a game who is similar to CMBN and support a NORMAL features like MP-Lobby and the best MP-Mod (Wego). I dont think u have a patent on this solution Please excuse my bad english knowledge and i hope u understadn what i want to say: CMBN is without TCPIP-Wego not really CM and absolutly needed, or that was my last Dollar for you, because your existing adcantage to other companies is not so far as u think, and u lost a lot of that advantage in the last years.
  14. Same to me. I hate Toolbars. But for the BF-Toolbar i make an exception. Why u dont try a profesionell browser like IE?
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