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  1. If they do itd be interesting if we could see those added in. I dont see why the current IED mechanica wouldnt work for a team with claymore mines i.e. you buy teams with that as an option and the team gets a little clacker icon in their squad. Then you could set it up to go off if tripped or on command? Anyone else think itd be good? I havent heard a lot about them besides Vietnam where I know they worked great.i did see one interview where a US army soldier in Iraq used one but it was never explained if it was Iraqi army equipment; something found on insurgents, issued kit, or something available but not used as much
  2. I dont know those damned shilkas shot down my Luftwaffe Tornado IDS on its first attack run... AAA can still be formidable if you're in range. You can spoof bullets That said I did think it was absyrd that a Tornado IDS would allow itself into the threat envelope of radar equipped AAA. For one the radar lock would light up the Tornado cockpit - my father told me his greatest fear when flying F4s in Europe in a Cold War gone hot scenario were the shilkas. The pilots considered their tac nuke drops one way missions because if they made it back they'd probably be downed by friendly fire; but the plan to make it back was trying low level NOE flying and therefore shilkas scared the hell out of him. The amount of cannon shells it put downrange and the auto calculated lead meant you.d fly into a swarm of autocannon fire. I mention this because if my father flying F4s out of Torejon in Spain or Incirlik in Turkey knew about ZSU23s Im certain pilots 25 years later in better ppames would have a healthyknowledge of this platform and fly high enough to avoid its bullets. Add to that Tornado IDS does have weapons that can be used above 10k feet etc. Anyways in the end CM is about ground combat. They added in anti air fire and planes gttn shot down. I think a lot of us take for granted where we.re at forgetting a lot of arguing and work went into getting CM where its at and a lot of ideas have come and gone.. The end of the day its about ground combat and I think asking them to fully simulate airstrikes is a bit much (and people really wanted actual models of planes doing passes getting shot at.. Its endless) Id much rather see bunkers of different levels and camoflauge levels in QBs a rework of MOUT as much as possible, the ability to designate or buy in fortifications a "fortify building" option that you can use. You select the building in setup to be fortified and IDK when you hit go the texture changes. You could have hasty prepared cheaper regular, and then long term preparations. And differejt camo levels. Id also like to see a rework of thr trench system and have an option for different kinds of trenches. We can pick foxholes instead of trenches - id like there to be a weapons pit trench option, and trench (overhead cover) and trench (sandbag pillbox) i think these ideas alone would really help in all games
  3. DERP the luftwaffe pilot quote not my sig. IGNORE THIS PART The fusilade part isnt really unrealistic IMO. Lethaface said he didnt read the orders right, Id perhaps just emphasize the strongholds are expecting attack any moment and already theres been rocks thrown and issues. I see no reasom the overwhelmingly combatant force couldnt get around a really built up city overnight to attack strongholds the next day. Also what lethaface doesnt know and only people who have played me in PBEMs know is I try to go for as much shock and violence as I can. Dramatics if you will. If i attack. I attack hard. Really fast. Area fire or light fire with everyone. Blast the #&#&รท out of it. Especially uncons vs regime troops. So I knew the compound held troops. Theres really not an obscene amount of Syrian soldiers in there so they have enough buildings and floors and the uncon lacks enough HE to just wipe out the strongholds. I couldnt see his men before we started but I placed an overwhelming majority of regular fighters to have area fires and sat there making sure I tried to literally have a squad per room area firing on the entire compound where possible. The RPGs if used overwhelmingly against the stronghold will screw the uncon player and should be left alone. In the battle i had some by the stronghold waiting for tanks but I had to cover approaches and delay the relief more importantly. I wanted an infantry on inf firefight and just like real war I wanted it as violent quick and unfair as possible. So he hit "Go" to an absolute $hitstorm of AK fire RR rounds, etc. It also seemed more chaotic because you have some interesting LoS wrinkles that allow the Syrian regime player chuck HE from far away. This potentially would 'break' the scenario IF it was uber Abrams in BS that seem to KNOW where everything is. With the current tech you have its perfect as is - he can shoot he frol far away but its almost always guesses. Second