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  1. Cobra seems like a special case of "Allied Blitzkrieg." The whole point was to exploit air and artillery power to smash a fairly thin line and win great gains in terms of mileage. I might be wrong, but I still have the sense that Russian tank-riding was commonly used in tactical assaults while Allied tank-riding was used for operational mobility.
  2. FWIW, I don't think there are are any cases of Allied infantry riding tanks within shooting range (i.e. on the CM battlefield) in the Normandy or Italian theaters. Pictures of soldiers on tanks are usually troops hitching a ride along a road far from the fighting.
  3. I think I remember hearing that there's also a random element to weapon pick-up. Maybe you just prefer your rifle to the sergeant's SMG, but maybe you also don't want it because it's smeared over with sarge's guts.
  4. Question about compatibility between the two programs: Whose Turn Is It? defaults to a dual-folder structure (giving each game a Dropbox folder with "For Player A" and "For Player B" folders inside of it). CmHelper uses a single folder for each game. Seems to me that this will be a problem if the players are using different programs. How does it work?
  5. Thanks! Are CM Helper and Whose Turn Is it? cross-compatible, or do both players need to be on the same tool?
  6. I've been away from CM PBEM for a while, but I'm planning to carve out time to get back into it. I used to really benefit from CM Helper with Dropbox. Is that still the standard tool for PBEM play? Where is the latest version found? Or has it been succeeded by another tool? Thanks!
  7. Well, that was weird. Everything showed up in Start Menu after a reboot. I've never seen that before.
  8. Hello All, I just built a new PC, and I've managed to get all my CMx2 games installed. I'm running Win 10 (as I was on my previous machine, which didn't have the below problem). One odd thing, though, is that installation never created a Battlefront start menu folder with all of the associated games. (It should have, as I went with the default choice during installation.) Even stranger, right clicking on any of the game .exes (or on manually created shortcuts to them) gives me the "Pin to Start" option, but the items still never appear in my start menu. I can run all the games by double-clicking on the .exe in the game folder just fine. I just can't get them onto my start menu, where I'd like to see them. Anyone have an idea what's going on here?
  9. Sorry--I meant besides the Canadian and German (and USMC, which came at publication). In other words, have the original UK and NATO campaigns been updated?
  10. Thanks! I know the German campaign was updated and made available. Any of the others?
  11. People should note that this patch does NOT (as some recent updates do) automatically find your installation location. It installs to the default location (which some players don't use). If you're seeing apparently un-fixed behavior, make sure that you've actually patched the installation you're playing.
  12. The notes you quote are from 2016. The Engine 4 issues were significant enough to cause many players to quit for a while. I was one of those, and I'd love to hear some discussion of how the problems were addressed.
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