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  1. I agree. If you never break out of the learning - playing blufor only - loop then you.ll be doomed when you play humans
  2. Dont get me wrong - I loved BFCs originally stated roadmap for all the CMx2 games. However as time goes on its becoming more apparent that perhaps the games arent coming out as quickly as BFC thought and often mention of CMx3is made, the x2 engine is starting to show its age. Which is unfortunate because I was MOST excited about whats really received the least love by far IMO - CMRT and the Ost Front. Perhaps same roadmap plan with the newer games with a new engine bigger so theyre not modules but releases? Otherwise we.ll be using upgraded CMx2 even in 5 years JUST to finish all the modules IMO let alone start covering the rest of the Ost Front. I really love CMx2 and really want some modules still to come out for it - but its going to be obsolete eventually.
  3. Lol no a typo meaning shops
  4. Lol emrys you one of those guys who spends their spare time playing cm and hustling people out of money outside of coffee cops with a chessboard and timer? (No really theres some guys Ive seen who live off that - they put up a sign thats more or less a challenge for money and theyre off)
  5. Sublime

    A Thought Offered for Discussion

    The cm ai is like me at chess-just tactical reactions to immediate threats with no overall operational/strategic plan..
  6. Sublime

    AT-13 vs AT-14 thoughts

    Even more importantly AT14s taje ages to set up in buildings where you can hastily rush a team into a building face rearwards and get a nice side or flank shot - by shoulder if need be but the setup time is ages quicker. By shoulder I believe they need 7 seconds thats it. Kornets have their place with long lines of sight though, the trick is to open up with them along with a tank or two, or some other AT missiles, or mayve 2 or 3 launchers from long distances in trenches. IME kornets are the real abrams killers besides tank ambushes - though bradleys are a MAJOR threat for a Redfor player and I find AT13s very reliable for dealing with those. Only somewhat so with the abrams. When it works correctly the khrizanthema is truly the best abrams killer in game - my best ambushes have been semi keyholed spots where I used a tunguska to stun an abrams into inactivity and unmasked a khriz which would volley a couple of missiles in and I could withdraw everything before the opponent could react. As I always, always say like some bitter old man if my BMP2Ms fired their kornets EVER that ive seen in MY games at least I woulda won at least 25% more pbems.. Grumble grumble.
  7. I understand the point to the anecdote but noone just screwed up? Everyone got it right or the next move? They definitely didnt test that where I live 😛
  8. Interesting. So youre saying it just has to be played until it becomes a mental equivalent of 'muscle memory'? I still question though why I can sit there and have a strategy for a game of hearts or whist ( as much as you can have one in whist.. ) or better yet come up with a strategy and contingency plans for any type of assault or defense in any CM enviroment and generally do respectably well even when my preferred battle in say BS is me with mostly crappy RedFor 80s vintage stuff and a few newer RedFor units vs the best the US has to offer. Or CK2 I can make plans that take decades to come to fruition in game - yet when I look at a chess board I just cant seem to do it. im reacting, reacting. I really think theres some sort of connection to immersion and being spoiled by newer games and graphics. Its just too abstract for me or something. Oh well. I like whist better anyways.
  9. Its interesting this got brought up. If Im playing say CM or Crusader Kings 2 I can mentally make up a semblance of a plan and some what if contingencies and generally follow through. I know how to play chess amd have since I was 8 or 9. Yet Ive noticed -(though admittedly last time I sat down and played chess with someone it was in the type of place you kinda have to make sure youre aware of whats going on around you in real life - yet this didnt affect me with cards) - Ive noticed with chess for whatever reason Im totally playing a reactionary game from the first move almost. Even worse I cant seem to gin up in my head any type of coherent plans in chess besides looking for openings to get shots in; really me playing chess is like me going to a bar getting drunk and fighting a sober prize fighter - any major hits I get in will be say because theres a pool stick sitting there (lol) I wonder if because my age (33) if my generation and those after are starting to get spoiled visually etc to where if I see some more life like rendition my imagination can wrap around it but in the black and white chess board its too abstract?
  10. Sublime

    Bradley's fire TOWs?