if the uncon player ISNT starting right around the compound they have almost zero chance to win if the regime player is skilled like Lethaface. You have to cover 2 approach routes from an armor heavy force with really suspect quality troops. You have the chechens but there arent many. Do you use them to delay the relief or attack the stronghold? I went for attack the stronghold - it was the objective and if I guessed wrong then Id have a squad of fighters on the wrong side of the city missing the battle! So not only did Lethaface hit GO to a hail of area fire, but I almost IMMEDIATELY started inching my teams a few tiles at a time with quick towards the compound. As he said - his men started running low on ammo and I was sort of doing the human wave thing - combatants first because theyre less valuable and can blend with the civvie pop and once Id killed/suppressed enough men in the objective I had my chechens bursting in the room gunning down the helpless enemy. Cry me a river it was glorious to me. No I say keep the setup zones and in hindsight I think you have enough approach routes. Id pretty much keep it just add cosmetic changes. P.s. yeah the more I think about it you should leave well enough alone. You did great on this it shouldnt be altered - I really enjoyed myself as red and its supposed to be Blue vs AI. (Of course maybe I just like having the bad guys I like Red in BS too) the fact it worked as a H2H says a lot. Though I WOULD put H2H only recommended for experienced players and recommend the better player take Red. ( Lethaface and I didnt do that, he just suggested the battle and I jumped on it )
  4. +1 to the answers. Anti tank stuff wasnt as super deadly in WW2 and thw Russians even had dedicated tank riders. A lot different than modern times. Im sure its happened but by and large wouldnt, Im pretty sure in real life Syrian experience on both sides has been that their T series of tanks are fire magnets and it.d be suicide to ride in on them. Id like to add the great majority of WW2 tanks had a lot weaker cannons as well that were less likely to rupture ear drums or other stuff if fired around friendlies. Contrast that to Pzsaurkrautwerfers comment that in Iraq US troops used the 3rd roadwheel back from the front as a rule of thumb how far you had to be away from the main gun when it fired to not have baddd side effects. Finally they had half tracks but not completely covered IFVs in WW2 and thats the technical modern day solution if your willing to ride your guys mounted in. Theyre supposed to be shooting out of the gun ports on the sidea of bmps and bradleys (lol) I wouldnt advise doing it though..
  5. I think the problem inherently goes back to CMx1 days in WW2. There was a lot of arguing before steve stated they were more like designated marksmen than modern snipers. Now that here we are in moderm times I think its an inherent game play prob I have my best luck positionin them well and letting them self target Also your best luck to skew it more like real modern snipers is to always go the .50 cal route. Its a bigger bullet, more damage and more effect. Its the only time Ive really consistently seen high quality Western snipers act like the stereotype
  6. System of a Down is awesome youre right
  7. I dont know if they added like white trashey crap and perhaps a muddy terrain tile to simulate a trash/river sewer in the street. The video lethaface provided showed a few of the same major streets they all had that in common and Ive heard mid east vets on this message board saying the almost same stuff I am which is why Im requesting it if you notice it George, to add it. I think besides that its a wonderful map and theres not a lot you can do to improve it, unless you want to mess with the destroyed taxi barricades. And I think they should stay honestly, perhaps maybe open a third obvious route - then again or not. There was very little I could do as lethaface said. He had to expose himself briefly but was able to pull back and go to just happily sending HE downrange f the civvies - like real life. At the end state I had several RPG29 teams but Id be sketchy taking Russian regular troops only against a armor heavy makeup (maybe not these numbers against those types in real life but diff story) I certainly held little faith in a counterattack to actually win at all. I was pretty sure Id lose my force points but pretty much destroy him if he pursued the battle to destruction. But hes right it is gamey and it causes CM battles to develop different than real life. I was struck by a quote a Luftwaffe pilot said about attacking B17s earlier and it fit the description of trying to fight autocannons and 125mm handled right with uncons - its like trying to make love to a porcupine thats on fire.
  8. Oohh damnit you got here first Erwin. Tell me John - are you REALLLY REALLY checking for any shady Kampfwagons that may be converted Ice Cream nuke VBIEDs? Jingle jangle.
