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  1. To whoever cares: The FAQ says to write to elicense@battlefront.com with reports of "e-License" problems but that e-mail address fails.
  2. And where's the Mac OS X upgrade for CM:BO, CM:BB or CM:AK ???? OS X has only been the default OS of every Mac made by Apple since 2002 ... Battlefront is STILL stuck in year 2001 when it comes to Mac ! Hello to Battlefront! We don't use OS 9 anymore ! !
  3. I have this error as well after buying the game from a bargain bin in a store. Who creates this junk? Worse - who actually thinks this junk is a good idea and approves it to be used on their products? There is no notice anywhere on the box to warn you that this "Securom" junk is required before you buy the game. On page 10 of the manual, under License Overview, it says, "Combat Mission Shock Force is protected by an online activation system called "eLicense ... Unlike so many activation systems, eLicense requires you to register only once and does mess with your hardware or OS settings." Lies. Fortunately, I bought the game cheap, from a bargain bin. That seems to be all it's worth.
  4. I'm still waiting for Battlefront to finish their Mac OS X update that they've been working on for the past, oh, 8 years ... (Hint - they dropped Mac customers when Mac OS X was released in 2000.)
  5. A friend of mine told me recently that he found a pirated game from "that Battlefront company" on BitTorrent and asked if I knew about it. The latest Combat Mission? No - they've been working on that thing forever. They made a big whoop-de-do that they were working on this brand new game engine that was going to be Windows and Mac OS X compatible. That was the excuse they used for not updating the original Combat Mission games to Mac OS X. I haven't logged in to the message forum in ages because all they do is pimp other company's Windows games now. They can't have finished the latest Combat Mission. I would have read all about it on the Mac gaming sites. So, where's the Mac OS X version? You know - that story you told months and months ago about this super-duper game engine being Mac OS X compatible and it was better for Mac gamers to work on this than update the first Combat Mission games to Mac OS X?
  6. Is this the sorry state of Mac gaming from Battlefront? Should I even bother having the Battlefront website in my web browser bookmarks any longer? InsideMacGames.com "Drop Team is an utter failure and has been awarded one of our lowest scores ever." "DropTeam starts off on bad footing, and stays there." "I could have more fun with $35, a can of lighter fluid and a match..." "In the fifteen years that I’ve been playing computer games, I have never played such an over-marketed and poorly conceived game."
  7. Wow! Is BF STILL dragging that "like they did with RAVE support" Apple grudge dead-horse around? OS X was first released almost six years ago. BF STILL uses dropped RAVE support as the reason why there's no OS X version of CM:BO, CM:BB and CM:AK? Now they're "holding off from starting on a MacOS version" because - what - Apple might change from using electricity to run their computers to gasoline? "You never know! We better wait another year, just to be on the safe side!" I loved CM:BO but after OS X, I have played it less and less every passing year. I never bought CM:BB or CM:AK. If BF thinks their Mac sales of the CM games are slow because Mac users don't like to play games, here's a astonishing fact: Mac sales are slow because no new Mac sold for the past several years will boot into the cancelled, done, gone OS 9 and BF's precious RAVE support. Make good games that run well on the typical Mac hardware and Mac users will buy.
  8. Why spend thousands of hours making a brand new graphics engine for a brand new game when: There are many graphics engines already made and ready for developers. Why make a new one? The Combat Mission series is a known success and customers - Mac and Windows both - will pay to have their favourite game updated. If BF.com doesn't have the technical talent to do the updating, why not get a company involved who can? There are many companies out there who do exactly that kind of work. It doesn't make any sense. I think BF.com has a business opportunity under their noses but they've been distracted by the gleam of whatever this "new" project is.
  9. Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" is out, iMac and eMac models got tech boosts today and still Battlefront doesn't want to sell me CM:BB or CM:AK. I can only upgrade my OS9-bootable Mac so far before I move on to brand new hardware and put my CM:BO CD for sale on eBay. Seeing a company like BF.com miss the business opportunity in front of them is sad. I had such good hopes for them years ago. Here they have a great product and many Mac fans who would gladly pay for the same game all over again just to own an up-to-date OS X version. But, alas, BF.com wants to spend thousands of hours making a brand new graphics engine for a brand new game that may suck or not-suck. If it does ever materialize, Mac users will remember the excuses and finger-pointing at Apple for why CM:BO would never be OS X compatible and they'll think to themselves, "If Battlefront abandoned me when the Mac world went to OS X, won't they abandon me just as readily again?" Mac sales will suffer and BF.com will conclude that there's no market in Mac games anymore. When sadly, very sadly, there's a Mac market waiting for them this very day. Not waiting for thousands of hours in the future for some totally re-written game. But right now, waiting for the CM series to catch up from being years behind.
  10. I hear a sound ... It's a strange whistling noise ... Like air moving quickly through a hole ... Could it be ... Is it the sound of this game SUCKING? Battlefront: I wave my credit card temptingly in your face ... and then put it back into my wallet with exaggerated dispair. - Toad the opinionated Mac zealot [ March 26, 2005, 06:47 PM: Message edited by: Toad ]
  11. What will the Mac system requirements be for this game?
  12. No Macintosh patch would be complete without some ranting about OS X support. So; blah, blah, blah - Mac OS 9 was discontinued by Apple in May, 2002 - blah, blah, blah - new Mac computers won't run OS 9 and haven't for years - blah, blah, blah - Battlefront blames Apple for not telling them about dropping support for Rave and no one will deprive them of forever being bitter about it - blah, blah, blah - Battlefront would prefer to re-invent the graphic engine wheel by spending years making their own instead of adopting one of the dozens that are out there and even that won't be used to update the present Combat Mission series. Meaning: the Combat Mission series for Mac is dead - blah, blah, blah. Advice: Since all the pieces line up to reveal that the Mac version of Combat Mission is dead, (releasing a patch for an OS that isn't around anymore isn't exactly lively development) Battlefront should sell-off the Mac version of the game to a company with the time and talent to get it up to date with OS X. There's money to be made from selling OS X versions of the three games. I'll be one of the first customers.
  13. I think asking Mac customers to wait at least three years after OSX became standard-issue on every new Mac before their favourite game catches up is asking for a lot. I've read, repeatedly, the finger-pointing explainations that Apple's dropping of Rave3D support was a surprise. That was three years ago when OS X was announced. It's not an acceptable excuse any longer. It doesn't take three years to get over a surprise by Apple. Macs that can run OS9 and therefore play CM games are getting old and their owners are looking to replace them. New Macs will not boot into OS9, which means Battlefront.com customers will have to shelve their favourite games and move on to something else. What will you do in when CMX2 is finally done and the Mac game community doesn't care anymore because they've moved on to newer Macs, newer games and forgotten about Battlefront.com's finger-pointing at Apple? May I suggest that priority to CMX2 needs to be raised to "critical" importance and that Battlefront.com should stop trying to blame Apple for why they are three years behind in Mac technology.
  14. This is probably long overdue for a bump. <Elitist Mac Attitude> Just in case it got missed, here's the Apple press release - from two years ago - that OSX is the default OS shipping on every new Mac. Apple Makes Mac OS X the Default Operating System on All Macs Oh, and after that announcement two years ago, Macs began being built OSX ONLY. No current Mac model sold by Apple today, except for three special-order G4 models, run OS9. Just in case you missed that news ... </Elitist Mac Attitude>
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