    Whats very interesting in regard to the engine with this was a year or two ago I tested quite a bit and proved that in BN and other titles if tanks drove slow over mines theyd never be KOd or immobilized just take minor track damage, whereas hunt or anything faster would cause a KO or immobilization. TBH not sure if it was ever fixed - I whined a lot and cant remember even getting a response from anyone so I kinda gave up. It was specific to AT mines. Also - Im very surprised that the Javelin has an option were it doesnt execute a top attack, but the TOW 2B doesnt. Is this soley because the downward firing 'skeeters' replaced the old armament to the point that it just detonating in say a bunker wouldnt kill anyone anyways?
  11. p.s. i think red partisans should have mostly scruffy red army uniforms WITH intermixed civvie pants or shirts (like green RA pants greyish civvie overcoat, small cap) possibly also some mixed raggy german uniforms with insignia removed (just say like where the eagle wuda been ripped off) or pants mixed witb RA or civvie clothes.
  12. I doubt there.ll be population density. Most of the partisan actions big enough for CN portrayal (it is a combat game in fhe end, terrorist attacks dont work well) would be raids, partisan attacks on outposts, things where areas would be cordoned off I imagine and anyone was fair game. The partisans were also famous for hiding in the deep swamps and woods, and more or less accepting support and people from villages but not living amongst them say like many insurgents in a Iraq/Syria scenario would.. To be honest I cant think of any major partisan actions in cities at all for the east in ww2 - please correct me if Im wrong. i know gigantic numbers were used and whole swathes of terroritory were under de facto partisan rule but I always though these were German rear areas, especially heavily wooded, swamps, and sparsely populated. I also seem to recall watching Star Medias WW2 in the East series ( yes Russian bias but good- free on youtube) had very interesting mention of a huge mass of partisans a few hundred miles southwest of Moscow in early 42 that basically fought one way, then another, infiltrated through the enemy trap whilst losing many men, and eventually fought another hundred miles or so to Soviet lines. Or something epic. Forgive me but it was the 1st time I heard of it and only time Id heard of it. But partisans and especially in that time frame are important - even though Id say its 99 percent we wont have Ukrainian anti Soviet partisans (and why would we really for 1 huge outsize incident) they did make a huge impact by killing Vatutin though I doubt it was purposefully Vatutin. One could make an argent for Vlasovites but seeing as how I get a sense of CMRT and the Ost Front indeed as one person said being x2s step child and therefore deperate to get what I consider most important in - which definitely means fleshing out the Red Army, Waffen SS, Luftwaffe, Volksturm and poss. Hitler Youth ( I know its touchy but in Berlin, and Konigsberg off the top of my head they did impact tje battle quite a bit... They refused to surrender when the Heer did in Konigsberg) along with stragglers of both sides, penal battalions, loads of vehicles.. German and East Prussian maps and yes I know MOUT is x2s weakness I still want Warsaw Berlin and Konigsberg. Seelow Heights and Prague too pls. A scenario depicting what if you held od the Amis at Riesberg and your last stand from the Reds coming in from the Ost. Some last minute troops and wounded/old civilians and children are trying to escape as well. May as well add some minor Axis nations too Sigh who am I kidding.
  13. BRING ON THE MAUS LOOTBOXES!! @IanL thanks yeah I wasnt being entirely serious, not like Im trying to get worked up over such silly stuff as tame comments on a msg board online..
  14. "Anyone who thinks so is living in another universe.." - Steve Wow a little harsh for a 'IIRC' about sales? LOL you make it seem like I claim there was psychic contact with aliens, or Nazi VBIEDs, or some such. i love BFCs work but they seem to be the inverse on calculating time as my boss in real life. We.ll have to paint the inside of an apartment and he.ll be telling me it.s gonna take all week; I bet him it.ll be 2 days tops, we argue, put money on it, he loses. BFC always is a bit over optimistic on like... Every release ever. Which is fine, Id rather see finished products that the beta products everyone gets away with selling these days. That said... Just to release SF2, the FI, RT, FB, and BS modules (lets just say 1 apiece) I could easily see taking us to mid 2020.
  15. I 100% agree - I do not think we can have it both ways. Either new engine or pursuing the modules scheme. That said maybe if they made a new engine but didnt go back to Normandy etc As far as realizing its a 2 man team.. Its more than that now but as someone whose been following the series and company -on this site even- since before anyone even had a copy of the finished 1st CMx1 title I.d say Im well aware of many of the issues BFC faces Finally yes I too love the CMx2 engine. And its more or less fine.. NOW. But how many conversations have we had where whole battles couldnt really be done because of inherent problems or flaws with the engine. Heres looking at the futility of a real city battle simulation for example. I think the engines flaws will start to seem kind of glaring in say another 5 or 7 years. Remember BN only came out 7 years and 5 mnths ago. Imagine if you fast forward to double that. Theres only so much these patches and stuff can do, and I think we.re about to hit a wall on gameplay mechanics. Also like Kaunitz mentioned fortifications - Kaunitz IDK how long you.ve been around, did you play the original SF? Because fortifications are actually very relevant to this if you look at the trench issue. In SF trenches were actual depressioms in the map, like.. A real trench would be. They looked kinda huge because the 8x8 but whatever. The problem was... The enemy could see the trenches immediately - they were part of the map and there was no way to fog of war it. Eventually they got foxholes and trenches of a different sort in to BN and ditched the old system. Of course then we had nigh on endless problems with the troops staying in the holes, or finding reason enough to purchase these fortifications in a QB that justifies the points. Just my 2 cents
  16. True but if you.ve been around awhile or read old posts you.ll note Steve and most of BFC have an Ost Front fetish like any true wargamer Also IIRC CMBB sold best od all the CMx1s - but more than that I didnt pull the "finish the ost front" thing outta my @ss as something Id like, BFC originally had stated plans for RT-modulea to end of war. Then a release for each year going backwards with subsequent modules. Supposedly then after the RT modules we would have gotten say a CM Kursk, and modules then would take it both ways like Mansteins backhand blow earlier in 43 and then the Russian general counteroffensive fall of 43. Or something like that - its all made up ideas of mine on how modules for a 43 title would have worked but..
  17. Yes no one was assuming man, the word 'roadmap' isnt even the term Id have used, rather a term taken directly from Steves posts (above and years ago as well) about the future plans for the series. No one, nor I, has claimed insider knowledge, but we.re all customers and ought to be able to express opinions or ideas where this is all headed. I thought the time was overripe to discuss this (apparently someone else I dont know who opened an almost identical thread the same time as me) especially as now I feel Ive gotten more of a feel on how long its taking to release new modules and games - and IMO it.d be sheer folly to still be making CMx2 modules in 2029 (and I desperately wanted the Ost Front finished) Thats all..
  18. A hypothetical example of something that if it happened would probably be shocking enough that it.d cause that. Do I think it was possible? Depends on what year. Most of the army veterans Ive talked to or read stuff from, US and BAOR all expected to more or less be annihilated no matter what year it was except a slight uptick in confidence after 85. I still say what year very much makes a difference - for example in the 1950s the US would have started lobbing nukes around regardless. I think the 70s were a very dangerous time.for losing for the West if a war popped off, that said I dont even see all of the FRG being overrun without a nuclear response. Never say never though on whether say 'they could have reached the channel' Some of their best military minds and ours were sure of Red victory in a conventional or at least non nuclear war - of course wars arent fought to cater to one sides preference. Noone expected the Nazis to crush France in 1940 either. That said though; no, I just pulled a scenario outta the air that I felt would "force" the US hand as ReForGer would be impossible at that point.
  19. About 30 to 40k on each side if Im not mistaken? I dont believe we would have gone nuclear immediately like we would have in the 50s or 60s... The Russians I really dont know. Their preferences aside... Plus whether or not none of the people in ground zero in Europe wanted to use nukes wouldnt it seem likely they would have been used if the Soviets were getting close to the Channel? 100% agree any nuke use would have led to armageddon world wide.
  20. Sublime