  9. Thats why I said at the start I tried the old paralell blast command from CMBN hedgerow days. Someone tossed that nugget out and it saved me a lot of GIs. Its sorted but as said you do have to do a manual selection of the WP then change it
  10. @George MC we just cease fired. A draw. My fraps isnt on this laptop but to summarize.. I ko.d 2 bmp 2s. I got the regime dogs to abandon a working T72 AV Allah Snackbar! Another BMP 2 sits stuck immobilized closer to us than friendly men. Night shall bring new terrors for the dogs! We had 172 men ok. 60 went to paradise. 19 were wounded. The cowardly regime forces ended with 84 men ok. 32 burn in the fires of hell and 17 shall soon die of infection inshallah. Let me know any questions if you have any
  11. Im playing a pbem both of us 2.01.. Started it just yesterday. USMC v Syrian AB. My engineer teams have blast charges but simply wouldnt do blast commands. At first I thought the old parallel blast command from hedgerow days just didnt work anymore - that is setting the waypoint paralell to the obstacle so your team didnt storm through the hole. But this is turn two and I gave definite orders because my teams just walked their happy a$$es around 100 meter wall to walk around it and then back insteading of blowing through.. which is an interesting way to scale a 4m high (approximately) concrete wall onto a 6 lane freeway... =/ I DEFINITELY used blast sucessfully just last week in the demo as the Brits, but havent in the FULL GAME 2.01. This is using USMC. An odd thought - the squads are unusually heavily burdened and only can MOVE, would that belay a blast order since they cant rush in? And if so why? Why cant I just blast parallel and belay the move order like before? edit: well no.. cause one of the teams can quick move anyways..
  12. No I meant its not going to change as in like real changes to the uncons - like MikeyD mentioning he tried for 122mm rockets early and steve nixed it. Im not saying it wont be patched or the usual standards wont apply - just that Im looking at this more like a normal new release instead of it for what it is.
  13. Idk apparently from the answers its just not happening no matter what is said My last point is in response to sburke - which is a good point about the Syrian regime calling fighters to arms suddenly - but a counterargument is the Fedayeen in the 03 Iraq invasion. Many times they were simply Iraqi Army troops who shed their uniforms and fought as uncons. And thats about as ersatz conditions to make a guerilla force as you can get. It also doesnt really adress the fact that it seems anytime the US is involved anywhere in the Middle East foreign fighters steadily arrive and usually are there before the US ground forces, especially because the US military footprint is huge and we telegraph such moves with airstrikes, etc as a sovereign government... I do concede I see sburkes point and the reality between the lines that its not going to change and there are bigger things for them to move onto besides changing SF2, that they intended SF2 only to be really an upgrade from SF1 not a new game. Im ok with it as long as it gets us to the next release anyways
  14. Or hatebreed destroy everything Static x Slipknot The next two fit well for CM playing Blood simple "death from above" Bullet for my valentine "over the top"
  15. I like some nu metal though id post but some older bands really sold out or fu*ked their biggest fans over ( an ex gf also met James Hetfield briefly and he was insanely rude to her and she was being very discreet. I actually have pics of him downtown somewhere still. ) maybe its an age thing. what about sepultura's roots album?
  16. Ok - well I apologize for that then it wasnt my intention
  17. I linked the article for purposes of actually having a citation for my post versus being accused of just making $hit up. I actually have to google the NYTimes and WashPo article names to read them free and find deeper discourse on the subject. Still they do good work for "hey maybe you should look at this!" Stuff. I cant simply remove Trump. For Putin its a mixture of both - everyone seems to forget he had made field grade rank in the KGB before the SU fell - most of his life still at this point was probably still lived in the SU. About Trump I cant dismiss these views - sorry but as Rachel Maddow famously said about WH officials asking the Pentagon about Polish incursions into Belarus in early 2017 (right when the Russian army started massing on the Belarus/Russ border) - this type of political conspiracy theory doesnt exist in the wild in the US, it literally is just parroting what the Kremlins current line is. Im really starting to think the Russians got dirt on Trump. As far as the US and protecting Tropicana and Sunoco etc. Do you remember how we privately started talking? Im not as ignorant as you think. Im not gonna spill beans on other peoples business but you know the US government (or a government under them in my case) directly took my freedom away for some suspect reasons sometimes. Other times it was deserved. I personally despise "the man" as Im pretty low on the income scale, have a record and shady past, etc. Still you simply cannot compare even how the French and British or the US in the Phillipines treated subjects (which was bad to terrible) to outright slavery and raping pillaging your women (both Axis, and outright extermination of entire races - Nazis) Do i think all humans could potentially reach the same darkness? Of course! It just takes the right events to mold things that way. Does it mean thats what happened? No. A man could murder someone and look like me down to height weight strength and likes and dislikes. Does that mean because I technically could have the same evil acts in me somehow in the future I should be judged the same? NO! Danfrodo - yeah McArthur really really annoys me. Arrogant as hell. He annoys me like Monty annoys me with the smugness. Same with Mark Clark who i unfortunately share a last name with. He literally would make press release people rewrite 5th army in to General Mark Clarks 5th Army
