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  1. likewise to you and yours friend @Bil Hardenberger oh I have years of fond memories which I specifically stated. I got my moneys worth and then some, people helped me out a lot too! (RIP Nidan , and others I hope youre well!) But the urban fighting for Stalingrad or Berlin... in CMx2 as it is? I AM grateful CM exists. I point people to it all the time. If I want that type of game itd be my goto. but I feel very strongly at this point that modules for the x2 engine are taking too long and the engines just getting to old. At this pace itll get really hard to attract new gamers by the time we.re talking about finishing just the *modules* listed.. Then if we're realistic it could well be 2022 11 years since CMBN. I sincerely hope theyre working on a CMx3.. though if I was them Id retire and live happily off the sales of the excellent games I made. I selfishly hope they dont do so and make sure they 'will' their company to the right brainw- people with their head screwed on right.
  2. send my apologies for not finishing the games. IRL stuff.. and I just got so utterly burned out on CM. Oh ya and I didnt think the joke about someone Ive spoken to online for years being dead very amusing... but I owe you guys much. I had no idea wtf 'edging' 'chads' and other strange masturbatory and incel community terms were until you guys used them and I had to urban dictionary it. smh LOL and yeah youre one of the ones that was cool
  3. ah bless all your black poisoned dwarf hearts =D
  4. me neither. I also hate to admit it, but its taken way too long to come out. I know its insane to even say after reading 5 pages of aragorn bashing over saying it but its friggin true. Im sorry guys but I think the game needs a new engine or to gracefully retire. not be dragged around as a mummified corpse like Norman Bates dead mom. I mean after these modules what then? Berlin city fighting in this engine? ugh. Stalingrad in this engine would be vomit inducing. Theres a lot of other things too. I love this game series and its given me more pleasure longer than any other series but Im burned out, have been burned out, and the engines over 9 years old... Think about it. CMBO released in 2000. I remember it well. 9 years later I was playing a fixed SF and waiting eagerly for CMBN. Not eagerly awaiting a 10th CMx1 release. Im sure others will totally disagree and thats great - Im truly happy you either found this game or can continue to get joy and delight from it, instead of playing it so long it has no allure or mystery. Its all old tricks to get around broken or fudged in game mechanics, unrealistic stuff, and knowing that its really invisible die rolls and not bullets coming down that street that decide if those men get hit. cheers to all that remember who I am.. miss some of ya
  5. +1 played it 10 years ago or more fond memories
  6. we've kicked this idea around for years. Id come back to CM over it. As it is now meh I think it needs a new engine..
  7. Ah I was told Id have failed college. With ni counter argument
  8. also this is because of a huge argument on quora. an OP basically claimed I was wrong to say the SS were a bunch of war criminals because 'your judging them only on their wartime behavior' WTF!? LMAO Anyways, Im debating, and its friendly and this guy I presume is russian jumps in. he immediately accuses me of trying to censor the other guy and not allow him free speech. Which is false ( i can link thread) more ironically he began abusing the report function to try to censor my answers Annways SOMEHOW optics came up and he claims their optics werent special, and further he claims to have looked through a german sight and russian one and said the T34 site was superior....
  9. thanks wicky do you remember the thread where they discussed argon gas and its influence on optics? Further, do you have examples ( ive read them but cant find them quick enough) where alllied tankers looked through enemy scopes and got demoralized? Its said the sight picture was noticeably clearer. Id like evidence for that too Thanks brother
  10. I need references and sites with info on german tank optics specifically superiority to allied optics and why, and why argon gas mattered thank you
  11. This French view has persisted and become fact to the French themselves. Look at Quora answers. They get REALLY PISSY if you mention that most the partisans were communist and the partisans all preferred to fight eachother after the Germans were kicked out by Allies They also dont want to hear about the Vichy gunning down US troops and throwing their weapons down when the US troops finally got close - or the yacht full of high ranking allies who demanded to their superiors to be able to sail in and talk - they knew a lot of the French officers and they had been allies! Yeah that yacht got lit up.
  12. I love the fact that I *know* I can years on still come to the Black Sea thread and the RA underequipped thread will be alive. Another couple of years and itll last longer than the Peng threads!
  13. Im referring to multiple people telling me dead serious 100% for sure dude i told u passed had passed away u dont joke abt that **** Seriously f u to all of u who were 'joking' about that
  14. Im uncomfoetable announcing his name. Many know him well if you pm me abd I know you know him Ill tell you. If you know hes from MA and msg me I will as well. When it comes oit soon you giys will know. Jesus christ.
  15. Mark Felton Productions has excellent short clips Also the History Guy History Deserves to be Remembered Mil History NOT Visualized TIK is one of my favorites
  16. https://steamcommunity.com/app/494840/discussions/0/1651044588036308961/
  17. I NEVER had work in Revere every job I had ever took at least a hr to and from.on subways and buses. Thats huge. 13 an hour is great for me - Ive made more legally *once* After 90 days automatic union membership. Its stop n shop and its overnites so I wear st clothes and dont deal with customers. I like manual labor or my mind wanders. Ironically my backround check totally passed. (Ill take that) Marijuanas legal totally here but companies domt act it so I had to get creative with handwarmers and its hard to find someone with no pot im their system now but its done! Im in start tmrq nite. They were on abt orientation now theyre just like 11pm and you can get a whole shift. Im pleased as hell. And like I said Ian you have helped me particularly pls feel free
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