    Plans for new engine?

    Its almost eery i posted something almost the same time as you lol
  21. Well also the fact that a decision really has to be made - as much as Id like to see every title finished with 3 modules etc like say BN, I realistically think finishing all the games out now and now only would take 5, probably more years and by then the game engine will almost be 2 decades (!) old.
  22. How do you figure? SF2 not being planned isnt even the true issue, its the engine. Lets not even count early games lets give BFC 5 yr head start and only count from 2011 with BN. Its almost an 8 yr old engine with THAT math and they still have stated theres modules for FI, FB, RT, BS, and now SF2. I love their work and years and years ago I did think maybe the process would streamline and theyd punch out several modules out a year. Again Im not downing their ability to do work but it seems hindsigjht 20 20 and all that just the modules would take IMO another 4 or 5 years. At what point will they put their efforts into a new engine that takes the best og x2 and really about 13 yrs of actual experience (because the engine really has been around since 06, I just named BN as probably the first really mature release of the x2 engine.) And add to it. Corners, rooms, basements, a lot of the stuff we.ve come to brick walls over. Frankly I think, again IMO, that a decision needs to be made. Either start making an x3 engime and then do all future releases, or stick with x2 and minor, occasional moderate changes to the engine while the roadmap is finished. ( and I could easily see that taking a decade, theres a seeming mission creep going on with the roadmap with massive unplanned diversions i.e. SF2) I say minor to moderate changes to the engine as its been refined and tweaked for a lonnnng time now and Id venture to bet most of the biggest changes that could have been made have been thought of and or adressed, never mind statements the ladt few years about reaching the engines practical limits anyway. Dont get me wrong I love the idea of SF2, though honestly Id rather have seen the WW2 titles and BS finished before any work had been done on it. Still, I feel the game series future is at a crossroads and one that needs to be adressed - Id love to hear everyones thoughts.
  23. Crap rereading your post @Thomm Ive always took it to mean in the context of a general offensive or preemptive (in Soviet minds) attack. Interesting you say UK and France werent targetted, I dont know about France but the UK could easily have been the most nuked spot on Earth going by Soviet nuke plans Ive seen posted online especially again on arrse.com. Stuff Ive seen on the US hasmt been as specific beyond that any major population center or military base, major port, missile silo area, would be definite targets. Enough for me most of my life Ive lived definitely in some sort of nukes cross hairs whether in the FRG, near Wright Patterson AFB, near Norfolk, in Boston,and a brief 9 mnths on Maxwell AFB. The SLAM concept has always been very frightening to me personally only recently superceded by the Poseidon unmanned nuclear doomsday torpedo. All the effects are bad enough but I often sit and think the largest nuke ever detonated was 50 mt and it was just ridiculously big, the designers dared not actually detonate a 100mt device. And each of these torpedoes is 100mt. Smh
  24. Ok so now i have more time. Minor digging on the starship seems to indeed prove I was wrong. However it has been mentioned there were significsnt teething problems with the gun and the missiles had a nasty habit of venting exhaust into the crew compartment. http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/US/medium-tank-m60a2-starship/ This site had the best info Ive gleaned in a very cursory search mind you. It did help a lot to the M1 and of course the mbt70 did as well which was a fascinating project I kinda wish they.d made..