  18. Ok well we discussed it last night. We strive to try to play realistically. The last turn ended with a conscript rpg7 guy scrounging his dead friends rpg and shooting 3 rounds at a t62 about 120m away. First miss by about 2m. "Now hes dead." Guys on a rooftop. Aims. Fires. Front turret hit- era goes off no penetration. "Wow good shot. Hes fu*ked now" aims. Fires. Another hit! No penetration. Yeah he died after that. Just bad luck. But yes on the apartment complexby the railroad tracks there was heacy fighting between combatants and regime fighters. One team on a high roof popped up and put a rpg7 thru the front of a bmp turret. Another pulled off an amazing side shot on a t62 or. T72 shooting towards my lines through a keyhole on my side of that complex (you did well making the 1 story concrete walls. It feels real for some of the buildings and makes fighting very cat and mouse. I hit other vehicles too - ill give you a final score. Since I just got reinforced (cool little reinforxement msg) i was loathe to CF but am HQ and 4 squads of vet fighters with no AT ability doesnt make a counterattack. We.re gonna cease fire. Ive extricated all my fighters several blocks back and even combatants too almost all would escape irl) My SPG got wiped out but they did get one shot into a room in a stronghold - killed everyone in it. Worth it. My AT4 team just ate it though. Not worth it. My DsHK I stupidly placed on a roof. 2 outta 3 didnt make it and it mever firrd a shot. I specifically really wanted to use that on him haha. Very good battle
  19. The original. I also sent a requestfrm correct one - jclark1111172@gmail.com sry
  20. *** SPOILERS *** Well its still ongoing. Im playing as the insurgents. I overran both strongpoints, but he managed to evacuate some men out of one of them. I slaughtered the members of another. He hasnt really ran into a large amount of my forces - he attacked along the railroad tracks and some amazing RPG shots by pretty suspect quality teams got a couple good kills. Unfortunately my IED guy got killed, and 2 turns later about 2 BMPs and a T62 were parked on that little 4 patch of IEDs you put by the tracks. Thats not happening now. Autocannon and long range cannon fire ( interesting lines of sight from his setup zone and you have to be very careful of the balconies ) has really chewed up my Chechen fighters but Ive managed to extricate the core of the forces from the strongpoints. He hasnt asked for a cease fire - so Im still open to fight back the regimes cowardly dogs once again. We already ejected them from the neighborhood once now ๐Ÿ˜ƒ You did really good because he linked in footage of the battle in the msg when he suggested the battle and you really did well on capturing how the streets etc. look. Interesting situation for sure. As of now it seems hes massing his armor and slowly advancing towards the destroyed taxi barricade - dont know his intent but it seems hes gonna follow up his first rescue attack by going in now to try to wipe out my men. Good luck with that I will say - he did mention he messed up initially not realizing he'd be under active attack. Of course it may supposed to be that way, though he did reread his orders and said they gave him his judgement whether to leave or whatever. Otherwise all Id add is in a scenario where say Im insurgents attacking a strongpoint and theres well over a dozen armored vehicles - given a huge part of the briefing orders and points is retaining a coherent fighting force for future operations and given though that we took some losses I killed many of the enemy dogs and extricated my brave lions - wouldnt it make sense for there to be an exit zone so you could exit troops once you felt you wanted them off the battlefield? I guess since it was never intended H2H you.d figure someone could cease fire whenever..
  21. Well more than they started it Ill end my argument - and really I agree with most everything you said - by saying you can read a lot into peoples intentions by jow they treated those they captured, conquered, or when they were winning. Like how the Germans treated occupied countries or the Japanese. It gives a good indication of how they would have acted had they won. Even how the Soviets acted, versus how the US/British acted. You cant tell me if the Japanese or Germans had one there would have been no help, it would have been boot to the neck subjugation. Any effort to rehabilitate that image or whitewash it is despiscable. Btw Ive always thought McArthur was a prima donna and by Korea a madman, and I know all about him turning Japan into his own little fiefdom. But yes long winded enough. I wanted a conversation damnit.whats wrong with that?
  22. I always loved how all the Berlin signs in the foreground of old newsreel footage of the Soviet assault into the city - the signs are always sprayed up with bullets. Of course most probably are from combat but in my minds eye I like imagining drunken Soviet soldiers taking potshots at the signs as they rumble in holding onto T34s.
  23. Sburke, sorry, but I have to persist especially because you've travelled a lot more than I and Ive never been to the Far East, am I that wrong about how Japanese culture adresses the issue if at all? Especially vs Germany? I purely think its a result of Germany being a 2 time loser in world wars and losing first in WW2 therefore letting the Allies fracture that much more by Japans fall (thereby determining how they were treated)
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