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  1. Besides the obvious where you hear of countries deliberately sabotaging other nations ammo, or forced laborers doing the same, some older weapons system are notoriously dangerous to operate and any crew served weapon has accidents. What are the chances of a small % chance being added to say ironman difficulty where say .05% of the time your mortar crew suffered an in tube detonation. Or perhaps your AT 3 team hits launch and the missle explodes right out of the tube. Anyone? Too much? not relevant enough?
  2. @Wicky since my crash im so bored i take to getting stoned and answering military history quora questions. So a question about nukes and Japan comes up. Look at the link I find and it talking about Nazi nukes in 43. I think I just may have found someones muse... https://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/forum/topic/191553-nazi-atomic-bomb-used-in-1943/?page=9
  3. My comp( dell I can PM details) is stuck in an auto repair loop. Im out of warranty territory by a few months. I dont have the money to pay the customer service people to fix it on the phone. My comp is missing the windows 10 image. Does anyone know where I could DL a 8gb image? I tried the library. No one I personally know is able to help as far as I know ATM. Does anyone have any ideas or B would anyone if worst comes to worst be willing to accept a small amount of cash, money for shipping, and allow me to mail a usb drive for the image to be downloaded and sent back? I dont have much but I can compensate you somewhat
  4. Dell has 4 8gb files to download to boot from a flash drive. Thats what im working on now. Im on file #2 and so far no luck 2 more chances. If not I know someoe who I can give food stamps to to try to fix this. If its a BIOS issue at least Ill know and can work towards that goal. When i try to restore without a thumb my comp does see the HD and even tje free space.oddly I connect to my wifi and then i get an error sayin my comp doesnt support that feature. It doesnt help googling this has about 200 different solutions and its hard to figurre out which. Im tempted to try some solutions but VERY WARY of breaking my comp - Im in way over my head. If this was circa 2000 and a tower Id be much more able but even thwn a rank amateur. With a laptop and 20 years later Im almost a danger to the computer.. Im not entirely sure but some of the suggested fixes to try seem like they could catastrophically screw me. I *CAN* access my bios now it seems getting a boot file that my comp will boot from. The one today it saw the thumb it saq the files but wouldnt work. P.s. thanks for the answers
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2018/12/04/defying-history-moscow-moves-defend-soviet-war-afghanistan/ http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/01/trump-defends-soviet-invasion-of-afghanistan-for-some-reason.html Smh
  6. Uncons get a spotter. I did NOT in the QB menu see any indirect assets though. They do get on map 81mm mortars in fighter squads. I do know uncons in all theaters and in almost every war theyve had arty have used it indirectly. Sometimes terribly, sometimes well, sometimes during battles, sometimes not. I dont think they should get a full menu, but it seems like especially in a country like Syria where the uncons have wire, radio, and cell phone IEDs. technicals, etc. That theyd at least maybe have a $hitty off map light mortar capability. Like 1x 81mm off map that gets call times like Soviet arty in RT and is really only good for preplanned. Thoughts?
  7. Its definitely a boot or OS issue. The laptop works. The comp sees the HD down to what was open and what was taken but it says my comp doesnt support the auto restore. No details were provided for which 8gb win 10 image to download and it was a process finding a local computer I could physically goto and use for this (my friends arent the gaming types. Its my dirty secret they all know I love history though) So I got it and the image didnt work. I tried setting it on unsecure boot it didnt work. 😕
  8. Yes both US and Russian squads overwhelmongly use their 5.45 or 5.56 quickly and its very important to grab enough not to run out. I guess its also a habit from using Wehrmacht troops where if that Mg42 goes silent the squad is at like 1/4 firepower. I had seeing my LMGs run out of ammo amd because everyone has assault rifles IME its always easier to find egular assault rifle ammo somewhere anywhere where say STG ammo in the WW2 titles and 7.62 is harder to just find.. This said I load my men down with everything I can. Rocket launchers UGL roads everything I can. Everyone doesnt play how I do either.
  9. I got a image on a thumb drive. Which... Didnt exactly work and whats worse I dont know what the hell I did ( ok I DO but I dont know why this would have the effectit did ) but long story short my comp just starts and sits at the Dell logo I cant even F12 into bios options or w.e 😕
  10. Jim Crow isnt so much a person its a name for laws that alldealt with race and specifically for ways to harass and segregate blacks, supress their civil rights, make it difficult to vote, etc etc.
  11. If they do itd be interesting if we could see those added in. I dont see why the current IED mechanica wouldnt work for a team with claymore mines i.e. you buy teams with that as an option and the team gets a little clacker icon in their squad. Then you could set it up to go off if tripped or on command? Anyone else think itd be good? I havent heard a lot about them besides Vietnam where I know they worked great.i did see one interview where a US army soldier in Iraq used one but it was never explained if it was Iraqi army equipment; something found on insurgents, issued kit, or something available but not used as much
  12. im all for remembrance as long as its not rewriting history. This goes for straight up erasing the past which is one way the extreme left would like and then you have other ways such as rewriting history the far right likes. ("Russia invaded to stop terrorists ok? They were right to be there."- Ronald Reagan spins in his grave -)
  13. Agree. Also when it comes to say blatant misinformation I dont think the statues should stay up - as is the case with the now gone Texas state house plaque declaring "it wasnt a rebellion" (oh? So johnny reb isnt a good name? Southerners always love rebel referebces but them say they werent) "It wasnt about slavery" ( bull ) It was about "states rights" ( yeah. To have slaves and leave the nation when you dont get your way and attack the feds?) Ok done. Sry.
  14. My comp starting doesnt see any image for some reason to wipe and reinstall windows. So i gotta find a comp to DL an 8gb windows 10 image to boot, reformat, and install win 10 I guess I worded it poorly - I was hoping someone would tell me of some commercial service or store chain where I could pull this off because Im not having a lot of luck
  15. ATM them only being available to syrian military feels off completely...
  16. Sublime

    Calling all Metal Heads

    In my defense I was about 14 or 15 when I created this handle Sublimes still one of my all time fav bands though
  17. Sublime

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    Haha. You speaking of dreams my reality last night was an epic pc crash and i seem to be stuck in the dell win 10 auto repair loop. It cant it cant revert, it wont install win10 amd reformat. Totally at a loss all i can think of is gettn a flash drive and downloading something to hard reset. Almost 200g of stuff gone. Fml
  18. Sublime

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    No you.re remembering wrong unfortunately friend
  19. Hey i said sometimes when Im feelin freaky
  20. Ill admit i can get freaky and throw pepperjack on it sometimes. Your cow seems very far away from Revere, MA right now 'bub'
  21. Yeah omg swiss cheese? Yuck. No man no. American. Provolones pushing it but perhaps in emergency but american is whats correctly used. Sheesh. Maybe light green peppers?
  22. Why would I want this 'hoagie' when I KNOW I like cheesesteak!
  23. Well here a cheese steak is melted cheese on steak which is usually heated somewhat in a sub roll. With whatever else you like, I usually just add ketchup. Cold? Sounds like cold cuts. I hate cold cuts. Lotsa cold cuts (of admittedly very suspect quality meat) in a certain place I lived before you know about. LOL. Ill never eat cold cuts or tuna again from that experience.