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  1. Units never come back into battle, but aid helps your WIA/KIA ratio at the end of the scenario. You also collect ammo and sometimes even weapons from aided soldiers.
  2. I think modeling individual starshells/flares would probably be more trouble than it is worth. But as I understand it, map-wide lighting and visibility are not only modeled but are variable with time (as you see whenever you play a dawn or evening scenario lasting a couple of hours). Maybe it would be possible to have sudden battlefield-wide increases and then gradual decreases of lighting to simulate starshells and flares? I think I'd put this lower on my wish list than many other things, though.
  3. [Mad Max] WHO RUNS CHARMINTOWN?? [/Mad Max]
  4. It's a map element problem, so the only solution is to remake the scenario using fixed buildings. BTS can't program squads to see doors where they don't currently exist on the map. If the affected scenario is an official BTS-provided one, it should of course be fixed and officially re-released. User-made scenarios, however, can only be fixed by the creator (or an imitator).
  5. You're really suggesting that FreeRepublic is less biased than the Annenberg Public Policy Center, which runs FactCheck.org?
  6. The respectable FactCheck.org considers NeonNettle to be a highly unreliable conspiracy site.
  7. What defines "close terrain"? Are there verified cases outside of bocage?
  8. Curious: do the Market-Garden campaigns have the same problem, or is it irrelevant as we're out of bocage terrain? In other words, is the problem just bocage or also hedges?
  9. It's typically easier to design a scenario with the AI on defense, and I think we'll see plenty of Russian attacks in this module.
  10. I'd be careful of generic universal "campus bookstore" sites. My sense is that they don't actually keep inventory but take your money to then try to order the book from another supplier. That's fine for textbooks and contemporary fiction/history/etc, but it's not going to work for out-of-print rarities.
  11. The best bookstore in NYC (new and used) is The Strand. Your wife should check it out just because it's great. Lots of independent used bookstores list and sell their wares through Amazon. I see some absurdly priced ($900??) copies there, but also one for $60.
  12. Cobra seems like a special case of "Allied Blitzkrieg." The whole point was to exploit air and artillery power to smash a fairly thin line and win great gains in terms of mileage. I might be wrong, but I still have the sense that Russian tank-riding was commonly used in tactical assaults while Allied tank-riding was used for operational mobility.
  13. FWIW, I don't think there are are any cases of Allied infantry riding tanks within shooting range (i.e. on the CM battlefield) in the Normandy or Italian theaters. Pictures of soldiers on tanks are usually troops hitching a ride along a road far from the fighting.
  14. I think I remember hearing that there's also a random element to weapon pick-up. Maybe you just prefer your rifle to the sergeant's SMG, but maybe you also don't want it because it's smeared over with sarge's guts.
  15. Question about compatibility between the two programs: Whose Turn Is It? defaults to a dual-folder structure (giving each game a Dropbox folder with "For Player A" and "For Player B" folders inside of it). CmHelper uses a single folder for each game. Seems to me that this will be a problem if the players are using different programs. How does it work?
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