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  1. Thanks! I know the German campaign was updated and made available. Any of the others?
  2. People should note that this patch does NOT (as some recent updates do) automatically find your installation location. It installs to the default location (which some players don't use). If you're seeing apparently un-fixed behavior, make sure that you've actually patched the installation you're playing.
  3. The notes you quote are from 2016. The Engine 4 issues were significant enough to cause many players to quit for a while. I was one of those, and I'd love to hear some discussion of how the problems were addressed.
  4. Thank you for the patches! Everything worked easily for me. I, too, would love to see what specifically was fixed in this update.
  5. I know fire isn't the CM engine's strongest feature, but it does exist. Sometimes you'll see that a building's interior shows flames on the floor after it has taken damage. What is the actual effect of these fiery floors? Will units in them take damage? Can my units enter them safely or not? I would assume that they are off limits, but it's certainly possible to order units to dance on the coals. Any enlightenment?
  6. I know nothing of how they're actually used, but would that be done in combat? (The behavior of the crew up top suggests that they're not worried about coming under fire.) Slowly crawling through a wall like like (or, more likely, pushing it down into a rubble pile and then backing away for the dismounts to clamber over) seems like a good way to get RPG'd by whoever is on the other side. In any case, yeah, CM doesn't yet model all potential vehicle behavior, most especially vehicles that might be used to clear mines and breach walls.
  7. Engine 4.0 is the latest. Unfortunately, in the WW2 titles it introduced some issues around artillery and retreat behavior that seem unrealistic and unplayable. (For example, even crack and elite units in cover will stand up and retreat under artillery fire.) When people talk about the upcoming "4.0 patch," they're talking about a patch that will correct these issues in games already updated to the 4.0 engine. So far, only CMSF2 is at that point.
  8. I'd love to see a patch bring CMBN into line with the Documents file-scheme of the other titles.
  9. Are you remembering to write the $90,000 check to Lockheed-Martin for every Javelin?
  10. 1) Since detecting mines often requires several turns (i.e. it's not automatic), a series of waypoints will probably miss them. 2) "Mark Mines" only becomes active when a unit capable of marking mines is on or adjacent to a detected mine square. 3) Right under the vehicle description it says "Note: The specialized engineering capabilities of this vehicle are not currently simulated." Currently, only foot engineer types can mark mines. 4) There is no reliable way to eliminate a minefield in the game. Marking them makes it somewhat safer to pass through (do it slowly), but they can still go off. Even the trick of artillery bombardment on a minefield might leave some active.
  11. They try, but under battlefield conditions (and over the course of a few minutes rather than an hour) it's probably easy to miss some threats. I feel sure that I once did a test where I ran vehicles over marked and unmarked AT mines. Vehicles with a "slow" move order did notably better through marked AT mines, although it's still possible to lose them. I also seem to recall that mines can have an effect on adjacent tiles, so clearing a one-tile lane isn't good enough if there is a line of mined tiles.
  12. Just something I noticed: I have been happily playing the first mission of the Task Force Thunder campaign, restarting a couple of times to try different openings, and yesterday I noticed something weird. I had started a new campaign, then (I forget why) quit out to main menu and started again (turn-based, Iron mode like always). This time, however, I noticed right from the beginning that all of the trenches were in the wrong place. If you're an old CM hand, you know exactly how the trenches in that first mission are laid out, but this time I could see that they were all at a weird diagonal from the usual setup, a series of parallel diagonal lines (like "/////") across the map rather than the usual pattern. At first I wondered whether this was some new variable setup added by engine upgrades, but it quickly became clear that it was just a messy glitch. Units also seemed to be out of place. I exited out of the game (to desktop, not to main menu) and started the campaign again. This time all was as expected, and I have been playing with no further issues. Anyone else ever notice anything like this? I report it just because it might be a new issue.
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